Make a Statement of Equality and Style with Gay Pride Bow Ties

When I think of style, class, and high profile events, I have always thought of bow ties. For some reason, they just give me the feeling and look of sophistication, so I have always included one in my outfits for any major event I attend in the past few years. Recently I met Jorge Santana, President of Gay Pride Bow Ties, and he shared with me that he would like people to think of equality when they see, wear, or think of his ties. The mission of his company is to unify people and make a difference in the world.

Gay Pride Bow Tieswere recently at Kansas City Pride, the PFLAG National Convention in Portland, and I’m sure quite a few same-sex weddings. I am so excited to wear mine this fall and winter for the formal events I know I’ll be attending.

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The neat thing about these ties is that five dollars from each tie sold is donated to various non profits, depending on the style you purchase. This means you look good and do good at the same time!

Gay Pride Bow Ties are made of fine silk and are high quality pieces to add to any dapper guys wardrobe. With the various styles, there is sure to be one that fits your personality perfectly and there are even pre-made ties for those of us who just can’t get the hang of tying a perfect looking bow tie.

How many of us like to wear something that stands out and makes a statement? I’m sure most of us would love to have a special piece in our collection that will make us look sharp and grab attention wherever we go. Plus in the age of selfies, I must say, Gay Pride Bow Ties make for quite a picture and post! And trust me, they aren’t just for same-sex weddings, you can rock these classy ties at any wedding or event!

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When I asked Jorge about what he hopes for for the future of Gay Pride Bow Ties he responded, “The next step is to create the best bow tie for breast cancer and that for every $400 donated it will help 12 women battling breast cancer to get a wig. If people start purchasing the product and don’t care about the name Gay Pride Bow Ties, then we have done our part. We hope to create more bow ties like this in the future.“

How do you wear your pride? Pick one up for yourself and show the world.

You may recognize him.. had to show off mine as well.

Top US court gives boost to same-sex marriage

Top US court gives boost to same-sex marriage (via AFP)

In landmark rulings for gay rights, the US Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down a law denying federal benefits to homosexual couples and cleared the way for same-sex marriage in California. Cheers rang out on both coasts among supporters of gay marriage…

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It’s About Time

Marriage equality is a hot topic these days. In the USA, we are gaining small strides state by state and issue by issue. We still have a way to go but there finally seems to be a light shining at the end of this tunnel. I have been a supporter of organizations like the NOH8 Campaign for over 3 years, which has helped to make a huge difference in the fight for equality here in the states and to bring attention to other human rights issues like bullying. When I learned that Daniel Wein was working to bring an ad about marriage equality that had aired in Australia to the US, I was ready to help in any way I could.

It’s Time is an ad that depicts a typical couple going through typical couple things. Food shopping, dining out, being silly, being tender, and enduring life in its entirety. The good, the bad, the ugly…always there for one another. It is not until the end that we learn this has been a same sex couple all along. I encourage you to watch the video and assure you that you will be touched.

As it turns out, the best way we can help is to bring attention, and hopefully a few donations to the cause. The main thing needed to make this a reality is enough money. Please check them out and donate if you can:

Daniel was kind enough to take some time to chat with me about the project. I hope you are inspired to run over and see what you can do to help them out. Share this article with your friends, start a discussion, and remember no amount is too small when funds are combined.

Q: How did you get involved with “It’s Time” originally?

A: I was just one of the millions of viewers around the United States that first came across “It’s Time” when it went viral in late-2011. I loved the theme of the video, framing the issue of same-sex marriage around love and commitment, and wanted to find a way to bring this viral video to the U.S. television airwaves. With the help of a dedicated team, the result was the founding of a nonprofit – It’s Time | Marriage Equality – dedicated to seizing on both the message of “It’s Time” and the ad itself to promote marriage equality and LGBT issues in the United States. Nearly a year after the video first premiered, we’re well on our way there. We’ve raised thousands of dollars towards buying airtime, have secured one of the largest media buying firms in the world, and are on the path to receiving 501(c)3 status as an organization.

Q: What is the biggest hurdle right now in getting “It’s Time” shown in the United States?

A: Our biggest hurdle right now is that people are not aware that It’s Time | Marriage Equality is currently a fundraising campaign. We’ve been absolutely thrilled to have received coverage in outlets such as the Huffington Post, Upworthy, and the Sydney Morning Herald, but none of these stories have emphasized that we need to raise money in order to bring “It’s Time” to the U.S. airwaves. We have ambitious future plans for both this ad and our non-profit, but we first need to raise sufficient funds to get it up on the air.

Q: Where can people go to contribute?

A: Money is coming in, but we know that the rate at which it is doing so could easily be accelerated. Since the fundraising aspect of our campaign has not been emphasized, most people aren’t even aware that there is an opportunity to donate. I believe that many of the people who shared “It’s Time” on their Facebook profiles last year would be willing to contribute $10 to help us bring the ad to the U.S. airwaves. We want as many people to be aware of our fundraising campaign as possible, thus allowing the ad to be exposed to a maximum audience. Those wishing to help us get there can visit and make a donation through our partner platform, Social Teeth.

Q: Even though the purpose of the ad is to generate attention for same sex marriage, why is should it be important to every human being?

A: My team and I strongly believe that this ad is about far more than same-sex marriage. Our campaign is guided by the principle that the more the public can relate to the LGBT community, the greater the strides towards full equality will be. This ad represents two people who, independent of their gender and sexual orientation, are able to spend their lives together without social or political barriers. It shows struggling LGBT children that they can live a happy and healthy life as an LGBT individual and in a same-sex relationship. It demonstrates the overwhelming parallels that exist between straight and gay couples, knocking down non-existent barriers that have long existed in the minds of many Americans and moving the dial forward on LGBT equality and acceptance.

Q: Once funding is achieved, what are the next steps that need to be taken and how can people continue to assist?

A: We certainly don’t feel that “It’s Time” is such an attractive piece of content because it appeals to other gay people; preaching to the choir is not our aim. We’re working tirelessly to bring this ad to the U.S. airwaves because we know that it will have a significant influence among those individuals who rarely think about the issue of same-sex marriage and LGBT rights. Once we reach our first fundraising threshold – what we believe is a modest goal of $50,000 – we will make our first round of ad buys in media markets around the country, specifically aiming to target these apathetic and undecided individuals. We want the message of “It’s Time” to be on the front lines making the case for full LGBT rights and, assuming we are able to make our first round of ad buys, will begin an additional round of fundraising at a later time. It is also our hope to work with partners to create original content in the model of “It’s Time,” unrolling it to a similar constituency.


Please take a few moments to watch the video we are talking about. I promise it will leave a lasting impression on you: