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(Los Angeles, CA) Los Angeles based singer – songwriter Kenyth Mogan, announces the release of his new single “Real Me.” The song is being used in Del Shore’s newest film A Very Sordid Wedding which has its world premiere March 10, followed by an exclusive two-week theatrical release at Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs, CA.

Since releasing his first EP in 2013, Mogan has been finding his place within a burgeoning music scene amongst other out artists such as Steve Grand, Troye Sivan, and Olly Alexander. His debut music video, Unlock Your Heart, staring my amazing friend Ronnie Kroell  continues to gain popularity having just passed one million views on YouTube. He is currently working on his third EP.

A collaboration with producer Wild, “Real Me” has already garnered praise from DNA Magazine who stated, “It echoes the best of Lady Gaga.” The song will be released on March 6 via all online retailers.

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Friend Movements 2nd Annual Stardust Soiree

The time has come for the 2nd Annual Stardust Soiree from Friend Movement. I am so honored to have been in attendance at the very first last year and extremely thrilled to be a host this year. All the preparation is really paying off as you will see from the official press release below. There are some amazing sponsors, fun raffles, amazing performers, and lots of friends gathering for the event.

There’s still time to grab a ticket at any price point so you get to enjoy some part of the festivities. I would love to see you there since my time in LA can get quite busy these days. This is a perfect time to catch up for a great cause! Check out the details here:

2nd Annual STARDUST SOIREE – OCTOBER 24th, 2015

Friend Movement in collaboration with AFU Productions, KSP Systems, Bodvar, and Go Channel is proud to present our 2nd Annual STARDUST SOIREE – Black-Tie VIP Dinner & Concert Fundraiser

5-7 PM VIP Cocktail Reception / Purple Carpet Arrivals + Interviews
7-7:30 PM Seating (Dinner & General Admission)
7:30 – 10 PM Dinner & MAIN EVENT Concert
10PM – Midnight DANCE PARTY concert

♥ The Summit
♥ Ryan Boone


50 N La Cienega Blvd #120, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
5PM – Midnight

Proceeds benefit the work of:

Born To Act Players: a unique theater company comprised of professional performers with and without disabilities. The concept came about when two young men with Down syndrome became friends. Both young men lovedacting and they realized one’s mother was an actor and a drama coach and the other’s worked as a representative for professional talent with disabilities. In 1996, in a small studio space in North Hollywood, California, a handful of young people with Down syndrome began meeting weekly to memorize lines and play theater games.

Friend Movement’s heART Therapy workshops: a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The creative process involved in expressing one’s self artistically can help people to resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.

$20 – DANCE PARTY (10PM – Midnight)
♥ Drink Specials
♥ Dance Party Concert
* Dance Party ticket holders are welcome to network & enjoy the wonderful drink specials at the main restaurant bar at any time before the DANCE PARTY portion.

$50 – GENERAL ADMISSION (7PM – MIdnight)
♥ Drink Specials
♥ MAIN EVENT Concert
♥ Dance Party Concert
* GENERAL ADMISSION ticket holders are welcome to network & enjoy the wonderful drink specials at the main restaurant bar at any time before the MAIN EVENT portion.

$100 – DINNER & GENERAL ADMISSION (7PM – Midnight)
♥ Dinner (Mushroom Cappuccino, Punjab Connection, Saffron Rice, Fresh Seasonal Vegetables & Dessert. Note: Vegan option available – please note a request during ticket purchase. Vegan option must be noted by Oct 16)
♥ Hosted Wine at dinner
♥ MAIN EVENT Concert
♥ Dance Party Concert
♥ Swag Bag

* DINNER & GENERAL ADMISSION ticket holders are welcome to network & enjoy the wonderful drink specials at the main restaurant bar at any time before the MAIN EVENT portion.

$150 – VIP RECEPTION & DINNER (5PM – Midnight)
♥ Hosted Wine & Apps Reception + Talent Meet & Greet
♥ Dinner (Mushroom Cappuccino, Punjab Connection, Saffron Rice, Fresh Seasonal Vegetables & Dessert. Note: Vegan option available – please note a request during ticket purchase. Vegan option must be noted by Oct 16)
♥ MAIN EVENT Concert (front rows)
♥ Dance Party Concert

Master of Ceremonies
♥ Ronnie Kroell
♥ Laughing Eddie Lobo
♥ Jeanie You

♥ Tommy Geraci
♥ Louise Masin Sattler
♥ Henie Reisinger
♥ Ashlee Marie Preston
♥ Mary Rings
♥ Jerry Silverhardt
♥ Kyle Chan
♥ Monica Danielsen
♥ Roberto Quinn
♥ Karamo Brown
♥ Nina Boski
♥ Santwon McCray
♥ Dean Hale

♥ AFUproductions
♥ Kettle Glazed Doughnuts
♥ Perfectly Afflicted
♥ DIABOLO Beverages

