Have You Met Greg Finley?

You may know Greg Finley from his roles on iZombie, The Flash, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, or Star-Crossed (one of my favorites). You may have met him at a convention or two and I’m SURE many of you have a poster of him up in your room. I was lucky enough to be introduced to him recently and couldn’t wait to do a little introduction piece on him!
I really like doing these quick Have You Met pieces, especially when I learn a thing or two about the subject. In the case of Greg Finley, I discovered that we share a love and a dislike (you’ll see later on in the interview) and I was left wanting to talk to him more and go a little deeper. Hopefully, Greg will allow me the opportunity to follow up with a full interview soon too! Even in such a quick interview, I find him fascinating with a little mystery. Read, share, like, and maybe he’ll agree to sit down with me :) .
Now, in case you don’t already know him, let me introduce you to actor and filmmaker Greg Finley:
Q: Growing up in Maine, did you always know you wanted to be an actor? Were there any other professions that interested you?
Greg Finley:  I never wanted to be an actor, I never even thought of it. The reason I became an actor is for a different interview and I won’t bore you with all the details but I went through some things my senior year from 2003 to 2005 that led me to this crazy journey.
Q: You have an impressive acting resume, appearing on many shows we all know and love. How does it feel to be part of iconic shows like The Flash and iZombie?
Greg Finley: Thank you for saying that.  Yeah, it’s really cool to be a part of shows like iZombie and The Flash. I collected comic books as a child and I remember talking to one of my buddies growing up thinking it would be so cool if they did real life action movies and TV shows of comic books. So, to be a part of a couple of them was really neat. Both shows’ casts and crews are really  awesome, down to earth people and I love all those guys so much. It was a blast working with them.
Q: Appearing on shows like these, it gives you a different sort of connection to fans with conventions being so popular. Have you done many yet and what are your thoughts on this new form of interaction?
Greg Finley: Yes, I have done a few conventions, it’s really cool, the fan base for the shows …they are so into so many details of the show and they appreciate it so much and believe me we appreciate all of them! I think the coolest part is going to conventions in other countries, it always trips me out when people know my name or my character’s name from different countries and all over the world. I just love talking to the fans in different areas learning about their cultures and kind of connecting with them .. there’s something kind of cool about that.
Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?
Greg Finley: I cannot live without the ocean. I live on the ocean here in Maine and whenever I don’t smell or hear the ocean for a while I feel trapped. I won’t get too deep with something that we could all live without because there is a lot of things in this world right now that we could all live without so I will just say traffic.. I hate traffic ha!
Q: Where can fans find you on social media?
Greg Finley: The fans can find me on Instagram at @gregfinleyofiicial and on Twitter at @Greg_Finley
Q: Speaking of social media, can you describe yourself using two hashtags?
Greg Finley: I guess if I would describe myself in two hashtags it would be #Goofy #Hungry
Q: What’s up next for Greg Finley? 
Greg Finley: I am currently working on my own script that I developed and trying to get it locally shot here in Maine.
There you have it, Greg Finley loves the ocean and dislikes traffic. Who knew we had so much in common? I don’t know if I’d ever call him Goofy to his face until he described himself as such, haha. He’s also looking to shoot a project in Maine, so get at him! And look for him at a convention near you! 

I know you KNOW him but, Have you MET Nicholas Brendon?

I’m sure almost ALL of you know Nicholas Brendon from the role of Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer but I bet there are some things about him you don’t know. Often times, even with our favorite celebrities, we tend to see so much about them that is written or on television entertainment shows but we don’t know the stories behind the story. We create ideas of what a person is like based on snippets of information instead of what is the reality of a situation.

I’m sure you all know that Nicholas has not been shy about his struggles and that he doesn’t place blame on anyone. If you know him personally, you know he has been trying and sure isn’t done fighting. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting him at a convention, you know he’s a sweetheart and if you know him from his role on Buffy, you know he’s a funny and talented actor. I personally enjoyed the comic relief he supplied on the show and always felt it was cool having a character that was not supernatural on a supernatural show who could keep up with the gang of slayers, vampires, witches, and other non humans.

I’m going to let Nicholas tell you a bit about himself and hopefully, we will have the opportunity to bring you a more detailed, follow up interview in the near future!

