Triple Threat Jordan Chantel: Actress, Model, & Photographer

As I have mentioned in previous articles, Talenthouse held a contest recently where I was honored to be a part of.  I was given the opportunity to interview the winners and have been thrilled to meet each of them.  This week I had the opportunity to speak with Jordan Chantel about her various interests, how she got started with each, and how Talenthouse has impacted her.  One of the perks each winner has mentioned is the chance to work with Diego Valdez, who always has the most creative projects for them to get involved in.

Q: Let us know your opinion about Talenthouse and about your experience with the invite to expand your network with Diego Valdez ?

A: Diego is phenomenal. He has so much heart and passion for what he does as well as for helping others. I am truly grateful for being able to work with him and meet all his amazing friends. I’m really happy to work along side Magdallena & James as well. They are astonishing artists and I’m looking forward to seeing all the magic they create in this industry. I recently had an interview with Michael Taylor Gray in L.A.- What a blast that was! Not to mention this fabulous interview with Tommy! I’m one lucky gal.I am eager to move to LA and to continue building a relationship with Diego and the people I have met, or will meet thanks to the invite! I can not thank you enough Diego and Talenthouse!

Q: How did you start with modeling, acting, and photography ?

A: I like to dip my toes in a little bit of everything. It started with acting class in high school. Immediately after stepping on the stage, I knew it’s what I wanted to do with my life. Ever since I have been pursuing it. I’m proud to say I will be graduating with an Acting/Directing degree in May. Directing is a whole other story. I wasn’t fond of it at first. I didn’t want it to be apart of my studies. But after working with an amazing professor named Mo Lamee, my mind changed. I could see his love for the theatre through his directing and I wanted to be able to be that person for the younger generations to come. My mother always had an interest in photography and has always been a role model that I look up to. She was the main reason I got in front of a camera. I enjoyed the outcome of photos as well as the feeling you get in front of the camera. It’s like acting in stills. I began to branch out and work with other photographers as well as practice my craft in front of the mirror. I’m constantly pulling out photos from magazines or offline to create posing books. I take the poses and make a dance out of them to be remembered and used in front of a camera. Once I was in front of the camera for a while, I decided I wanted to see what it was like to be on the other end. I would borrow my moms camera and shoot like crazy. It become a hobby for me. I applied for a job at my university to shoot their sporting events and was hired! After three years of shooting sports as well as various other things on the side, it’s now become a passion and a love.

Q: What attracted you towards the fashion industry, acting, and modeling ?

A: I believe it’s a great outlet to express yourself freely and to be creative. I think in my generation a lot of creativity is lost. Children’s days are spent playing video games, which make the creativity for them. Being on stage or behind a camera gives you the opportunity to live many different lives and create things you never would have been able to. They say you only have one life to live, they were probably never in the theatre.

Q: Tell us about current and Future projects you are/will be working on?

A: Currently, GRADUATION!! May 17th is the date! I just finished directing The Vagina Monologues and it was the experience. My cast and I raised approximently $4,000 for the Latimer House. A non-profit in Grand Junction, Colorado who works towards ending violence against women and girls. I hope to continue directing and I will be submitting an original one act I wrote into an upcoming festival. A large project coming up is my move to Los Angeles in August. A project I’m really looking forward to.

Q: What are your long terms goals and plans?

A: I want to continue being able to give back to my community while doing what I love. I hope to be a role model to others, by encouraging them to follow their dreams as well. If you never try in life you will never know all the amazing things you can achieve.

Q: Where do you see yourself say, 6-10 years from now ?

A: I see myself still striving to be the best I can be. I don’t feel there is a mile stone to reach, you can always better yourself or continue to help others. By then I hope to have opened my own theater for children with disabilities. Equally important to me would be to have a dog sanctuary. I’m a huge animal person and it pulls me apart inside to know animals are being put down or abused everyday. I hope to expand my work with non-profits as well as build my craft in my passions (acting, directing, modeling, writing, and photography.) I see myself continuously traveling, experiencing the cultures of the world and taking in the beautiful wonders it has to offer.

Q: Would you recommend others artists join and be part of Talenthouse?

Absolutely! Us artist have to stick together. They say it’s all about contacts in this business and Talenthouse is a great place to meet them. If you haven’t been on the website, I highly recommend you check it out! Its fun, inviting, and a great outlet for many different types of artists. I was told about Talenthouse from a friend and I am so very happy with the results. It has opened many doors for me and for that I am truly blessed! Thank you Talenthouse, you rock!

Q: Where can people find out more about you and find you online?

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