WINGS Helps Domestic Violence Victims become Victorious

You may have seen me tweeting about an organization called WINGS. I wanted to take some time to explain what they do a bit further and invite you to join in showing your support to victims of domestic violence. Many times a person who is in such a situation feels hopeless, alone, and embarrassed. I believe, and so does WINGS, that with the proper encouragement, and the option of a safe place to go, victims can become victorious. So many times being heard and understood can inspire people to make difficult choices and turn their situation around.

WINGS has become one of the largest domestic violence service and housing providers in the state of Illinois. Single women and women with children are able to receive temporary safe shelter through WINGS housing. The staff provides assistance on an individual, one-on-one basis that allows women to set personal goals which enable them to work, continue education, and take care of themselves and their children.

The statistics are staggering, 19.3 MILLION women in the United States have been stalked in their lifetime. With those numbers, I am sure almost all of us know someone who has been affected by the issue.  The programs WINGS offers helps give them back their lives and their courage.

What WINGS wants to do for Mother’s Day is to give everyone an opportunity to show support for the women and children we know in our lives that have had to deal with this. You can be a part by participating in the campaign, #WINGS2beBOLD. Simply upload a photo of yourself or one with your Mothers holding a poster or paper displaying the hashtag  #WINGS2beBOLD to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. It’s an easy way to offer some encouragement and possibly inspire strength in someone who desperately needs to know we are with them in spirit.

I’m sure you have heard me say that each of us should take any opportunity we have to be a voice for the voiceless. Fear, shame, and hopelessness rob so many of their own voices. Any support we can offer may just help someone to take the steps necessary to turn their lives around and in many cases, even save someone. While we are all enjoying Mother’s Day with our own loved ones, we can surely take a few moments to extend a virtual hug to someone who truly needs it.

If you want to take it a step further, you can also donate to WINGS and find out more about what they do. Their website is full of valuable information and you can donate here: WINGS Program.


“The Big O” a Twofer Web Series (Official Press Release)

Oscar Winning Screenwriter, Pamela

Wallace and Mingle Media TV CEO,

Stephanie Piche, Team Up to Produce “The

Big O” a Twofer Web Series / Feature

MMTVN is pleased to announce that CEO, Stephanie Piche, will be teaming up

with Oscar-winning screenwriter, Pamela Wallace, to producer a series based

on a provocative look into women’s sex lives, including the secrets they don’t

tell their best friends.

Online media and interactive web TV network company, Mingle Media TV (MMTVN)

announced today that CEO and Executive Producer, Stephanie Piche and Academy

Award winning screenwriter, Pamela Wallace, are producing a new (twofer) digital

web series and feature entitled “The Big O,” is a sexually focused, psychological

drama aimed at the adult female market with an emphasis on the coveted 18-34-

year-old demographic.

The Big O is a provocative, no-holds-barred look into women’s sex lives, including

the secrets they don’t even tell their best friends. The first season will have a story

arc that blends all ten, ten-minute episodes together which will be released on a

weekly basis as a web series and will also be released as a 100 minute long feature

film for distribution.

The Big O’s lead character is a beautiful female therapist in her early 40′s who helps

women with their complex intimacy issues along with her younger attractive male sex

surrogate colleague who will help the “clients” work through their phobias and

inhibitions. The “clients” are women who have issues ranging from lack of sexual

desire, inability to be emotionally intimate, or inability to have an orgasm and are

complicated by, and sometimes caused by, the men – or occasionally women — in

their lives. All of the characters are relatable to the female audience with the tone of

the episodes being extremely up close and personal, as the “therapist” has frank

and insightful exchanges with her clients one-on-one or two-on-one when the “sex

surrogate” is involved, giving the series a compelling intensity. Despite the

sometimes-sensitive subject matter, the series is imbued with hope and an

empowering approach to women while having those hooks to keep the audience

guessing about what’s going to happen next. It is the plan of the producers to create

several seasons of this series as the story opportunities are endless.

Crowdfunding and Brand Sponsorships

The production duo will be launching an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign at Noon

Pacific on Tuesday, May 7th and will offer two types of perks including perks for

brand sponsorship with exposure during the production process utilitizing the existing

social reach of the MMTVN network who has over 12K fans on their Facebook

communities, over 25K Twitter followers and are a YouTube Partner with over 3

million views. The Big O team are looking for brands who want to reach the female

audience from travel and hospitality, ready-to-wear retailers, jewelers, restaurants,

florists, auto manufacturers, home décor, technology, mobile communications as well

as hair and beauty brands. By giving supporters and fans behind the scenes access

to the production from pre to post, The Big O social / transmedia story tellers can

authentically share how the brands tie into the support of making this project possible

from wardrobe, set dressing, to hair and makeup and include CTAs, call-to-action, for

sharing links, discounts, and other benefits to fans.

Why Crowdfund?

Traditionally, a screenwriter would shop a script and sell it – in fact, that is what Ms.

Wallace has done in the past with 19 screenplays that have been made into movies,

except for this story, she wants to keep this an “Indie” project as its topic is so

sensitive in nature. She has put a lot of work into outlining the story arcs, creating

characters, envisioning the scenes and vetting the “therapy” aspect with script

consultant Dr. Kimberley Taylor, Psy.D clinical psychologist and prominent

relationship therapist, to make sure it is an accurate portrayal of how to work out the

challenges women face. Ms. Wallace is a master storyteller, she’s proven it over and

over and has wanted to create a digital series utilizing transmedia storytelling where

the subject of sex, love and intimacy can be explored without censorship and

constriction of traditional television / cable boundaries. Plus, her idea to create this

series with an overall story arc so all the episodes tie together as a feature for

distribution is brilliant.

