TwitterTakeover at The Grand Resort and Spa

I have been very lucky to be able to enjoy wonderful trips, restaurants, spas, and entertainment and now I get to pass along some savings to YOU so you can join me in one of my latest adventures. And more importantly, you can share in a relaxing, fun experience. Sorry, ladies, this one is only for the guys.

Do you want to vacation with guys who know what’s hot and happening? Join me (teeco71 – Tommy Geraci) and Matt Martin at the Grand Resort and Spa for a relaxing and intimate gay vacation in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Enjoy poolside happy hours, spa treatments, tranquility and have the opportunity to vacation with me and Matt.

I wrote about my last trip there and you can read all about it here

This time, I’d really like to see some familiar faces there this time around. Let’s have some champagne toasts by the pool and enjoy the amazing spa services all day!  It’s located so close to the airport, it’s a quick Uber ride away and there are plenty of amazing restaurants  right there to satisfy any appetite.

The best news is that it’s also a lotto weekend! ALL ROOMS ARE $179 and with a confirmed reservation you enter to be upgraded!!!

GRAND PRIZE: An upgraded stay in The Grand Penthouse! (Their spectacular 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite with its own kitchen, terrace, outdoor shower, and jacuzzi).

THE OTHER PRIZE IS THAT ALL PREMIUM ROOMS ARE JUST $179.00! You can pick ANY room (including our Patio Suites, 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom Penthouses that is available) EXCLUDING our Courtyard Guest Rooms and The Grand Penthouse for $179.00/night + tax: May 15th–May 23rd, 2017.

All reservations to be entered for the upgrade for the upgraded stay in The Grand Penthouse must be made by Friday, May 12th. First come first serve on room selections. The winner of the upgraded stay to The Grand Penthouse will be contacted by Saturday, May 13th. The minimum stay requirement is a 3-night stay.

Other opportunities to win include other prize giveaways:

A FREE future 3-night stay
Vouchers for our famous poolside beer & wine service
A FREE Spa service
Other surprises will also be waiting for our guests to make them ALL winners–play our GRAND LOTTO” and book your stay today!

Make your reservation by visiting their  website or call us at 1.800.818.1211. *Certain restrictions apply. New reservations only.

For further information, please contact Edward Otto Zielke from The Grand Resort and Spa.

‘Troy’s Big Break’ speaks volumes for a community that is often under-represented

Joseph Ausanio is an actor, screenwriter, and creator of the webseries ‘Troy’s Big Break’. Joseph also happens to be deaf but he does NOT allow that to keep him from doing all the things he dreams of and he encourages us all to follow suit. Another thing you should know about Joseph is that he is a gay man who is representing in such a positive way.

The unique thing about ‘Troy’s Big Break’ is there are no spoken lines. Almost all of the dialogue is signed and there are captions for those of us who do not speak sign language. You really have to check it out for yourself! Here is a little about the show and Joseph as only he can tell you:

Q: Can you talk a little about Troy’s Big Break?

Joseph Ausanio: Absolutely! It’s a unique show because it showcases Deaf talent. It’s about a Deaf director who faces different types of life challenges while looking for the perfect actress for his production. Things start to unfold to show what’s going on in his life.

Q: What has the response to the show been so far from the deaf community as well as the hearing community?

Joseph Ausanio: It’s pretty popular with the Rochester, NY folks, because that is where we filmed the show. And the people know us there. Rochester also has a large D/deaf community there and it’s truly a nice thing. The people who watched the show always approach the cast members and let them know that they are fans of the show.  That really means a lot.  I had hearing people messaging me saying that it was so different from the other things they watched because they’re so used to seeing shows with a full hearing cast, but the reception from them has been really positive.

Q: What guest stars would you like to have on the show?

Joseph Ausanio: Ooh, this is a tough one. I’d love to have Marlee Matlin on the show. She’s one of my inspirations. I would LOVE to get Amber Zion on the show. She’s an incredibly gifted Deaf actress and I love her work. I would also love to get Rikki Poynter, who’s a super awesome YouTube vlogger and I love her videos. She’s not afraid to speak out and I have tremendous respect for her for doing that.

I’d also love to see Kelsey Lindhorst’s character faint when she sees Nyle DiMarco show up in an episode. That’d be hilarious. Or even Troy’s mom to go out on a date with him! (Think Sophia Petrillo going on a date with Burt Reynolds in an episode of “The Golden Girls”)

I’m all about showcasing more Deaf talent out there.

Q: Who were some of your idols/role models growing up?

