Flint Bedrock: A Musician and Entrepreneur with Heart

I met Flint Bedrock a while ago on Twitter and then thankfully, we recently became reacquainted. I have always been impressed by his drive, his outlook, and his collaborations. He’s a musician and businessman from Leeds, England who knows how to work well with others and obviously enjoys it! I love the story he tells in the answer to my first question about his mom and to me, that is so telling of the type of person he is. When you are raised right, you are definitely put on the right path early on.

Q: You are both a musician and an entrepreneur. Which came first and how did you become interested in music?

Flint Bedrock: That’s a tricky question, LOL! I started having piano lessons when I was 5 years old after my mother noticed that I had taken interest in playing the instrument. I was often found playing or rather trying to play on our church piano before and after the service.

I come from a business family and have in one way or the other been involved in some type of business however small the role, for the most part of my life. I remember my mom giving me a pack of sweets (lollipops) and telling me I could either eat them all or individually sell them and make enough money to buy more than what she’d given me. Kids would have little stalls outside church during lunch hour where we’d sell all sorts of snacks and refreshments. Our community encouraged an entrepreneurship lifestyle and from a young age children were taught business values. To answer the question, I definitely had a passion for music first but I also took to business at an early age.

Q: I know you like to collaborate with other musicians. How do you choose the projects you work on?

Flint Bedrock: I enjoy working with other artists, being able to create a new piece of music with other people is such an amazing privilege. I tend to be drawn to artists who have the same values as me, I believe music is an expression of self. I like to make sure that behind the fun and artistic expressions there’s also a strong message that listeners can hold on to or something that inspires them to make positive changes in their lives.

Q: Do you also collaborate with people on the entrepreneur aspect? 

Flint Bedrock: I absolutely love collaborating with other entrepreneurs, I have always believed that if your dream only involves you and your interests then it’s too small.

Q: Who would you like to work with musically that you haven’t had the opportunity to yet? 

Flint Bedrock: I have a lot of respect for artists who have excelled in both music and business, the likes of Will.i.am, Pharrell Williams and P Diddy, I would be over the moon if I got an opportunity to work any of them. There’s many people I’d love to work with.

Q: Both Music and the entrepreneurial world have been changed a bit by reality TV with shows like The Voice, Idol, and even Shark Tank. What do you think of those platforms? Useful or not? 

Flint Bedrock: TV reality shows create a great opportunity for the right people. The format draws in  different kinds of artists and by design does not benefit everyone, but for the people who are able to maximise the exposure they get, it can be life changing. I think it’s important for a contestant to understand exactly what the show is and what it’s not and be realistic about their expectations. The downside to it in my view is an unknown person with no experience of dealing with the media can find them self on the cover of every magazine one day and be out of the competition the next day. This can cause a lot of psychological trauma and difficulty in adjusting back to normal life. There’s no aftercare or financial compensation and with the whole country expecting you to be some sort of a celebrity it’s incredibly difficult coming to terms with the fact that nothing much has changed and in a sense you’re back to square one.

Q: What advice would you give someone who was just starting out in music?

Flint Bedrock: The business has changed so much. 6 Deciding to become a professional singer/artist is a very brave thing to do. The most important thing is to know exactly what you want out of it and be completely realistic with your expectations. Not everyone can be a superstar but if you have talent, drive and determination they’s no reason why you can’t have a successful music career. Do things the right away, register with organisations that support artists and put in the hours. There are no shortcuts to success and don’t wait for someone somewhere to come and make your dreams come true. Believe in yourself and never give up, good things take time!

Q: What advice would you give them on how best to utilize and incorporate Social Media?

Flint Bedrock: Social media platforms provide a perfect opportunity for artists to get noticed, promote and sell their music. You can also get invaluable data about audience demographics which can help you identify and develop your niche market. I have personally benefited from social media, Twitter in particular; a platform which I signed on to virtually unknown and now have a following of over 150 000 people. It’s given me credibility as an artist, exposure and more importantly has helped me sell my music which is what you need to be able to make a living off your music.

Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?

Flint Bedrock: At this point in my life I can’t live without my phone, smartphones provide incredible convenience and capabilities which are indispensable for my music and business.

If we could do away with greed, the world would be a much better place.

Q: Speaking of social media, where can we find you online?

Flint Bedrock: Follow Flint Bedrock on social media: Twitterhttps://twitter.com/flintbedrock Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/flintbedrock1 Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/flintbedrock

Q: What is coming up next for Flint Bedrock?

Flint Bedrock: I am currently working very hard to develop my business and creating new music. People can expect to hear much more music from me this year.

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You Can Believe in Tyrell Witherspoon

Tyrell Witherspoon is one of those artists who is constantly growing, consistently evolving, and always striving to bring his fans the very best sounds.  I was thrilled to interview him in August of last year and absolutely honored that he was able to talk to me about his new EP “Scorpio.”  For those of you who are already fans, I’m sure you are loving the new songs just as much as I am.  I have created some truly impressive car dance moves while listening to ‘Take You Home’ on my way to work every morning.

