Teeco71′s Holiday Gift List for the Guys in Your Life

The Elephant Pants provide fashion and comfort with a social good spin

I’m always hearing people say that their fathers are difficult to shop for when it comes to holidays and birthdays. I also hear people say it’s hard to figure out what to get their husbands or boyfriends. I’ve been to a few events where I got to meet vendors who have some amazing  products and as an added plus, many of them are small businesses and some even incorporate social good by donating proceeds to charity or causes. This year, I thought I would put together the very first Teeco71 Christmas Gift List to highlight some of the items I’ve seen over the year.

Most of the products I come across are thanks to Celebrity Connected, do I’d like to shout them out! You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see what they are promoting AND to see some of your favorite celebrities supporting these companies during Award Season. You can see all of the posts pertaining to these events by following the hashtag #CelebrityConnected on Twitter and Instagram as well.

I’m going to list my finds in no particular order because they are all so fantastic, I can’t really pick my very favorite. I think they are also so diverse that you can find something for every guy in your life and ladies, you are definitely going to love some of these for yourselves as well!

Let’s start with The Elephant Pants, this company is pretty awesome and they’ve actually been on Shark Tank, so you know this is quality stuff. It’s also a social good company because they are doing their part to help save elephants. The yoga/harem pants make for great lounging wear for men and women, plus I think the kimonos would be perfect for guys too! I actually ordered myself one after I met them and they gave me a pair of the pants. Head over to their website to see all they have.

Here’s a great gift for him but fun for having friends over too! It’s Watch Ya’ Mouthand

Watch Ya Mouth isn't just for the kids anymore! They have a #NSFW set of cards!

now they have an adult NSFW version plus a redneck version. It’s sure to create some silly fun as you try to guess the NSFW phrases your partner and/or friends are tying to see with the mouth guard in place! You can play with 2 to 10 people so it makes it perfect for date night or friends’ night. It’s available where games are sold or you can order it straight from their website.

Fancy some sweets for your sweet? How about organic, vegan, fine chocolate with a social good spin? Hemp Love has been crafting the finest organic, vegan ( and might I add delicious) chocolate since 2012 and now they also pledge twelve percent of its net profits to to Animal Assistance Programs that service the elderly, ability-limited, ill, combat wounded, emotionally distressed and first responders. Pretty cool gift that you can both enjoy too!

After enjoying that chocolate, a workout may be in order. How about Some gear to inspire and motivate? The people at Second Skin have compression gear to assist in your journey to get wronger, faster, or fitter. The prices are very reasonable and yes, they have plenty of stuff for men AND women! See, ladies, I can’t leave you out even when I’m trying to concentrate on my fellas….

My next suggestion may not be for every taste but it can be for everyone. Do you want to spice up your sex life a little? I know this isn’t what I normally talk about but it has become a huge part of our sexual health and activities. That’s right, I’m suggesting sex toys because our sexual health is important and shouldn’t be embarrassing at all!  In particular, I was introduced to a company called SVAKOM at the last few Celebrity Connected events. Visit their website when you aren’t at work and see all they have for you!

MAHI Leather Messenger Bag can be personalized for extra class

Another company I have been introduced to, which also has a social good aspect is a leather company called MAHI Leather. One dollar and fifty cents from each bag sold goes to FRANK Water Charity. You can choose a duffle, backpack, satchel, tote, toiletry bag, MacBook sleeve, iPad sleeve, and more. They are classic, classy, and can be personalized. Check out their website for styles and their reasonable prices. They have bags perfect for travel and weekend getaways… see, you can plan a weekend getaway too so it’s another gift that is good for both of you!

Speaking of style, Oko Lifestylehas some really cool clothes for guys and women! With

Oko makes you look good and feel good with their social good spin and comfy fabrics

each item you purchase, you are helping them to equip people to overcome, demonstrate acts of kindness, and you are giving opportunity to those who need it most. Each article of clothing is hand cut and sewn by once impoverished men and women in the Dominican Republic. Head over to their website to check out some quality style you can be proud to purchase!

Is your guy into wine? I have a couple for you to check out. Both are from California and both are delicious. One is made from honey, Pearson Brothers Private Reserve Handcrafted Saccharo. It’s such an interesting and refreshing flavor. The other is Volatus, who offer crips white wines and rich reds. He (and you) won’t want to share this with company but if you do, they are both sure to impress!

