Have you met Kit Williamson and John Halbach – Actors, Writers, Producers, and Travel Influencers?

Many of you may know Kit Williamson from Mad Men and his Emmy nominated and award winning show Eastsiders (Where you will also know his husband, John Halbach from). I am lucky to have become part of Eastsiders as an associate producer in season three and I am even luckier to be able to call them friends now as well. As a matter of fact, I just saw them in NYC when they were here to promote the third season of Eastsiders at New Fest last month.

If you follow Kit and John on social media you may have also noticed they have become quite the travel/luxury influencers these days and that is what I wanted to highlight them for here. Of course we must note that Kit is working on some amazing writing and directing projects like Girls Like Magic AND Eastsiders Season Three is available to pre-order at Amazon right now.

I have no idea how they find time to do all they do and take the fabulous trips they do BUT I do know that they make the trips look as fabulous as you’d imagine, plus are able to bring us all along via social media. Earlier this year, they took a trip across Europe that included time in Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague. Then they returned to LA for the premiere of Eastsiders Season three at Outfest but soon after headed to Palm Springs for some more amazing views and Instagram photos!

Recently, they spent time in NYC, where I am from (after a brief stay in one of my favorite cities, Toronto), and introduced me to the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn. I actually lived right there in Williamsburg for a but but never visited this truly luxurious hotel right in my home town.

During their time in Europe, Kit and John experienced some of the local culture, explored the usual tourist sites, and definitely enjoyed the local cuisine. I spoke to John about it at the Eastsiders premiere party after Outfest in Los Angeles and he expressed interest in doing it again as well as traveling to other places. At the after party for Eastsiders at NewFest in NYC, Kit expressed the same feelings to me about traveling and I expressed my interest in joining them on a few adventures (can you blame me for trying?).

There experiences traveling and influencing have led them to start their very own magazine called Where Gentlemen Go to showcase all the latest and hottest trends in travel, health, home, fashion, and more. As they say, “Go Out, Go Home, Go for It – A gay men’s travel/ lifestyle blog for modern gents.” I suggest you check it out, you will see a familiar face there from time to time. I am truly proud to be a part of Where Gentlemen Go because it’s a place for guys to go to share experiences, thoughts, tips, and their favorite things and places.

Please make sure you follow both Kit Williamson and John Halback on Twitter and Instagram for to view pictures of their trips and upcoming adventures and projects. Also follow Eastsiders and Girls Like Magic, you won’t be sorry.

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Amazon enters original TV fray with ‘Alpha House’ (via AFP)

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Entertainment memorabilia gets stage at Amazon.com (via AFP)

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Amazon says music catalog open to Apple users (via AFP)

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Add The Art of Men To Your Reading List

I make it a point to read, listen to, or watch anything that the people I admire or consider my friends have worked on.  This has led me to experience so many amazing things (and a few not so amazing).   I also make it a point to recommend the good stuff to anyone and everyone I know.  That is the case with Kirstie Alley‘s new book, The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine al Dente).  Its no secret that I follow Kirstie on Twitter and that we enjoy regular exchanges (well, I know I do & I hope she does too) and its also known that I have had the pleasure of being in her presence on a few occasions.  Those are moments I always treasure and they are some pretty awesome memories too!

I got The Art of Men for my Kindle this past Tuesday evening and began to read it that same night. I was so into reading that I shut off the TV and got so lost in the stories that I forgot to tweet (If you know me, you know these two actions are very rare).  I almost always have the television on in the background and no matter what I am up to, I regularly check in with Twitter.  I found myself treating the experience as if I were actually visiting with a friend that was in town for a few days and I wanted to spend as much time catching up with them as possible.  Reading this book is truly like sitting across from Kirstie at dinner and enjoying her stories, advice, and humor.

You may know Kirstie from Cheers, Veronica’s Closet, North and South, Look Who’s Talking, or her various other roles.  Whether she is dancing on Dancing with the Stars, encouraging people to join her in her weight loss journey by taking about her company Organic Liaison, acting, working for various charities, organizing relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Sandy, or doing a talk show interview, she does it all with that infectious laugh and sense of humor.  This book is no different.  There are touching moments, sad moments, and a few shocking moments, but no matter what there is always that sense of humor.

In true Kirstie fashion, she is honest, open, and holds nothing back.  I am so glad that she included a piece on her religion.  It is not preachy or an attempt to convert anyone but it does clear up some misconceptions many people have of her.  I have found myself being asked more than once by people if I have ever been approached about the subject when I have seen Kirstie.  This is SO not the case, she is someone who shares her spirit with you and encourages people to be the best they can be but has never imposed anything on me.  Now when I am asked that question and find myself defending her, I will just refer people to that chapter.  Who better to explain, right?

Another thing I am asked is “What is she like?” and that is something else I can refer people to the book for.  If you want to know what Kirstie Alley is like, read this book!  It is written by her in her own voice.  It is a refreshing, honest, and open account of her experiences with the men that have touched her life as well as a look into her life and career.  She admits when she made a mistake, she acknowledges when she may have been able to handle a situation better, and she doesn’t make excuses for any of it.

Since the book came out and people have started reading it, or are pretending they are reading it, I see some criticisms about some of the people she has admitted to being in love with.  I can understand fully that the heart can fall in love while the brain can say, “OH, NO, this ain’t gonna happen.”  How many of us have friends we would allow ourselves to be with if the circumstances were right? We are all guilty of crushes that never amount to sex.  Every lustful feeling is not acted upon while some of these experiences can leave you with the gift of a most amazing friendship.

If you really want to judge Kirstie, look at the quality of the friendships she has built and look at the quality of the children she has raised.  I met True and Lily so I can tell you that her description of them is spot on. Yes, there is motherly bragging thrown in there too but I can honestly say that even from the limited time I was in their presence, I could see the goodness in them just by how they treated the people around them. That is all anyone really needs to know, well that and the stories Kirstie chooses to share in her book.

So, if you are a fan of Kirstie and/or her work, do yourself a favor and pick up  The Art of Men.  If you aren’t, maybe you should read it anyway, you may find that you can be a fan after all.  I am sure you will find something to enjoy, learn something new, and come away feeling as though you had a chance to visit.   Most importantly, I think you will see that Kirstie has always been entertaining, even when she may not have thought she was or wasn’t even trying to be.

Now that I have read the book the next thing to look forward to is her new sitcom on TV Land, coming soon!