Joseph Ausanio: First, Marlee Matlin, because she inspired me to become an actor growing up. Also, Lucille Ball is one of the greatest comediennes I’ve ever watched. When I first saw her on TV, I couldn’t walk away from the television. She never fails to make me laugh every time I watch “I Love Lucy”. I admire her so much.

Q: Do you think we will see more shows that involve hearing impaired characters like Switched at Birth and your show? 

Joseph Ausanio: I REALLY hope so. I would love to write a TV series for any network that features characters that are D/deaf because I want to support diversity. We have millions of Deaf people in the world and it would be great to do more shows for them.

Q: What would you say to others who are trying hard to make their dreams come true and trying to overcome some obstacle they have no control over?  

Joseph Ausanio: I would say this:

“If you want to make it happen, do it. If you want to travel all over the world, go for it. If you want to make movies, do it.  Don’t wait for things to simply fall in your lap. I learned this life lesson the hard way. Just listen to your heart. If you want to follow your dreams, now is the time.”

Q: What made you decide to create a character who is also gay?

Joseph Ausanio: The reason why I decided to create a gay character was because the LGBT #DeafTalent felt that they weren’t always showcased, so I wanted to showcase them more.

Q: What would you say to those out there who are dealing with issues around coming out? Both in the deaf community and in the hearing community?

Joseph Ausanio: I remember when I came out, it was very scary. I was 19 and in college. I broke up with my ex-girlfriend and I was slowly coming out to a few close friends and then my family members. My family and friends are incredibly supportive and I feel fortunate for that. For the others, I want them to know that they are not alone in this. I can’t speak for other people, because we all have different experiences. I can say that no matter what, you will always get support from the LGBT community and their allies. If they’re scared, I’m here to talk. I want to lend a hand to provide support. We have a big support system. We have a lot of LGBT people and the allies in our Deaf community and we are so incredibly supportive of each other, and the same goes for the hearing community.

Q: What is the best advice you have ever received? Who was it from?

Joseph Ausanio: I had a great pep talk with a dear friend two weeks before he unexpectedly passed away; he was incredibly supportive of my dreams of moving to Los Angeles.  He said, “Seize the day.” He was right.

Q: What is the best advice you have ever given? Are you normally good at taking your own advice?

Joseph Ausanio: I’m bad at taking my own advice, but I try to give great advice to people. I would tell them, “Life is way too short to be unhappy.  Never give up your dreams even through the tough times, when you realize how strong you truly are.  Nothing….nothing is impossible.”

Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?

Joseph Ausanio: I can’t live without my family, who have been my rock.  I wish we could all live without hate and violence;  there is way too much of that in the world right now.

Q: Where can we find you and your show online?

Joseph Ausanio: You can find me on Twitter via @JosephAusanio and you can find Troy’s Big Break’s Twitter page via @TroysBigBreak. We also have a Facebook page of the show. You can also find the full episodes on our YouTube channel at All of the episodes are captioned for the D/deaf and hearing audiences.

Q: What’s up next for Joseph Ausanio and Troy’s Big Break?

Joseph Ausanio: I am hoping to do a third season of “Troy’s Big Break”. I have the season premiere’s script written already. I’m planning to chat with my cast & crew to see if they’re game.  I work with the most amazing people – both cast and crew.  They have all taught me a lot.   I wrote a few pilot scripts here and there. I’m always writing new stuff.

I recently wrote a feature screenplay that focuses on a Deaf woman and her struggles with life and love. I’m hoping that it might catch someone’s attention because the story is so powerful. I gave it to an actress I want for that role and she loved the script.  Maybe something will come of it soon.

US star comes out in protest over Russia gay law

US star comes out in protest over Russia gay law (via AFP)

US actor Wentworth Miller has come out as gay in an open letter to Russia in which he rejected an invitation to attend a film festival in protest at the Kremlin’s ban on homosexual “propaganda”. The 41-year-old member of the “Prison Break” cast told…

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How Will History Remember This Year’s Landmark Supreme Court Decisions?

How Will History Remember This Year's Landmark Supreme Court Decisions? (via PBS News Hour)

EmbedVideo(’6881′, ’514′, ’320′); JEFFREY BROWN: And finally tonight, a July 4 view of America through last week’s landmark decisions at the Supreme Court. Two were seen as victories for gay rights advocates, and another struck down a key provision…

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Jason Dottley has never been shy about sharing his own life and especially his opinions.  He has been someone who has lent his voice and his celebrity status to help others be heard.  So it is no surprise to me that coming off of the recent success of his single, “It’s Our Night,” he had the idea to make a project that could involve his fans in his next video for the song “Love Story” from his upcoming album.  In true Jason Dottley fashion, the project started with a spark, became a flame (no pun intended), and is now well on its way to being a blaze!  The video for “It’s Our Night” was truly more of a Film Noir than a music video so Jason is sure to achieve his goal of bringing back the lost art of music video making.  I am happy to share this with you.  Please check out the official press release to learn more about The Love Story Project and how you can be involved. Feel free to share it with all of your friends too!



