Have you met Kit Williamson and John Halbach – Actors, Writers, Producers, and Travel Influencers?

Many of you may know Kit Williamson from Mad Men and his Emmy nominated and award winning show Eastsiders (Where you will also know his husband, John Halbach from). I am lucky to have become part of Eastsiders as an associate producer in season three and I am even luckier to be able to call them friends now as well. As a matter of fact, I just saw them in NYC when they were here to promote the third season of Eastsiders at New Fest last month.

If you follow Kit and John on social media you may have also noticed they have become quite the travel/luxury influencers these days and that is what I wanted to highlight them for here. Of course we must note that Kit is working on some amazing writing and directing projects like Girls Like Magic AND Eastsiders Season Three is available to pre-order at Amazon right now.

I have no idea how they find time to do all they do and take the fabulous trips they do BUT I do know that they make the trips look as fabulous as you’d imagine, plus are able to bring us all along via social media. Earlier this year, they took a trip across Europe that included time in Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague. Then they returned to LA for the premiere of Eastsiders Season three at Outfest but soon after headed to Palm Springs for some more amazing views and Instagram photos!

Recently, they spent time in NYC, where I am from (after a brief stay in one of my favorite cities, Toronto), and introduced me to the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn. I actually lived right there in Williamsburg for a but but never visited this truly luxurious hotel right in my home town.

During their time in Europe, Kit and John experienced some of the local culture, explored the usual tourist sites, and definitely enjoyed the local cuisine. I spoke to John about it at the Eastsiders premiere party after Outfest in Los Angeles and he expressed interest in doing it again as well as traveling to other places. At the after party for Eastsiders at NewFest in NYC, Kit expressed the same feelings to me about traveling and I expressed my interest in joining them on a few adventures (can you blame me for trying?).

There experiences traveling and influencing have led them to start their very own magazine called Where Gentlemen Go to showcase all the latest and hottest trends in travel, health, home, fashion, and more. As they say, “Go Out, Go Home, Go for It – A gay men’s travel/ lifestyle blog for modern gents.” I suggest you check it out, you will see a familiar face there from time to time. I am truly proud to be a part of Where Gentlemen Go because it’s a place for guys to go to share experiences, thoughts, tips, and their favorite things and places.

Please make sure you follow both Kit Williamson and John Halback on Twitter and Instagram for to view pictures of their trips and upcoming adventures and projects. Also follow Eastsiders and Girls Like Magic, you won’t be sorry.