♥ Bodvár of Sweden
♥ Blue Chair Bay Rum

♥ THE STUDIO | 1 day photo/film rental – Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm ($2500 value)
♥ Francesco Scavullo | Liza Minnelli Limited Edition Print ($2500 value)
♥ KSP Systems IT Consultation ($750 value)
♥ A set lunch for “Goodnight Marilyn” April 2016. Meet the cast and crew. (Priceless)
♥ Walk-On Role in “Child of the 70′s” web-series. (Priceless)
♥ Garnet & Rose Quartz Necklace by Hector Camacho ($250 value)
♥ Canvas print Tulips and Fountains by Robin Magee 20″ x 16″
♥ One-HourProject Consultation & Strategy Session with Debra Eckerling, Guided Goals.
♥ Andrew Christian Gift Basket

♥ $100 Cake & Art Gift Certificate
♥ Kyle Chan Design Bracelets (5)
♥ Organic Teeth Whitenening Treatment | Studio City Ortho ($99 value)
♥ $50 Kettle Glazed Gift Card (3)
♥ $50 Amoeba Music
♥ Perfectly Afflicted T-Shirts (10)
♥ Bella Dots Collection 2.0 | 12 Cup Coffee Maker ($50 value )

You’ll also have a chance to bid on some hot and trendy shoes like these from Guilhermina ShoesNA:

Be sure to get your tickets here:

Be a Friend to those in need with Friend Movement

Lizza Morales (@xoxoLizza), Ronnie Kroell, and me

On Sunday, June 14th I had the honor of attending a Friend Movement event held at SUR Restaurant in West Hollywood. Living in NYC makes it tough to attend all of the amazing Friend Movement events but I make it my business to try because I truly believe in the movement, all they are doing, and the people who started it.

It was a pleasure to be among so many people who were there for the purpose of supporting something with no ego, no agenda, only love and respect for one another. I was thrilled to be able to bring along a few friends. Lizza Morales, Brian Webb, and Jon Mack all jumped at my invitation. Lizza, as always, went above and beyond but all brought their zest for life, compassion for others, and ability to share with their communities. It’s all about the sharing and the dialogue we create which leads to the education of others and the beginning of a solution to any problem.

I especially love to see when people like Lisa Vanderpump use their own voices to amplify the message of others and help a great cause. It was a magical afternoon at a landmark location that will be used as part of the hit Bravo TV show, ‘Vanderpump Rules’.

Jon Mack (@Auradrone), Ronnie Kroell, and me

I can remember discussing this organization with the founder, Ronnie Kroell when it was an idea so watching it grow into what it is today is astounding. Even more exciting is seeing the plans they have for it in the future. Edward Lobo is Ronnie’s partner in kindness and Jeanie You has joined them as CEO. They are all just so full of love and truly embody what Friend Movement is all about!

What started out as an anti-bullying campaign became an organization that PROMOTES friendship, community, and LOVE. I think so many people miss the mark when it comes to anti-bullying these days. It has become a buzz word that really has lost meaning. More important than being anti-anything is to be PRO something. How do you combat hate or misguided anger? Surely not with more anger or resistance. I think Friend Movement gets it. I KNOW they have their hearts in it. I see that they are moving in the right direction in so many ways. I truly cannot wait to see what’s next!

Lisa Vanderpump, Jeanie You, Ronnie Kroell, and Edward Lobo

“Being a Friend” is not just a catch phrase, they are actively showing us HOW to do that. Once each month, they have been banning together to feed homeless people in Los Angeles. They have been organizing fundraisers to do so that not only raise money but give people a reason to gather, celebrate, and enjoy each other. The amount of money to feed one person is so little, I would love for you to consider a one-time donation or a monthly one. Here is the link if you’d like to check it out further:

One of the biggest issues with charities and even with people in general is that they do not walk the walk. It is so easy to talk the talk and even accumulate followers that will buy the lip service but when an organization of people or an individual actually WALK the WALK that gets my attention. I am proud to be associated with Friend Movement and hope you will consider checking them out.  A very small donation can feed one or more people in need at the next #FriendlyMeals event!

Also look for me to be doing much more with Friend Movement. It is an honor for me to participate in any way I can!

Kenyth Mogan Wants you to “Unlock Your Heart”

