New ‘Frozen’ Trailer Introduces Us To Its Tragic Villain

New ‘Frozen’ Trailer Introduces Us To Its Tragic Villain (via Fandango Movie Blog)

By: Sean OConnell on October 22, 2013 at 10:20AM Disney’s Frozen has been doling out information in parts. First, we learned about a snowman who was able to separate, yet still talk (and chase after his carrot nose). Next, we learned about our feisty…

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Get Your Geek on, ‘The Secret Lives of Dorks’ Hits Theaters on 9/27

It seems like it truly is the time of the Geek and the Dork.  We have all been embracing those sides of our personality and have made it cool to be what was once considered uncool by most.  Comic Books, Superheroes, Film Buffs, Nerds, Book Lovers, etc have become the new “it” thing and we’re all loving it!  ”The Secret Lives of Dorks” captures this concept with a cast of talented and familiar faces.

Check out the amazing cast on IMDb and get ready to get your GEEK on!

Here is the official synopsis of the film and in true Geed fashion, and Instagram trailer!

Samantha (a dorkette) is in love with Payton (a dork) who is in love with Carrie (a cheerleader),who dates Clark (the football captain). When Clark seeks out Payton for secret comic book lessons, Payton sees his chance to be with Carrie. But Carrie’s more interested in setting Payton up with Samantha. High School’s complicated, huh? And what’s Clark’s secret?


Ax Movie with Trailer

Do you like thriller films? How about Indie shorts? Well, have I got a film for you.  It’s called Ax and the official synopsis says, “What drives a man to madness? James is left to ponder this as he faces the reality that he just killed his wife Christie with an ax.”  I found the film to have a few possible meanings.  The “madness” to me could represent a few things. It could be a man’s struggle with addiction or a man who is struggling with not wanting to be in a relationship any longer.  

This is one of the things I love most about Indie projects, they are usually not structured like traditional films and aren’t tainted by formulas devised for the purpose of making money.  They can be much more like good novels, where the reader (or in this case viewer) has some control over the interpretation of the art based on their own feelings, needs, and opinions.  I think in the case of Ax, and films like it, people can watch it together and come up with different ideas of what it was about because it allows for some personal interjection of opinion.

The film was written and directed by Michael Coulombe and this is what he had to say about it:

PROJECT BACKGROUND (Director’s Statement)

Ax was a short story I wrote one day as a writing exercise. I wanted to write a story of a man who felt controlled by something simple; yet powerful: such as an Ax. When I started in the film industry as a script supervisor, I wanted to take the knowledge I had learned from my craft and my experience on-set and apply it to my own projects and writing. Ax seemed a good start as it was simple project. A man, James, kills his wife with an ax, but doesn’t know if it was his inner desire to do so or if he felt compelled by the power of the Ax. I wanted to explore the killer’s psyche with this movie. James fascinates me as a character. He is so complex. He is seriously faced with so many demons all at once that it begins to drive him mad. That was why I chose to write the entire movie in Voice Over form. When I made the decision to direct the film I knew I needed to find an actor who was not only good at reading the inner thoughts of the voice over but who could also show that he was slowly heading into the descent of madness without ever saying a single word on camera. Ax took over a year and a half to film. It was difficult to find a location that could give the tone that the story really needed. The cabin we found in the Angeles National Forest was so perfect for the tone of the movie that I truly felt it was its own character. It was secluded and so rich in depth and personality that it was so easy to see why James may feel that he is on the brink of madness and in the grips of trying to understand why he may be losing control. Ax is my writing and directing debut. I am truly proud of the cast and the crew that pulled together and believed in this film. It is a true labor of love and a testament to what independent filmmaking is and stands for today.

Please check out the trailer and visit the site to find out more info.  Then you can decide what Ax means for you.

Ax Trailer from Michael on Vimeo.

Oprah Winfrey returns to acting in “The Butler’ and more entertainment news

Oprah Winfrey returns to acting in “The Butler’ trailer; Robin Williams vs. Kim Kardashian: more entertainment news (links) (via

 Oprah Winfrey returns to film with “The Butler” trailer, Michael Jackson reportedly thought God was speaking to him before death and Robin Williams sounds off on Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala dress. We have these stories and more in today’s entertainment news from around the web. “The Butler…


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Ant and Dec to reveal Star Trek Into Darkness exclusive on ITV 1

Ant and Dec to reveal Star Trek Into Darkness exclusive on ITV 1 (via Film Industry Network UK)

Paramount UK have announced that Ant and Dec will be providing Star Trek fans with an exclusive look at ‘Into Darkness” tonight on ITV 1. The film studio recently released an epic trailer for the sequel to 2009 smash hit ‘Star Trek’ which added further excitement to the already hotly anticipated…