Aiden Howarth: Poet, Dedicated Father, FRIEND, and Game Changer

This interview with my good friend Aiden Howarth first appeared on Technorati in 2012 (wow! 2012! I’ve know him a LONG time… and we’re still SO young but Mia is no longer 7 years old) but since there were changes made to that site, it is no longer available. I thought I would share it here, especially since I know Aiden is working on his second project. His first was a collection of his poetry and I fell in love with it immediately. While you wait for his second, catch up with him and his poetry here:
First, let me thank you for doing this. I really do love your work.  It is totally true that “Without You” is on my night table and I enjoy reading the poems whenever I am unwinding from my day. My sister has also taken to a few I posted or re-posted from you on Facebook. I think a few of them remind her of her daughter. 
I always wonder about the thought process when it comes to poetry and I thought others might enjoy this exchange :)
Q: You dedicated your book of poetry, Without You, to your beautiful daughter Mia Liljana Jeane Howarth.  Obviously she is a great inspiration to you.  Is she old enough to understand what all that this means?  Does she share in your artistic skills? 
Aiden Howarth: Mia is an incredibly bright child. She always has been. She’s now 7 years old and doing great in school, escpecially in her reading and writing, which is great. She is forever writing stories of princesses and castles and she enjoys being praised for it which of corse, I do every single day. She is my incredible little angle and not a day goes by where I don’t look at her and wonder what I did so right to be given a chance at bringing up such a wonderful little girl. As regards her understanding, I don’t believe she has fully grasped the fact that a book has been dedicated to her. Yes, she has seen her pictures and her name in print and yes, she thinks it’s great but hopefully when she is old enough to understand the full meaning of all the work that’s written inside, she will thinks it’s even more amazing. Of Corse, I didn’t write a book just to make my daughter happy, I did it for myself and for sharing what I write with the world. The opportunity to share with her my work in such a way arose and I jumped at the chance.
Q: Many of the poems are about loss, separation, and love.  Do you think these go hand in hand? Is it inevitable? 
AH: Like the old saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, I do believe that loss, separation and love are inevitable. I believe that to truly understand what love is, first you must feel the pain of having someone walk away from a relationship. The hurt of walking away yourself when you realise that the person you once loved is not who you first thought to be. Love, to me, is an awe inspiring feeling. In that, in some way large or small, we all at some point will feel it. Only some of us want to keep it going forever.
Losing someone, especially a child, is a moment in life where you know what love feels like. What love is. What love was created for. Losing a child like I did so many years ago I believe put me on the path I am on now. The path which forces me to praise everything Mia does, Is thankful for her every waking breath, scared that I may not be doing a good job. All feelings that so far, have given me some of the best moments in my life with her.
Q:  ”A New Page of Old Emptiness” to me, seems to be about not realizing what you have right in front of you.  What was your motivation for this piece? What thoughts were you harnessing and what reaction were you hoping to bring out in the reader? 
AH: You’re exactly right. It’s about how it feels to have someone you love so deeply, finally give upon the relationship you thought would last forever, and it is actually all your own fault. The title itself ‘A New Page Of Old Emptiness’ means just that… another day gone by with still the same old pain. The same old guilt. The same blame. It’s also a reference back to an earlier poem I wrote where once again, pages of life seem to be going unwritten, un read, torn out and discarded. As you’ve propably gathered, most, if not all of my poetry is written about love and loss. Hence the title of the book ’Without You’. Somewhat referring to being without that special person in your life but on the most part, it’s speaking to one’s self. Without You meaning myself. The feelings I tried to portray within this piece where the feelings of despair.
Q: “The Fairytale You Had Wished For” feels like it is warning us of forcing ourselves to be in idealistic relationships.  Sometimes we try so hard to create what we need with someone because we really believe they are “the one” when in reality it may not be meant to be.  What period of your life was that about or where you relaying someone else’s story? 
AH: This stemmed, again, from a relationship. In fact, all relationships. Women and I guess men too believe and want THEIR relationship to be the best one anyone could ever have. The have dreams, goals, aspirations. Everything is so idealistic. Just like a fairytale. When in reality, a fairytale could not be further from the truth of what it is we live. Fairytales are given to us as children as fantasy. They portray a happy ending every single time. It’s when you learn that a happy ending comes few and far between in love, that you realise a small part of yourself has died. This poem was written as almost a letter to the other person. Stressing my angst at our failings and pointing out that none of us did anything wrong, it’s that we believed too much that we were the fairytale we saw as children. Finding out that we could not live the way we hoped (be it problem free and with a happy ending) I end that poem with the stark reality of what believing in the fairytale of life will do to us all…
Taken by the hand and misled into the arms of hurt.
The fairytale that you had wished for?
Q:  ”Be Still My Heart” could be about love that is not returned or one person feeling something the other doesn’t quite feel.  Is it about a specific time in your life? Do you think most of us have to go through relationships or feelings like this before we find the “right” one?  
AH: This poem is about falling in love. The passion. The want to feel that ache of needing someone so badly that it hurts. But, as is my usual style, there’s a problem. It’s a poem about falling in love with some you cannot have or be with. Falling in love with someone who loves you too but life has put you both on very separate paths. I wrote this one quite recently, be it a year ago I think. It’s not in my fav poem section but its nice that you would chose it to ask questions about as since, I’ve gone back and re-read it and I’m put straight back in the room I was when I felt those things. It’s funny how life treats us so unfairly in love but how it seems to work out better in the end. I think. Ha ha. I still remember that person and I always will.
Q:  ”A Life, When All Life Has Gone” may be about a breakup.  It has a feel of being about an ending, something that was coming for a while but maybe one or both parties pushed off, perhaps for a bit too long.  What can you tell us about this piece? 
AH: This poem is in fact about my drug addictions back when I was young. It’s about being so far gone that death no longer seems a threat, but a need. I openly admit that drugs caused allot of the problems I had, but I also admit that without them, I possibly wouldn’t have had a book out now. I look upon what drugs did to me menatlly, emotionally and physically with not only small amounts of regret, but with a fondness. Drugs gave me what I needed at a point in life where I had absolutely nothing. I was indeed just an empty, lifeless being with no stability in my life, no home, no friends, no nothing. Drugs gave me a release. They gave me something to look forward to. But, as with everyone who touches them, they promised so much and when they had me, they took everything back. You will find more poetry in the book about drugs. Not worded as such but if you read between the lines you’ll see it. There came appoint in my life where I knew there was no escape from addiction but death itself. There was a point in life where death itself took me but gave me back to the world, possibly because I had alot more to give. That I am thankful for these days. I’m wiser, I’m older, I have great plans and dreams that I look forward to making a reality. 
Q:  Where can people purchase your work? 
AH: People can grab a copy of either the paperback or an eBook for their ipads, iphones, ipods etc at http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1964776 the eBook costs less than £2 and the paperback is £8.50
These, as you’re possibly aware, won’t be on sale for much longer. I don’t say this to try ramp up sales. Sales were / are never a priority. People can read my work for free at aidenhowarth.com if they wanted. I say this because as work on book number 2 is coming along nicely, I want to remove book 1 so that it remains special to the people who own a copy.
If people wanna get a hold of me, id happily invite them to join me on my many twitter exploits by just saying hello to @A1D3NH0
They can facebook me too if they wanna see more of my personal life, pictures etc by adding /AidenHowarth to the end of facebook.com
Or they can just leave me a note in the guestbook on my website 
Thank you for taking time out to show interest in what I write and I here by promise you a free copy of book 2 when it out. And believe me, that’s gonna be a game changer…… 
TG: If you don’t believe Aiden, then believe ME when I tell you that I believe Aiden and I know his next work will indeed change the game! Also, look out for a new interview with him as soon as he’s ready! 

