What’s New and Hot from Artistic Analogies Film Co

I recently had a chance to speak to producer Kevin Slee about his upcoming projects in Television and Film.  He is working on a few new interesting projects that I thought we might all be interested in hearing about.  Kevin has produced films like: The King of the Jews, Election Day, Talon’s Rant, Franky, Frankly, Grey Matter (a short), Imprints (short), and The Sublime and the Beautiful

Kevin is also an experienced director and writer and is currently working on the following  from Artistic Analogies Film Co:

  • A television Pilot: “Options” – described as Entourage meets Wall Street
  • A feature Film: Running, from writer Gregory Goyins and produced by Kevin
  • And a feature Film: Fool For Love (Based on the play by Sam Shepard), where he directs
I was happy to be able to ask Kevin a few questions about the industry in general as well as get his opinion on a few of the things currently going on in the entertainment world.

Q: You have recently worked on a TV pilot (Options), feature films (Running and Fool for Love), and a short film (Franky, Frankly). From a producer/directors point of view what are the differences each platform?

A: The main difference is pace… Working on feature films is slow, meticulous and only a few pages are shot a day — this is because you’re spending months creating a singular creative output. With television you have a pilot and you need to continue with the same style and maintain the same structure which is expected by the fans so there isn’t much room for creative input… Each director is more of a “work for hire”. Thus, the process is quick because a lot of the decisions are made for you (you being the director). If you direct the pilot you get to establish that but if you come on later you have to follow the same track. Also, and to clarify, a lot of these projects sit in development for a while — this is the case for “Options” in terms of television and “Running and Fool For Love” in features. Of the features I have worked on, I have Dispatch and Sublime & Beautiful. In the studio realm there’s Saving Mr. Banks with Disney and Tom Hanks, etc.

Q: The television industry has changed so much in the past few years. With cable TV, Netflix, and Hulu we have seen some major competition for the traditional networks. Do you think this is a good thing or not so good?

A: I love it! “Options”, which is Entourage meets Wall Street, is being developed for Netflix or Redbox — the new platform. Seeing the success of House of Cards, etc. has really motivated me to enter that medium.

Q: What do you think of the growing popularity of Crowd Sourcing for Indie projects?

A: I think it has its place and it’s great. That being said, I do not agree with celebrities going to that course (i.e. Zach Braff). I think it is for the new filmmakers, the filmmakers without studio hook-up, private equity, etc. and it should stay that way.

Franky, Frankly | Trailer from Artistic Analogies Film Co. on Vimeo.



Joshua Reid-Davis: Anything But Conventional

Last year I attended the EyeCon Vampire Diaries weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.  I had an amazing time with the cast and the various fans I had the opportunity to meet.  I was also very fortunate to meet a kind, funny, and talented guy by the name of Joshua Reid-Davis.  Josh is Master of Ceremonies for the Eyecon events, which means he gets to be onstage to entertain the guests before, after, and in between the cast members come on for audience interviews.  He also keeps everyone distracted while they wait their turn to take photos with their favorite cast members.  Life is funny, sometimes someone makes an impression on you for a brief period of time and then stays with you in your memory for a long time after.

In true Social Media fashion, we became friends on Facebook, followed one another on Twitter, and kept in touch here and there after the event.  It was a bit opposite of how things have been working for me since I became an active member of the Social Media community.  Normally, I interact with people on Twitter and then have the good fortune of meeting them in person at an event or conference.  I love seeing Josh’s posts on Twitter as well as Facebook. He is always so positive and a professor of hope.  What I didn’t know was that it wasn’t always like that for him.  Recently he shared a powerful post of personal information on his Facebook page.  Josh has decided to do a film about his experience so he may help others by sharing this story. He also shares how you can help by donating towards having the film produced.

Like so many of us, Josh was tormented by demons of ridicule, a desire to fit in among peers that weren’t accepting of his differences, and self-doubt.  This caused him to enter a dark place and could have cost him his life.  The moment I read the post, I felt the need to share it on my own pages and an even more overwhelming need to talk to him about it.  Its amazing how someone you meet once can still affect your life.  Whether he knew it or not, I am touched by his sharing on a regular basis so when he shared that he had attempted to take his own life I realized how much I, and others could have missed out on.

I am honored and thrilled that Josh agreed to answer a few questions for me.  I am proud to share the following with you:

Q: You are Master of Ceremonies for Eyecon Celebrity Autograph Conventions, you co-host a radio show called Variety Radio Online at Blog Talk Radio, you act, you were contemplating writing a book, and now you are making a movie.  How do you find time for all this? 

A: Ah yes! I do tend to stay busy, but it always has a way of working itself out.  I love working on all the projects that I have going on because it’s always an adventure each day!

Q: Tell me a little about Joshua Reid-Davis, besides your busy schedule what are some of your interests and passions?

A: I have a lot of passions.  My family and friends would have to be at the top of my list.  I love taking pictures.  I picked up a camera many years ago and started taking pictures and I haven’t stopped since.  I do wish that digital would have been around back then because I would have saved a ton of money developing pictures haha!  I love looking at pictures because when you look at them, it takes you back to that very moment, place, and time…

I enjoy spending time with my family and my nephew.  Living close to them this past year has been amazing, watching him grow into a little man!

Q: The book you were going to write, and now the movie you are making is about a very personal and serious topic.  Can you tell me a little about how you got to such a dark place? What pushed you to the point of thinking that ending your life was a solution?

A: The dark place… Stephen King said, “Monsters are real and ghosts are real too, they live inside us and sometimes they win.”  I grew up in the south, and with that it came with southern mentalities and outlooks on life…  I grew up thinking that homosexuality was a sin.

 I can remember being in preschool and having a crush on a boy.  Throughout school and life I had mixed feelings for both men and women… It was very confusing for me because how could something so wrong feel so right?
We all make mistakes in our lives and the lessons that we learn from those mistakes help make us into the people that we are today.  For many years I let those feelings and mistakes turned into depression.  A depression that I have never understood…. My documentary will go into more detail about these.
In time I quit taking the medication “cold turkey” as they call it… With some medications that you take especially antidepressants, it can set you in a down spiral.
I fell into a place that I pray that I never have to go back to…