I was introduced to Kenyth Mogan and his music through my friend Ronnie Kroell and Friend Movement. Ronnie appears in Kenyth’s “Unlock Your Heart” video as the Tin Man. It’s such a great song with a fantastic message that also fit into the work Friend Movement does to combat bullying and encourage friendship, love, and self acceptance.
The thing that really attracts me to “Unlock Your Heart”, in addition to the message, is the beat. It has hints of country mixed with dance and pop and I think that appeals to so many sides of my own taste. Just like the song, Kenyth is multi-faceted and that definitely contributes to making me a fan!
We recently had a phone chat that lasted over an hour where we talked about everything from music, to Los Angeles, to growing up, and the many personalities we come across within the business. We found out that we have a few people in common and that we both have similar views of the entertainment world. I really enjoyed speaking to him and I do hope you all enjoy our interview. Be sure to check Kenyth out on social media, share his video, and just say hello. I know he’d love that!
Q: You grew up in a small town in Montana. What were some of the advantages to starting out like that? Disadvantages?
Kenyth Mogan: One of the best advantages of growing up in a small town was that I was very very close with a lot of people. My neighbors and the friends of my parents had just as much of a hand in raising me as my family did. I had a lot of support and encouragement when I started out singing in church and school programs. This was also one of the disadvantages because if I screwed up, which did happen, everyone I knew saw it. But even when I did screw up, everyone rallied around me in comfort and support. It was wonderful.
Q: What would you say to other young artists who are living in small rural areas and are a bit scared to make the jump to big city life? Or even to those who already live in big cities but are scared to pursue their dreams? 
KM: Twenty years from now the biggest regrets you will have are not for the things you did but for the things you didn’t. Not everything you do is going to work out the way you hoped, but that’s the beauty of life, every experience we have, good or bad shapes us into we are. There’s a whole wide world of opportunity waiting, all you gotta do, is jump.
Q: Do you see yourself as a role model for other LGBT youth and artists? Who were some of your role models growing up and even now?
KM: I would love to be a role model. I grew up listening to people like Tiffany and Tommy Page, two artists I still listen to to this day. Chad Allen was really one of the first role models I can remember having who also happened to be gay. Now we’re everywhere, Steve Grand, Robbie Rogers, Russell Tovey. It’s amazing.
Q: The song “Unlock your Heart” has garnered world-wide recognition. It has also become part of Friend Movement, an organization that promotes friendship and understanding rather than bullying and judgment. Did you intend for the song to be part of that or did the message just naturally fit?  
KM: Once I started speaking with Ronnie my team and I discovered that the song just naturally fit. The whole point of the song is about unlocking your heart and opening it up to love.
Q: Tell me a little about your involvement in Friend Movement. What does it mean to you to be a Friend?

KM: I got involved after asking Ronnie Kroell to be a part of the Unlock Your Heart music video.  Friendship is something very important to me. Growing up the “gay kid” in northeastern Montana would’ve been a lot different if I didn’t have the friends I had.
Q: What mistakes do you see other LGBT artists or any up-and-coming artists make that you try to avoid?

KM: I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed other artist making mistakes, but what I’m trying to do differently is focus on the actual music. So many singers in the LGBT community, especially men, focus heavily on sex to sell their music that’s not me – mainly because at the present time, I’m not sexy enough to sell sex – I try and it kind of comes off sad and pathetic.
Q: What would you say to those out there who are being bullied and/or feel they just don’t fit in because of pressures from peers and society?

KM: Difference is a good thing. How boring would a symphony be if there was only one note? Don’t be afraid to be yourself because, every color in the rainbow is important. Those who say otherwise don’t understand your beauty.
Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?
KM: I couldn’t live without music. The one and only time I was grounded by my parents they took away my music. After a few days I literally started to go through withdrawals. Also, the world would be a very dark place without the beauty that is Charlie Cox and Russell Tovey.
The one thing I think we all could do with out is cruelty… and anchovies.
Q: What’s up next for Kenyth Mogan? 

KM: I’m back in the studio working on the next EP. I’ve been writing a lot with my friend Phil Evans (School Boy Humor, The Roads Below) and some really great producers including Gabe Lopez who’s worked with everyone from New Kids on the Block and Chris Salvatore. I’m also getting the chance to work with some amazing songwriters I’ve admired since I was child. I’m really excited to show everyone the new stuff.
Q: How can we find you online and on Social Media?

Friend Movement Presents Stardust Soiree

Friend Movement is made up of a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to promoting friendship through the arts and social media.” I am proud to be even a small part of this team that embodies so much positivity and love. I still remember when my friend Ronnie Kroell first introduced me to the idea and his work. He was SO passionate about it and I felt so strongly that this would be an inspiring force to be a part of. He began this grass roots movement and attracted the most authentic group of talented and passionate artists committed to making a difference. Together they have formed quite the force of good!

Being bullied is something most of us can relate to, something I know all too well, something that we would love to put a stop to. As victims, it would be so satisfying to know that someday no one will have to suffer at the hands of a bully. Until that day comes, there are ways we can alleviate the issue by positive reinforcement and by raising the confidence of those who suffer. I have always believed education was the key as well as positive influences, messages, and images. This is exactly what Friend Movement aims to do. The premise is that everyone can be a friend and everyone needs a friend. Friendship can be magical, uplifting, and empowering. To think of all the people, of all ages, we lose to suicide and how many are due to bullying as well as that feeling of hopeless loneliness. So many could be saved if they had hope, had FRIENDSHIP, and felt truly cared for.

You can visit their website to find out much more and to donate, plus be sure to like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter if you are there!

Next weekend on Saturday, September 20th there is a very special event if you are in the LA area called the Stardust Soiree where you can mingle with like-minded people while raising money for a very worthwhile cause! Be sure to check it out, it really will be a most fantastic evening of music, laughter, and FRIENDship!