Make a Statement of Equality and Style with Gay Pride Bow Ties

When I think of style, class, and high profile events, I have always thought of bow ties. For some reason, they just give me the feeling and look of sophistication, so I have always included one in my outfits for any major event I attend in the past few years. Recently I met Jorge Santana, President of Gay Pride Bow Ties, and he shared with me that he would like people to think of equality when they see, wear, or think of his ties. The mission of his company is to unify people and make a difference in the world.

Gay Pride Bow Tieswere recently at Kansas City Pride, the PFLAG National Convention in Portland, and I’m sure quite a few same-sex weddings. I am so excited to wear mine this fall and winter for the formal events I know I’ll be attending.

John Raphael from the digital comedy series 'A Brit and a Yank'

The neat thing about these ties is that five dollars from each tie sold is donated to various non profits, depending on the style you purchase. This means you look good and do good at the same time!

Gay Pride Bow Ties are made of fine silk and are high quality pieces to add to any dapper guys wardrobe. With the various styles, there is sure to be one that fits your personality perfectly and there are even pre-made ties for those of us who just can’t get the hang of tying a perfect looking bow tie.

How many of us like to wear something that stands out and makes a statement? I’m sure most of us would love to have a special piece in our collection that will make us look sharp and grab attention wherever we go. Plus in the age of selfies, I must say, Gay Pride Bow Ties make for quite a picture and post! And trust me, they aren’t just for same-sex weddings, you can rock these classy ties at any wedding or event!

James Stapleton from the digital comedy series 'A Brit and a Yank'

When I asked Jorge about what he hopes for for the future of Gay Pride Bow Ties he responded, “The next step is to create the best bow tie for breast cancer and that for every $400 donated it will help 12 women battling breast cancer to get a wig. If people start purchasing the product and don’t care about the name Gay Pride Bow Ties, then we have done our part. We hope to create more bow ties like this in the future.“

How do you wear your pride? Pick one up for yourself and show the world.

You may recognize him.. had to show off mine as well.

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A Weekend of NOH8

(Left to Righ)t, Jeff Parshley, Me, and Adam Bouska

By now, its no secret that I am an avid supporter of the NOH8 Campaign, a huge fan of Adam Bouska‘s work, and an admirer of both Adam and his partner, Jeff Parshley.  This past weekend was the annual NOH8 photo shoot with part of the proceeds being used to contribute to AIDS Walk NY.  It has become a tradition of mine to have my photo taken anytime they are offering them in the NYC area, which luckily for me has been about once a year.   I am proud to say that this was my third time and I was just as excited as I was for my first.  Wearing the NOH8 tatoo on my cheek has so many layers of meaning for me.

If you are unfamiliar with the NOH8 Campaign, let me explain it a little.  The campaign was designed as a direct protest to the passage of Proposition 8 in the state of California.  Proposition 8 eliminates the rights of same-sex couples to marry.  Adam and Jeff created the protest utilizing Adam’s amazing photography skills to generate some attention for the cause and to date, they have taken over 20,000 photos!  The Campaign has attracted overwhelming celebrity support as well as the support of people from all walks of life.

As I stated earlier, wearing the NOH8 tattoo on my cheek symbolizes so many things for me.  Besides the fact that I do feel people should have the right to choose to marry, it also represents unity, courage, and the freedom to be yourself no matter what anyone may

Adam Bouska

tell you.  When I look back at how much I have grown and changed since the first time I went in to take my photo it really amazes me.  Its funny how one experience can connect you to so many people and completely change the way you view yourself as well as the world around you.

I can’t tell you how many people have approached me because of the photo to ask questions and especially to get advice.  That connection is the most important part.  If I can help a few people along the way, that is the real power behind it all.  No one should ever feel that their feelings are not valid or that their voice is not enough.  When you choose to speak, you will be shocked at how many people will accompany you and add their voices to yours.  In unity you have power.

Although it was the third time I was taking my NOH8 photo, it was the first time I chose to walk in AIDS Walk NY.  The overall theme of family that exists at every NOH8 photo shoot was definitely carried over into the day of the walk. Early Sunday morning, people began to gather to represent Team NOH8 with Adam and Jeff leading the pack.  I can honestly tell you that their genuine concern for each member of the team was contagious.  Christopher Hayden, Studio Manager, was also present at the walk and was always making sure the team stayed together. If any part of the group fell behind, they made sure to stop on the side to wait for the others to catch up.  It was all about encouraging one another to continue the walk as well as keeping one another entertained with great conversation.  We were there for an important cause, had a job to do, but also needed to share our love for one another as we did it.  As of this writing, Team NOH8 has raised $13,684.  You can still donate if you would like and I am sure we would all greatly appreciate it.

I encourage you to find out more about the NOH8 Campaign and to find out when they will be doing a shoot near you.  You can also visit Adam Bouska‘s page to see his inspiring work. I would also like to encourage you to get involved in any cause that you are passionate about.  In addition to what you can do for others, you will be amazed at what this will do for you.  Feeling like you are accomplishing something and that you are part of something bigger than yourself is priceless.

Team NOH8


NOH8 Campaign: Why I Posed Again

Last year, I was thrilled to be able to pose for Adam Bouska and the NOH8 Campaign. I knew it would be a great way to show support for those who have little or no voice in our society.  It started out as a protest of Proposition 8 in California, became a platform to speak up for every one’s right to marriage, and now has come to mean even more than that.  I had taken my own photo at first because I so wanted to be some part of the cause.  When I knew the NOH8 Campaign would be in NYC, I jumped at the chance.  I admit, I wasn’t sure if my picture would matter so much since there are other, more prominent, faces involved.  Let me tell you, since then I have come to realize we ALL make a difference.  Adam and his partner Jeff (Parshley) could not have been nicer, more accommodating, or shown more gratitude.  They truly show appreciation to each and every person who comes to pose.  Each individual or group is treated with such professional respect, attention to detail, and a truly amazing experience.

This year, when I found out Adam was holding another NYC photo shoot, there was no question that I would do another.  A chance to be a part of this movement is not something I would ever let slip by.  The “voice” we created through this protest has come to represent oppressed people everywhere and a light to those suffering from many different types of discrimination.

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