Q: You have been very open about your depression. What is one thing you have learned that you think helps you and will help others who are dealing with the same issues?

Nicholas Brendon: Self-acceptance . I have learned that not being ashamed of my depression alleviates some of the struggle . Being open allows me to not feed into it . It took me many years to acknowledge and accept it. It’s  not an easy thing to do.

Q: What charities/causes are you most passionate about? What draws you to them?

Nicholas Brendon: Survivors of sexual abuse. I was a childhood victim of molestation and it will impact me for the rest of my life . Helping survivors have a voice and deal with the trauma is so critical. Educating victims and the public is definitely something I will be getting more involved in as I continue my own journey dealing. I am excited about partnering more with The National Stuttering Foundation of America again as well.

Q: You have become a regular in the convention scene. What is your favotite part about being part of that world?

Nicholas Brendon: Having human contact with my fans is amazing . I am truly touched by fans sharing their stories and experiences with me. It helps me as much as it helps them.

Q: What projects/events are you working on that you can talk about?

Nicholas Brendon: I am working with my friend Gavin Rodrigues who is insanely talented artist designing a t-shirt line focused on bringing more social awareness to depression etc. I am also getting back out to some conventions and reviewing scripts as they come in. Right now, I am focused on staying positive and getting my creativity out there.

Have you met Clinton T Hobart and his Fine Art?

If you love all things Disney, you’re going to dig the artwork of Clinton T Hobart. Clinton is a Disney Fine Artist, which means his work is among the rare art that is blessed by the Mouse himself. But don’t think it’s all fairytales and cartoon characters, there are also plenty of portraits, still lifes, and seascapes to be enjoyed. You can find Clinton and his work at Wizard World Comic Cons all over the country and you can find out exactly where he will be by following him on Twitter and giving his Facebook Page a like.

I met Clinton a few weeks ago for some pizza in New York City and had a really cool chat with him about his work, his travels, social media, and life, among other things. I wanted to show you some of his work because I’ve been trying to introduce you to a few talented people I think you will all enjoy knowing for my Have You Met series. You can also visit Clinton’s website to see even more work and find out how you can own a few pieces. True Disney collectors will want to see this!

Nerd Out App will help make “Nerds” the new Black

Are you someone who LOVES to go to conventions? Do you plan your vacations around events that involve your favorite TV Shows, Characters, and celebrities? Well, have I got the go to app for you! Nerd Out App is going to organize your events and make it cool to be a “nerd”. Let’s face it, everyone wants to be a nerd these days anyway! The idea came to my attention from my friend Elle, who I met at a convention in Orlando for the TV show Once Upon a Time called EnchantaCon. Personally, I attend and work a few conventions each year but I would love to know when and where there are more or when there are events near my home or close to where I may be traveling.

Here is part of  their official press release:

“Gone are the days of having to search the web for all your events. Now, all the information will be centrally located in one place, the Nerd Out app. It’s a safe place for adults and kids alike to discover nerd inspired events in their local areas while also showcasing hundreds of events from around the world. Moved to a new area? Going on vacation? Find nerd events wherever you’re located. Included is the ability to build your own schedule, set alerts for events, and connect with friends. Our Goal: Unite nerds around the globe. Why is There a Need for This App? Have you ever tried to find information on nerdy events? I’m sure you have. There’s bits and bobs scattered everywhere (ie. Facebook, websites, twitter). But nothing centrally located. This will be a one of a kind tool for you to use globally. It will also be available as a FREE app!

I thought that sounded like something we could all use so I decided to interview Elle about it so we could explain it to you a bit and let you know a little about the passionate people behind it!

Q: We met at a “Once Upon A Time” convention, EnchantaCon and I know you attend them often, was Nerd Out App born from your experiences at conventions? 

Elle: Nerd Out was born when I realized I had trouble keeping track of all the dates for things like Regal Con, Geek Girl Brunch and Nerder Mysteries. As these events are smaller and more intimate than events like Comic Con, they are also less well known. Information for these type of events aren’t always easy to find. A lot of the time it’s word of mouth, or there’s bits of info on Facebook or Tumblr, but no set place for that information. Nerd Out aims to be that set place.

Q: What do you think draws so many people to conventions, from the large events to the more intimate ones? 