If you haven’t experienced Tyrell Witherspoon‘s music, I can confidently suggest that you give a listen to both “Scorpio” and his first album, “Dance With Me.”  Tyrell gives his dance songs the perfect energy to get you motivated and his sweet voice gives his ballads the right mixture of emotions and soothing sounds.  To add to his appeal, he is a genuinely nice guy.  I cannot wait to see him perform live, and I am sure he will find his way to the states very soon with the songs on this album to fuel his journey.

I hope you enjoy the interview we did and that you follow Tyrell on all your social sites.  This is an artists we will be hearing lots from, trust me on that.

Q: What were some of the differences between working on your Sophomore EP “Scorpio” and working on your first EP?

A: Wow. I think in general, I have just grown so much as an artist. My debut EP, I produced and recorded mostly on my own in my house. It definitely had more of a “mixtape” kind of vibe. With my newest EP, I really stepped it up utilizing a producer to master all of the tracks and hitting the studio to record all of the vocals. I also had been writing for this album for almost a year so I think that it gave me a chance to really grow as a songwriter and say what I really wanted to say as an artist.

Q: When you write about personal experiences like break-ups, do you ever worry about the response from the other parties involved?  Have you ever had to contact someone to give them a heads up?

A: Hahaha that’s a great question. I wouldn’t say that my music is as targeted as Taylor Swift’s but my music definitely draws upon personal experiences. Sometimes, I have never lived the situation myself and play “what if” when I write the track. But Patrick (my fiancé) definitely knows when songs are about him and our relationship lol.

Q: What has the reaction been to the new music so far? (For the record, I love it. I have been listening during my workouts)

A: So far, the reaction has been real positive. People have taken note that I really worked hard to make sure this was my best work today. What I love most is that a lot of different people have been checking out this album and are telling me that different songs are their favorite. That means my music is reaching everyone someway, somehow and that’s all I ever want when I write; to touch people and make them feel something.

Q: Your song ‘One’ is about the people who try to knock you down when you are pursuing your dreams. Do you find there are more “haters” now that artists are more accessible via social media? Or do the supporters balance this out? 

A: For every two or three people that support you and lift you up, there are going to be at 8 that want to leave nasty comments on your YouTube videos or diss your photos on Facebook. At the end of the day, you have to be true to who you are and know that you will always rise above if you persevere and keep working hard to follow your goals and dreams.

Q: What artists would you like to work with or even write songs for?

A: Oh man. I would love to write songs for other pop artists like Justin Bieber or One Direction. Something bubble gum and fun. I would love love love to work with The Wanted and Olly Murs (I’m kind of obsessed with the UK). A couple songwriters I really look up to are Bonnie McKee, Claude Kelly and Ester Dean. These writers slay the charts and I would love to even capture a sliver of their talent working in the same room with them.

Q: Do you think LGBT artists are beginning to break through the barriers and is it easier in the dance music genre?

A: I definitely think it’s easier to be an LGBT artist now out and in the open, however, I still don’t think we’re getting the full exposure that other artists receive in the mainstream market. I definitely think that the dance music scene is an easy get for LGBT artists because that’s a genre our community connects with the most through the clubs. But, I love openly gay artists who are acoustic artists or R&B artists or rappers who just love their craft and just kill it regardless of what obstacles are in their way.

Q: The time between your first EP and second was two and a half years. Artists like Justin Timberlake have had longer spans between EP’s and then others seem to put out a new album almost yearly.  Do you think there can be too much exposure if you put out too much new music in a relatively short time?

A: I think that entirely depends on you and the product. If you’re feeling super inspired and have a lot of amazing music that really reflects where you are in your life and it’s some of your best, then I fully agree with putting it out there. But, sometimes you are just putting music out for the sake of and it falls through the gutters because your soul isn’t in it. I respect Justin Timberlake so much for his decision to take his time with his latest album. He took the time to perfect it and make it something he was proud of and that shows you exactly the type of artist he is.

Q: You worked with BC producer Nick Bertossi on this project, how was that experience?

A: Nick Bertossi is new to the production game but he’s KILLING it. He produced my single, “One Step Closer” and that was our first interaction together. I really liked his vibe and work ethic and I love the final products he creates so, it was a no brainer to pair up with him again. What I love most about Nick is that when he hears my songs, he hears what I hear and then ups the anti with new sounds that I would have never thought of. This dude is going to blow up real soon and then I’ll be like, “remember when NICK BERTOSSI produced my album?” Crazy.

Q: Refresh us on where we can find you and your music online.

A: You can always find me at www.tyrellwitherspoon.com or Facebook at /tlwither. All my music is available for download on iTunes or to stream on SoundCloud at /tyrellwitherspoon. To see my music videos or watch my live performances, I am on YouTube at /tyrellwitherspoon. You can follow me on Twitter at /tlwither.

Q: What’s up next for Tyrell Witherspoon? Performances? Videos?

A: I just finished my first ever solo, headlined show last week to celebrate the release of my new album which was such a rush. Next up, I am performing in Whistler, BC for WinterPRIDE and then I’ll have a few more club shows to promote the album. Video wise, you can expect a video for the lead-off single, “Love Breakdown” to surface in the next month or two.

Thanks again Tommy. Your support is AH-MAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you.