Are jewelry and accessories his thing? Nikolina Designs has something for your man and a few things for you too! Check them out at Nikolina.ca. They gave me this necklace at Celebrity Connected and I think it will make quite a statement at my next event or on my next red carpet!

Everybody needs some good skincare products and natural is always best. Naked offers all natural healing aids for Piercings, Tattoos, and Cosmetics. Their soap, salve, lotion, and body tea smell great and feel luxurious.

Also, one of my very favorite product lines is Body Merry and they have excellent products specifically for men but all of their products are perfect for men who want to take better care of their skin without all the fuss. You can also feel confident that the ingredients are all natural.

We all know we like our guys to have a soft touch, so to take care of those hands that we actually want on us, Wise Hands has salves that are made with exclusively organic and eco-certified ingredients. They are rich without being greasy, smell amazing, and will leave his hands (and yours) feeling touchable and soft.

Once you’ve both gotten all pampered and looking your best, you are ready for date night! Bonding Bees delivers fun dates to you in a box each month via a subscription and you can get 10% off by using BEES10. You can both be surprised each month with a box of activities to make date night interesting and enjoyable!

Everything on the list so far is perfect for straight men & women, and gay men and women but here’s one for my gay guys and couples. I love my subscription to Next Gay Thing. You can get a pair (or a few pairs) of underwear and some samples of some amazing products each month sent right to your home. This will keep you up to date with sexy underwear for trips, dates, or just hot nights at home.


Third Wolf Designs are all hand painted

Third Wolf Designs – Hand-painted and sustainably made T-shirts and comfy sweats. Check out their styles and designs. You’ll definitely have some unique items to add to your wardrobe.

I hope you check these out for yourself and as gifts for that special guy in your life. (but let’s face it, I can’t make a list and exclude anyone so these things are all just great for everyone!)

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you are familiar with any of them AND if you have recommendations of your own. I’m always looking for new things and new gift ideas. Also, let me know if you try any of them.

AND I also have to add that one of the best LGBT!Q TV Series is now available for digital

I am so proud to be an associate producer on this. Check it out!

download and purchase. Eastsiders Season Three would make a great gift for the holiday season. Be sure to get some snacks, comfy blankets, and settle in to binge watch the entire season!  Head over to Amazon, you’ll find a familiar name in the credits as Associate Producer too! I’m so proud of this and so glad it is here for the holidays!

One last thing I wanted to mention. The holidays are all about kindness and social good. My friend Boy Toy Jesse (Jesse Lozano, mornings on @star941fm in San Diego) and his radio station have this amazing Random Acts of Kindness advent calendar. There are activities you can do to help make someone else’s day a little brighter. If you do any of the things on the calendar, take a photo and use the hashtag #ActKindly and you may be gifted an Amazon Show!


Huge thanks to Celebrity Connected for their truly awesome events and all of the vendors who participate! Happy Holidays to all of them and all of you!!


Great, Affordable Gift Ideas from Bella!

Do you still need a few last minute gifts? Do you have coffee lovers on you list? I think I have found an affordable way to solve those problems! I recently had a chance to try out some of the new BELLA Products from the #MyBELLlife Dots Collection 2.0. They have an amazing digital, programable 12-cup coffee maker & digital 2-slice toaster that come in such stylish colors, they looks WAY more expensive than they are. Plus, they work like charms and have some features I know I find useful!

The coffee pot regularly sells for $69.99 but you can get it on their website for $49.99 and the toaster regularly sells for 39.99 but you can pick it up for 29.99 on the site. Both come in such chic colors: Copper & Black (the color I chose to try), Black and Stainless Steel, Red and Stainless Steel, and White and Gold.

The features I love on the coffee maker are of course the programable function (there’s nothing like waking up to fresh brewing coffee), the BOLD function (I tend to like my coffee strong, especially in the morning), and the Keep Warm function (especially useful when I want to surprise guests with breakfast but let them sleep as long as they like).

The Toaster has settings for Toast, Bagels, Defrost (great for frozen items and those delicious bagels that were fresh on Sunday), and it also has the Keep Warm function (again, great for when you want to surprise guests or a special someone with breakfast but not rush them along or for when you are just doing ten things at once).

If you are a Target Cartwheel user (and you should be! I just got wise to this today!) they have a 3o% off deal on the toaster so you can get it for a cool $21! See, I love you so I did the research for you!