Allow Rosie Brate to Charm and Inspire you with her Promise Series

The first time I interviewed Rosie Brate, she was just releasing her first book, My Promise to You. I love her sincerity and enthusiasm for wanting to entertain her audience. Her love for her characters is inspiring and spans over three books in the Promise Series. I would encourage you to follow Rosie on all social media and to treat yourself to the experience of all three parts to the story: My Promise to You, A Promise Kept, and Broken Promises.

Enjoy the interview, learn a little more about Rosie, here characters, and the books, and then pick them up and add them to your summer reading list!

Q: The last interview we did, you had one book in the series completed, My Promise to You. How was that received and what was that experience like for you?

Rosie Brate: Overall, the book went over great!  I have sold and am still selling copies every day.  I love the reception I get at signings.  I do love the excitement and I won’t lie I like the attention!  The best feeling in the world is walking into someplace, (ex. hospital, store etc.) and seeing someone reading my books.  I’m like a kid asking the person reading it if I can snap their picture while they’re holding my book.
(I get the craziest looks from people when I do that until I explain that it is my book.)  Every person I’ve done it to flips the book over studies the picture on the back and looks at me in shock.  They always say, “That’s you!”  Makes my day.  And of course they want pictures and my signature and of course, I eagerly oblige.
Q: What does the Promise series mean to you?
RB: Hmmm.  What the series means to me is… personal success.  Whether I ever make the best sellers list or not, this series has taught not only me but others that they need to believe in themselves.  I can’t tell you how many times people snickered when I told them I was going to write a book. Or how many people rolled their eyes and said hurtful things to discourage me.  The greatest reward from this series is the feeling of accomplishment.  Not proving I could do it to others, but proving I could do it to myself.  My proudest moment was the day my son came home from college with a copy of my book in his hands and smiled at me.  He said, “You are my inspiration and I’d be honored if you’d you sign this copy of your book for me”.  That!  Is… SUCCESS!
Q: The second book is called A Promise Kept. Can you tell us a little about what that is about?
RB: “A Promise Kept” is the second book in the series that takes right off and picks up where “My Promise to You” left off.

In “My Promise to You”, Marie and Tim faced their fears, a horrific accident, and some devastating news only to come out stronger and more determined. This book in the series is pretty tame and good for all ages to read, however, book 2, “A Promise Kept” gets a bit racier and is steered more toward the adult reader.
Our characters in this book are elated to learn they are having a baby.  During the pregnancy, Marie is plagued by horrible nightmares and dreams that have her interacting with her child that has yet to be born.  Tim’s business partner, Greg, hires a new secretary that spells trouble for the couple.  She is on a mission to snag Tim at any cost.  She is evil.  Tragedy strikes leaving Marie and her dreams to try and help her piece everything back together.  This book has twists and turns and a touch of the paranormal.
Book 3, “Broken Promises”, it is my favorite in the series, (if I’m allowed to have a favorite). It is hot! It is laced with a few adult situations, a visit from a very unexpected character and the nightmares continue.
This book holds such a special part of my heart because when I was seventeen, I lost my brother, he was twenty, to a car accident and the character in this book, Shawn, is written in his likeness.
Marie Taylor has been through hell.  She’s watched her husband get shot, struggled with nightmares that threatened her daughter, fought to hold on to her sanity and her husband, and then Shannon moves to town.  Tim’s ex-girlfriend from college.
Could Marie and Tim’s marriage possibly survive another scandal?
Months had gone by without a single nightmare.  Marie finally feels like her life was taking off, that the craziness in her head was gone.   Until a knock at the door and a mysterious note shows up triggering Marie’s nightmares, and the return of Gina Reynolds.
This book will take you on a roller coaster ride of love, hate, sadness, and death.  Buckle your seat belts, grab a cup of tea, some tissues, and enjoy the journey as Marie, Tim and MacKenzie literally take you from your home to the gates of heaven.
Q: The third in the series is Broken Promises. These characters must be such a special part of your life now. Do you feel for them as they go through their journeys?
RB: I do!  I cry for them and with them.  Each character, although fictional, are loosely based on people in my life and actions that have taken place in my life.  I have had so much fun writing each of the characters personalities.   I am a romantic at heart, even if there isn’t much romance in my non-fictional life. ;)  I am a believer!