 (New York, NY – April 15, 2013) – Top 20 Billboard Recording Artist and Sordid Lives The Series Star Jason Dottley is bringing his next single “Love Story” to life through The Love Story Project, a worldwide endeavor to gather thousands of submitted images of gay couples and incorporate them into a mini-movie music video for “Love Story.” The main storyline will be Dottley in his own beautiful, gay love story; the end product being a stunning display of gay love to the world, from around the world.

Determined to use the incredible voice the gay community has given him and the many platforms at his fingertips, Jason Dottley is ready to stand up and lead a revolution driven by love for the sake of equality,  “When you are given a loud voice, you have an obligation to speak strongly for the issues that affect and are important to you.”

Imagine that you are 15 and gay, afraid of being who you are, unsure of what gay means, uncertain of what gay or even gay love looks like.  Now imagine seeing a video with thousands of pictures of real-life gay couples in love. Picture those images set against a touchingly beautiful Love Story of two men lost in the magic of their own love story. Would you feel nearly as alone, scared or confused after seeing this?

The Love Story Project is already in action.  After only a few days of Facebook posts about the project, Dottley has received over 200 images from multiple continents, all ages, races, even families.  Many of the images are already posted on the The Love Story Project’s Facebook page .

Launching this week on Facebook, Dottley will be sharing videos he’s being sent from couples, each telling their own love story.  Dottley is also Skyping with many gay couples and interviewing them about their life and their love story.

“Putting a face on gay has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to change the minds of those who don’t understand the issues at hand with gay rights.  We have made great progress in shining a light on the face of gay, now I believe it’s time to shine an even brighter light on the many faces of gay love.”

Jason is releasing the title track of his 2 part album, “Love Story: Act 1,” as the soundtrack to The Love Story Project.

The Love Story Experience will be a multimedia event with beloved members of the gay community performing and discussing love and equality, and videos from gay couples telling their love stories, all building up to Dottley performing “Love Story: Act 1” in its entirety while telling the stories behind the songs.  “Love Story: Act 1” chronologically tells the story of Dottley’s goodbye to his ex-husband of ten years (“I Stopped Being Good For You”), into his months of emotional escape (“Cocaine & Whiskey”), loneliness like he’s never known (“Find Love”), falling madly in love again (“It’s Our Night”, “Heaven in the Dark”), the dream of that affair going all the way (“Love Story”) and ends with Dottley finally having to say goodbye to his new lover (“LoveDance”).  This is the only time Dottley’s discussed his divorce publicly and as he has stated since the news broke, “My divorce isn’t something I’ve be willing to speak about to the press.  Why?  Because I’m an artist, and when you go through the most intense experience in your adult life, your art will surely tell the story for you.”  The first “Love Story Experience” will be at XL Cabaret in New York City, Tuesday, July 30th. (On-sale dates, guests artists and other information being released next week.)

Using crowd sourcing site Indiegogo.comJason is set to raise $25K to fund The Love Story Project. With 22 days left on the campaign, the time to support and spread the word is now.

With over a million YouTube views, Top 20 Billboard and Top 10 UK Music Week hit records to his credit, a current record out now, “It’s Our Night” (video has been viewed nearly 500,000 times) which is set to debut on Billboard in two weeks and given early feedback, will be Dottley’s biggest record to date, Dottley has the potential to take the “The Love Story Project” and its profound message worldwide.   Supported by US dance music record promoter Brad LeBeau, UK and Europe Power Promotions, the single and music video are bound to touch audiences around the globe and show the beauty in gay love, the many faces of gay relationships, and eventually make a difference in the fight for equality.

In his new album,  Dottley writes, “Love is all we’ve got.  Love is all we need.  Love will change the world.  Love is everything.” 


“Love Story” the single and video will be released June 11th to coincide with Gay Pride Month.  The full album “Love Story: Act 1” will be released July 30th.

Hashtag pictures of yourself and your lover on Instagram and Twitter with #LoveStory.  And if you are interested in submitting a picture or video to the project, simply visit the IndieGoGo page (link below).

Support Jason Dottley’s mission to change the world through love and raise $25K for The Love Story Project on Indiegogo,

Follow him on Twitter , like him on Facebook, and keep an eye on his


For more information, and to stay up to date on Jason please log onto


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