I think both items make a great gift for neighbors, college students, newlyweds, or just about anyone on your list. With the holidays fast approaching, this could be just the thing for those hard to shop for people on your list. They make a great looking addition to any kitchen, dorm room, or office! And for coffee lovers, the coffee maker is also a money saver (those coffee drinks are quite expensive!).

Be sure to let the folks at BELLA know how you like your products by using the hashtag #MyBELLAlife on line, be sure to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

Happy Holidays from me, Teeco71 (Tommy).

Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year to All

It’s that time of year again where we are mid-holiday and fast approaching the end of one year while getting ready to begin a new one.  As always, I would like to take the time to wish everyone the very best holiday season and a prosperous, healthy New Year.  I would also like to thank all of you who have been a part of my life, who have become a part of my life this year, and who have continued to be a part of my life throughout the years.  2013 was a big year for many of us, and for me for sure.  I have so many things & people to be grateful for, so many things I am looking forward to in the coming year/years, and so many things that continue to surprise me.  I am humbled to be lucky enough to be a part of so many truly interesting and amazing things with some of the best people with hearts of gold.

2013 saw the birth of a new venture, Socially Devoted, with my very best friend in the world.  I was never one of those people who had a “best friend” because I didn’t really think anyone could be as close to you as family, care about you in that way, or work their way into your heart like that.  I stand corrected.  I have been blessed with so many friends who have come to be family to me, who have touched my heart, and who do care about me.  I have the luck, honor, and privilege of sharing Socially Devoted with my best friend (not because he is better than any of the others but because he and I do share a bond that really can’t be explained).
I haven’t really taken time to address Socially Devoted and I feel like it is time to do so. We did do a video upon launch, back in September (you can view that here), and I keep meaning to formally introduce it here but days turn to months as they say.  The name Socially Devoted came from a dream I had.  In it, I was running late for a meeting with Oprah (yeah, how cool is that?) and funny enough, my best friend Erick was there telling me he would handle what needed to be done so I could get to my meeting on time.  I remember saying that I had to finish one thing and I logged onto a website that was ours by typing in www.sociallydevoted.com.  I think I woke up right after that and wrote it on a piece of paper as I sometimes do, so I don’t forget things that “come to me” in dreams.  A few days later, when I was on the phone with Erick, I mentioned it to him and he suggested I check to see if the domain name was available.  He suggested that if it were, I should purchase it even if I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it at that point.
Fast forward a few months to a visit with my friend Carol who was visiting from LA.. Over dinner and some wine (Ok, more wine than dinner) we started discussing ideas for possible ventures and things I might be interested in doing.  I have always had an interest in entertainment, a dream to be involved in it, and a desire to bring us back to the good times (before so much reality TV).  I immediately saw that Socially Devoted could be put to use here and there indeed was a reason for me holding onto the domain.  At this point, I was not even sure how I was going to proceed and wasn’t even sure if Erick would be interested in being a part of it but I did know that we share a passion for entertainment and that he is the go-to person for all things film, from equipment to execution.
So, life got busy, as it tends to, but this idea kept popping up.  I LOVE my blog but I wanted something flashy, something that really popped, something that screamed entertainment.  I also knew I could not do it alone and then it hit me! Erick and I attend events, head out to LA often, have had some amazing times there and in NYC, so why not combine our shared interests and our amazing friendship to create something we could share with everyone?  Would he go for it? Would he have time? Would I have time? Oh, the hell with it, I had to ask.  That conversation actually went much better than I expected. Not much convincing on my part and it ignited this shared passion and creativity that I’m not sure is possible for me with anyone else.  You know that friend who can finish your sentences or the one that you know so well, you know what they are thinking just from a look? Yeah, that’s us!
Socially Devoted began to take shape, to take on a life of its own, and actually brought us something very satisfying to work on.  It was just as I had imagined, our shared interests & passions were coming together and we were creating a company based on this combined with things we already did together that we both enjoyed.  Bliss! Yay us!  We spent many long nights working on this over the phone, via Skype, and in person.  I can’t tell you how many times we fell asleep in front of our computers, even across from one another mid-conversation.  But I loved every minute (and I think, I hope, he did too).  As we went on, it was looking, feeling, and becoming what I thought from the beginning and it got easier to convey ideas even when I couldn’t find the right words to do so.
Now, the question was, how and when to launch?  It had to be perfect, it had to honor the work we put into it and our desire to be a part of something bigger than us.  Who knew that would coincide

Visiting the set of omg Insider

with an invite to live tweet the Emmys at omg Insider’s studio on the CBS lot in LA? I couldn’t have predicted that one if I tried.  So, Socially Devoted was officially “born” and the fun began.