I will miss writing about these characters very much!
Q: Has there been anything that surprised you about the experience of writing the books or anything you learned about yourself along the way?
RB: I learned about the art of self-publication.  I also learned to not wear my heart on my sleeve.  For the most part, people are wonderful and kind.  But there are those that do not agree with the fact that my first book has my character, Maire, pregnant and not married.  I have learned to take cruelty with a grain of salt, to turn it into constructive criticism.

I’ve learned that I can do anything I put my mind to and I’m humbled by all the support and letters I have received from inspired fans.  (Ha! There’s a surprise for you, FANS!)  I like the sound of that, it’s kind of cool!  Fans = Cool… lol  Anyway, I am surprised when someone recognizes me in public.
I’ve learned my husband is my biggest fan and his support has meant the world to me.
Q: Will there be a fourth in the series?
RB: Honestly, I thought “Broken Promises” would end the series but I’ve had so much feedback and love for the characters (especially Mac) that who knows.  I left it open enough that it could continue but gave closure in the case that it doesn’t.  I’m exploring a series on MacKenzie. “Shshsh, Our secret!”
Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?
RB: I could not live without the love and support of my family.  I love and appreciate each and every one of them, so much! I would NOT be where I am without a single one of them!

I, we, could all live without all the hate and negativity that so many people in the world spew and spread today.  If everyone just took a step back and reached out a hand to those they are so cruel to and just took the time to get to know a person and not get wrapped up in their “partner preference” or their “color” or their “religion” or what “political party” they belong to, this world would be such a better place.
Love is a seed we need to plant.  Hate is a weed that needs to be plucked from the world’s garden.
Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever received and from who?
RB: That’s a tough one.  I’ve been given advice from so many.  To pick one, I’d have to go with, “Be true to yourself and always be humble and kind”, my mom always preached this to us as kids and throws it out there now for my son.  Pretty good advice.  It’s gotten me this far and taken me to heights, I couldn’t have imagined without humility and kindness.
Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever given? Are you normally good at taking your own advice?
RB: Ha!  Great question.  I give advice constantly.  Now, does anyone follow my advice?  That is the question.  If I get to pick the best advice “I’ve” ever given, I’ll go with… “Love yourself first.  You can’t love another if you don’t love yourself”.  Oh… I just saw my son roll his eyes and he’s hours away from me. ;)  Now, the question, do I follow my own advice?  I try to.  I love myself, but to be honest I put myself last.  I take care of everyone else and if there’s time left, I take care of me.  But I love myself, so that’s taking my advice, right? Hahaha
Q: What’s up next for Rosie?
RS: I’ve been traveling in my motorhome to various cities and setting up book signings, while working on a new stand-alone novel.  It is a murder-mystery about a woman accused of killing her husband.  If you were to jack my computer and look through my search history you’d think I was researching ways to off my hubby.  I assure you, I did not harm my husband in any way.  He’s alive and kicking and my biggest supporter.  And for anyone interested, you can go to my website at http://rosembrate.wix.com/rosembrate - for a sneak peek.

I’d also love it if you’d check me out on FB as well. https://www.facebook.com/RoseMBrate/

Have you met Richie Nuzz?

I first met Richie Nuzz at an EyeCon convention for the show Teen Wolf on MTV. He performed at that event and I was very impressed with his talent. Since then, he has attended more EyeCon events with us and he’s actually become a friend. A friend who constantly blows me away with not only his talent but his drive. I’m inspired by him daily through his social media posts and his desire to make a difference with his music.

Not only is Richie a song writer and performer, he has done modeling and dancing. Like I said, he’s got the drive to succeed and the desire to entertain!

Richie has a new song and video out currently called “I Will”. I wanted to share that with you and introduce you to him if you don’t know him already. Check out his video and then be sure to go like his Facebook Page and follow him on Twitter!

Here’s the video for “I Will”

‘Ghostbusters’ star Harold Ramis dies at 69; also well-respected writer, director

‘Ghostbusters’ star Harold Ramis dies at 69; also well-respected writer, director (via NJ.com)

While Harold Ramis gained fame for playing Dr. Egon Spengler in the 1984 smash comedy “Ghostbusters,” he also helped write and direct several other movies that were box office hits. Ramis, died this morning at 69 in Chicago from a rare disease that…

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