Richie Nuzz Wants to Encourage you to BEiMMACULATE

It’s no secret that I LOVE a good convention AND my very favorites are organized by the EyeCon family! This past March, I was honored to attend the very first EyeCon Teen Wolf convention with members of the cast of the MTV hit show. If you have never attended a fan convention of any kind, I suggest you try one as soon as you can. If you have but haven’t tried an EyeCon event, I truly encourage you to look into it. You will NOT be sorry.
The best part about these conventions is they attract the most genuine people who are gathered to share a common love of whatever fandom they belong to. Everyone is welcomed into the group and seriously great friendships are made each time.  At this particular convention in March they were highlighting the cast of the MTV show, Teen Wolf and I met a most genuine and amazing artist by the name of Richie Nuzz.
Richie is more than just a musician, he is a man with a vision, a goal, and a positive movement for his fans. He encourages people to BEiMMACULATE in a time where we desperately need positive role models and a push in the right direction. He is someone who knows he can use his talent as well as his influence to have a huge impact on people and he chooses to make it one based on goodness. He has been involved in all aspects of the business from modeling to dancing and is even a classically trained Jazz Musician.
I thoroughly enjoy following Richie Nuzz on Twitter and Facebook because he always has the most positive messages, posts, pictures, and words of wisdom. I encourage all of you to head over to his social sites right after you read our interview:
Q: After researching you, all I can think is WOW, real Renaissance man here! Tell me a little about your history from modeling to fitness, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, music. You are also a classically trained Jazz Musician, and an actor (Sex in the City 2). Which do you identify with most?
Richie Nuzz: Thank​ you, growing up I loved many things as I do now. Everyone growing up told me to focus on one thing. I love the fact that I can say I pursue many of my passions. Music is my focus and my true love. Being known as a musician fits me best. There is something about music that never fades or dies out. To leave something behind and  change how a person feels is by far the bigger picture for me.
Q: You seem to have started a very positive movement with your fans through your music. What is #BEiMMACULATE all about?
RN: My fans​ are what I live for. There is a big gap in music these days, especially in the message that is being perceived. BEiMMACULATE is my brand and way of life.
When people say “Have a good day”, I reply with the most uplifting response, Have an IMMACULATE day. It is a standard for us all to strive for.
It is based off 3 points.
1. Believe in yourself
2. Believe in your dream
3.Pursue your passion
Q: What do you say to fans who have a hard time staying positive? With so much going on like bullying, peer pressure, and depression, it can be hard for people to accept a positive outlook sometimes.
RN: ​I tell my fans what they know already, but need reminding. I play the role of a mentor and idol to many. I take this responsibility seriously and try to give my fans as much back as I can. My music  is filled with words that make up my own life. Shine was written to remind.  Remind  that we as human beings are very powerful individuals and are born with the qualities to manifest our destiny​s.
Q: I met you at an EyeCon event for fans of the show Teen Wolf. Was that your first convention? What do you think about the energy and passion of the attendees and actors?
RN: EyeCon was my first! The energy was incredible and all good vibes. Its an incredible thing to have so many friendly people come together. It was an honor to perform  and be invited back for HALLOWEEN!​
Q: Speaking of passion, energy, and fans – your music is not only inspirational, one might say it’s pretty sexy too. What reactions do you get from fans when you meet them and perform for them?
RN: ​I like to think of my EP as a journey of emotions. It tells a story from start to finish. My fans are fortunately all so different and unique in their own ways. The love and support I get back is just beautiful. Its always a nice feeling when fans are excited to meet me. Nothing is better then meeting someone new.​
Q: How important is Social Media to your career and in your everyday life?
RN: Social media is very important to me since I have such an awesome global fan base. The technology these days are just incredible. Keeping my fans up to date while communicating from anywhere around the world is what I live for. I get much satisfaction hearing back from fans and hearing how they are doing and how my music has related to them.
Q: Where can we find you and your music online?
​RN: My music is for the most part everywhere! I like to keep in touch personally with all my fans. I direct my fans to my website​.
My music is available on iTunes, spottily, over 20 distributors worldwide. When my fans purchase my music from my site, they are granted access to THE iMMACULATE LEGION. I give out my personal number for fans to text me. I make my supporters and believers, my priority.
Q: I notice you like to travel, as I do. What is your favorite place? Where do you feel most at home?
RN: I love traveling! I look forward to the months I will be on the road on the tour bus:) As I am from NYC, lived in LA, now ATL.. I feel the southeast is HOME.
There is a comfort I feel out here and I think this is the place I want to grow as an artist and create my vision.
Q: What’s up next for Richie Nuzz? 
RN: Currently I am In  THE ONE contest for THE ONE MUSIC FEST in Atlanta. The festival holds over 15k in the audience! Right now I am in 4th place out of 45 independent, unsigned artist to be selected to rock out on stage! Voting is now for the next two weeks so  its crunch time:) I also got some immaculate news that I will be performing for the EyeCon convention this year with vampire diaries!
Don’t forget to vote for Richie here:

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