I (and I think I can speak for Erick) have always felt a connection with Hollywood.  There is a magic, an atmosphere, and a welcoming about it.  When we visited the omg Insider set in LA, attended a taping of Kirstie Alley’s new show Kirstie and Hot In Cleveland at the CBS lots, it really did feel like home.  It was like we were meant to be a part of it.  We both share a respect for actors, producers, directors, grips, cameramen, anyone who works to bring entertainment to the masses.  To us, no job or project is too small and we do share a desire to make sure the good stuff doesn’t go unnoticed.  I think as fans of movies/TV/music/etc, there is still this awe about it all and I hope we never lose that.
We are still in the beginning stages with SD, we still have lots of work to do and even more to bring you.  I hope we can continue to be a part of this world we both love so much and bring it all to you so you can experience it with us in some way.  I know there are many events coming up in 2014 that we hope to attend, many articles we hope to create, and on a personal level, many memories that will come out of all of it to add to the already existing ones!

Socially Devoted from dream to reality

On a personal level for me, I hope to continue to do all of the fun, exciting, and amazing things I have been doing. Please know that at no time do I take any of it for granted.  I pinch myself on a regular basis to be sure this is not all a dream.  I have been known to joke around but I am never anything but humble when it comes to opportunities and the ability to do all I have done and meet the people I have met from all walks of life.  To me, everyone who can enrich the lives of others in any way has value, we are all works in progress, and as long as we are striving to do better we are on the right track.  Of course we all know those stagnant people who exist simply to exist and we all know the dangers of allowing them into our lives so if I have to caution you on anything for 2014 it would be to avoid those entities at all costs.  I have learned that it is not our job to help people who are so stuck in ignorance because at the end of the day, it is their choice to be where they are. If they are making no effort to be better, do better, or even worse, if they will eventually hold us back knowingly or unknowingly, they are dangerous to our survival as well as our happiness.  Please be careful of these types.
I will continue to be better, do better, and to encourage the people whose light I see.  Not everyone sees their own light or potential but if it is there, we can encourage it to shine brighter than they ever imagined.  There is so much satisfaction in seeing someone “come into” themselves, especially if they didn’t see it previously.  My heart has grown so much over the past few years simply by seeing others do better and giving the world what they were meant to. I also look forward to working more with NOH8 Campaign and Friend Movement, people like Adam Bouska, Jeff Parshley, Ronnie Kroell, Elliot London, and those who work diligently to make changes in regards to human rights, bullying, and equality are setting a great example for the rest of us.
I hope to see you all here, on Twitter, on Facebook, over at Socially Devoted, at Conventions, Events, in LA, NY, Atlanta, Orlando, or wherever life brings me.  I am forever grateful for my friends all over and the opportunities to work with omg Insider, TV Land, EnchantaCon, friends I’ve made through EyeConTVD and all the others who have blessed my life. Please know you are in my heart and my prayers during the holidays and throughout the year.  Let’s make 2014 a year to remember and a year to talk about!

Christmas 2012

This Christmas Eve I am counting my blessings for sure. This year, especially in the second half, I was given the gift of meeting some truly inspirational people, was granted the time to spend with old friends who are like family, and had the honor of participating in so many awesome events. Each year, I have been lucky enough to have the time to strengthen lasting bonds, add new people to my growing family, and be more involved in projects that I know will be game changing.

If there were no gifts under my tree tomorrow morning it wouldn’t even matter. I have been given my gifts throughout the year in the form of people, people who care about others, people I care about. To each of you, I want to say, “Thank you” and send amazing blessings your way.

To the friends who I have know a while, I have enjoyed every moment with you and look forward to many, many more. To those of you who have entered my life more recently, I look forward to getting to know you better and working on making our world a better place.

To those of you I haven’t met in person, you are still a valuable part of my everyday life. I hope to meet each and every one at some point but until then, we continue to enrich each other and combine our voices to make real change :)

Much love to all of you, may you always have peace in your lives and plenty of reasons to laugh!


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, and a wonderful 2013!!!