The team is in hopes of attracting top “named” talent from the Director to the lead

actress and actor along with the other cast members (they have some amazing

women they want to work with on their short list).

MMTVN’s team hopes to start casting by middle of July, get their location

scouted/secured, have key crew on board and start shooting sometime in August or

early September. They can’t guarantee dates at this point as there are variables

including director and cast schedules still to be named, but they will keep their blog

and IndieGoGo campaign updated on their progress on a weekly basis.

If you’re in Los Angeles and want to work on this project, you can contact them at

their website

About Mingle Media TV

MMTVN is an online media and interactive web TV network that executive produces, curates, and

broadcasts live stream talk shows along with entertainment industry event coverage. In addition to

Mingle Media TV, is the Red Carpet Report, an interactive, online media sister outlet and YouTube

partner. MMTVN syndicates all produced content on several video-sharing sites in addition to

YouTube like Daily Motion, AOL Video, and BlipTV. MMTVN has over 12K fans on their Facebook

communities, 25K Twitter followers, and also share content on Pinterest, Google+ and utilize their

social media and search marketing knowledge by SEO tagging of videos and links back to events

they attend. MMTVN has covered the Oscars on the Red Carpet along with Golden Globes,

IPTVFest, HollyShorts, LA Shorts Fest, AOF Fest, Daytime Emmys, Saturn Awards, Streamy

Awards, People’s Choice, NAACP, SAG, plus numerous Web Series Premieres and A-list Celebrity

Fundraisers. For more information, please visit

Visit The Big O online at, follow on or

Twitter @TheBigOSeries or on

ABOUT Producers

Pamela Wallace

Academy Award winning screenwriter Pamela Wallace, is the creator and one of the producers of

this series. (Pamela won an Academy Award for best original screenplay for “Witness” starring

Harrison Ford, the movie received 8 nominations and won 2 Ocsars, won a Writer’s Guild Award and

Edgar Award from Mystery Writers of America and was also nominated for 7 BAFTA Awards, and 6

Golden Globes). FYI: Pamela has had 19 of her screenplays made into movies, including two out of

her 25 published romance novels being optioned for film. She was also one of the writers on the

award-winning HBO movie “If These Walls Could Talk” (nominated for 4 Primetime Emmy

Awards and 3 Golden Globe Awards) and the writer of the highest rated CBS movies created-todate,

Borrowed Hearts. Pamela also wrote the popular how-to book for aspiring screenwriters

entitled “You Can Write a Movie” available on Amazon.

Stephanie Piche

Executive Producer, Stephanie Piche, is a marketing strategist and new media producer and has

been featured in, the Huffington Post, the NY Times, and Executive Producer of Mingle

Media TV, an online media and digital entertainment company producing and curating live and

scripted web series and YouTube partner. Stephanie has executive produced over 6,000 hours of

LIVE stream web shows and has led over 36 successful new media, commerce and mobile

technology product launches. She’s also a new media industry expert and speaker and has been

recently seen at the Digital Hollywood Conference, Unofficial Google+ Film Festival, Social Media

Club / LA, Web Series Network Summit, New Media Expo, LAWebFest, New Media Film Festival as

well as contributor to, a celebrity entertainment site,, and

other industry publications. Stephanie is also an active and voting member of the Academy of

Television Arts and Science (ATAS)/Emmys.TV and Film Independent.

Business Insider: Ignition 2011 – Facebook

I had the privilege of attending the Business Insider Ignition 2011 conference this year on November 30th and December 1st.  The topics ranged from Facebook privacy to gaming on the web.  The MC for the event was Henry Blodget, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider.  All of the presentations were interesting to say the least and Mr. Blodget was key in navigating us from speaker to speaker as well as valuable in the interview sessions he was a part of.

Right now, I am watching Henry interview Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.  She is explaining how Facebook would like to be the  main social player in the game.  They are interested in becoming THE app that people use on their phones in addition to being on every device we use.  Henry is inquiring on whether or not there is a Facebook Phone in development but she is doing a stellar job of skirting over the issue.  I guess that is something Facebook is not ready to share with us yet :) .  I can see why Sheryl is the COO of Facebook from this interview alone, she represents the company well and is prepared to give out information while keeping certain topics at bay for now.  I think it was funny when Sheryl pointed out that imitation is the highest form of flattery and that Google Plus is a very flattering product.  I think most of us can agree that G+ was invented to try and tap into the existing Facebook market.

Facebook is predicted to become even bigger than Google in the long run.  Brands and businesses have already begun to use Facebook to advertise, offer specials and deals, and even develop apps.  Walmart used Facebook product to build their own app so they can run adds via their customers existing networks.

I think Sheryl made some really great points about women and business as well.  Her explanation of how men tend to lean forward in their careers while some women lean back could be game changing for women.  Men can lean forward because they are geared toward being successful in business while women are given the option.  Successful men become more well liked as they become more successful, while successful women are less liked as they become more successful.  It is sad to know that this is true even today.  Unfortunately, the workload at home for wives and mothers is normally more than the workload at home for husbands and fathers.  Facebook does something very progressive, they offer equal maternity and paternity leave to its employees, which is a great perk to start changing this issue. Until today, I had not realized Facebook was so innovative with its human resource policies.  That actually gave me a new perspective and some new respect for the company as a whole.

According to Sheryl, she shares the responsibilities equally with her husband at home and when it comes to their children.  I think that is the formula to any successful relationship.  Respect, cooperation, and team work.  No one person should be more important or assumed to be the one who will be more successful.

Funny, I thought I was going to a conference about tech but it was so much more.  I’m not surprised, after all, tech is made up of people.  People are more complex than their jobs or their families.  It sounds like Facebook gets that when it comes to their employees and their customers.  Bravo for them.