Elle: The draw of conventions for me is that I get to be around people with similar interests. When I was in high school Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on. I didn’t know many people who were into Buffy or similar shows at the time. So when I discovered conventions it felt like a whole new world. The nice thing about smaller more intimate events like Geek Girl Brunch is that it’s more time to actually connect with people versus running from panel to panel like Comic Con. I think connecting and making new friends is one of the best treasures of life. I can honestly say I’ve met a new friend at every nerd related event I’ve been to.

Q: For those who are unfamiliar with CosPlay, can you explain that a little and why you are such a fan?

Elle: For me, cosplay is like extra days of Halloween. I have always loved Halloween and will continue to do so. It’s the one day a year you get to be whomever you like. Cosplay let’s you do that beyond Halloween. Nerd events allow you that safe place to be whomever you like.

Q: With the growing popularity of conventions and the fact that they are recognized more in the main stream media, do you think being a “nerd” is becoming the new black?

Elle: Oh for sure. Being a nerd is definitely becoming more of a social norm. Just in the last ten years it has changed dramatically. You can see that in things like that fact that Hot Topic used to be really the only store you could find tv/film related merchandise. Now stores are popping up everywhere. I don’t think the Her Universe Fashion Show couldn’t have been possible ten years ago, but now it’s a hot event at Comic Con.

Q: How can we find you online and how can we help with Nerd Out App?

Elle: Nerd Out is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under the handle NerdOutApp. You can also contact us by email at nerdoutapp@gmail.com. You can help by donating and spreading the word about the Nerd Out indiegogo crowd funding campaign. The money raised is being used to pay the developers coding the app. The link for that is igg.me/at/nerdoutapp.

Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without? (feel free to answer with a serious response or a funny one, or both if you’d like)

Elle: I would say the one thing I cannot live without would be entertainment. And by that I mean everything from theater to television. I’m a very visual person. It’s a good part of why I chose to move to Los Angeles and get a career in TV and film. The art of storytelling is really what I believe sets us as human beings apart in the world.

This is going to sound weird being that I’m building an app, but I wish we could live without our phones a little less. Too often I’ve seen people at dinner tables on their phone instead of talking with the people across from them. The phone and everything that is connected to it these days is wonderful, but it can be easily abused. It should be a tool, not a life line. I hope Nerd Out becomes a great tool for people to utilize to connect with others.

Share the campaign URL: http://igg.me/at/nerdoutapp

Follow @nerdoutapp for updates.

Please use the #NerdOutApp hashtag in your tweets to create awareness and to
generate buzz around the campaign.
Questions? email  nerdoutapp@gmail.com


Regal Con adds a Belle to the Ball

As we get closer to May 8th, Regal Con is shaping up to be one magical experience. Last month, they announced the addition of Pinocchio, Eion Bailey, aka August and now they have announced that Belle will be attending all weekend as well! Emilie de Ravin will be participating in Q&A’s, parties, photo ops, and autograph sessions. Both Eion and Emilie will be adding to the special memories that will be created through interactions at the party, banquet, photos, and more. I hope you are all experiencing the buildup of excitement that normally happens as you get closer to a convention, because I know I am!

Here is the official announcement from Regal Con for Emilie:

“ANNOUNCEMENT: We are pleased to announce Emilie de Ravin, who plays Belle is confirmed to appear at Regal Con Saturday and Sunday. She will be participating in a Q&A, autographs, photo ops, the VIP Dinner Banquet and the Saturday Night Ball. Get your tickets at www.RegalCon2015.com

And here is their announcement for Eion:

We are happy to announce Eion Bailey, who plays August has confirmed to appear at Regal Con on Saturday and Sunday. He will be participating in a Q&A, Photo Ops, Autographs, The Banquet and Saturday Night Ball. Please visit www.RegalCon2015.com for more details and to purchase your tickets. ‪#‎RegalCon‬

Be sure to share your excitement on Twitter by using hashtag #RegalCon and keep in touch with them via Twitter and Facebook. As with any convention, it’s the people that make it the most fun so be sure to connect with other fans and make plans to meet up and make some life-long friendships happen!

If any of you are attending this weekends #ReturntoTreeHill reunion convention in Wilmington, NC, be sure to let us know you will be attending in May. Josh, Laurie, and I will all be there!