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(Los Angeles, CA) Los Angeles based singer – songwriter Kenyth Mogan, announces the release of his new single “Real Me.” The song is being used in Del Shore’s newest film A Very Sordid Wedding which has its world premiere March 10, followed by an exclusive two-week theatrical release at Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs, CA.

Since releasing his first EP in 2013, Mogan has been finding his place within a burgeoning music scene amongst other out artists such as Steve Grand, Troye Sivan, and Olly Alexander. His debut music video, Unlock Your Heart, staring my amazing friend Ronnie Kroell  continues to gain popularity having just passed one million views on YouTube. He is currently working on his third EP.

A collaboration with producer Wild, “Real Me” has already garnered praise from DNA Magazine who stated, “It echoes the best of Lady Gaga.” The song will be released on March 6 via all online retailers.

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Julie Caitlin Brown: Actor, Life Coach, and Musician

Last month I wanted to introduce you to Julie Caitlin Brown because I had heard so much about her, which caused me to research her further. Once I read her story and heard her music, I knew I wanted to interview her but I didn’t want to wait to share her with you. You can read that short piece here.
In that post, I mentioned my desire to talk with Julie further and as luck would have it, she graciously agreed to it! I am so thrilled to bring this to you. I hope many of you will check her out further. I think you will find her music and life coaching skills to be superb!
Q: I have to ask the obvious question, what was your experience like working on Babylon 5?
Julie Caitlin Brown: As a sci-fi fan I loved working on B5!  Great writing and a great cast, the makeup was just too much for my skin and eyes, however, so even though I was offered the series for another 4 years I had to turn it down.
Q: Was it your work on Babylon that led you to be interested in the convention world?
JCB: I was invited to attend some conventions after my work on Babylon 5, and yes, I found the convention world very intriguing.  I had been a booking agent for rock bands and some very well-known stand-up comics in San Francisco, so the process of booking talent was not new to me.  I felt that this young industry was in need of some organization on the part of the talent and I quickly realized that I had a better grasp of the commerce of conventions than the people who were currently representing me in that market.  At the time, the theatrical agents and managers didn’t really want their clients to attend conventions, so they were not interested in booking the events.  But I enjoyed the travel, meeting the fans, and quite frankly, as a Broadway performer, I missed the stage!  It was fun to entertain again and by bringing my original music to the conventions, I was able to record my first CD in 1997.
Q: What sets you apart from other talent managers who do similar work?
JCB: I have a ridiculous work ethic.  Installed from my salesman father, literally I am fanatical about returning emails and calls.  Communication is paramount to me, so even on vacation, I am always checking in.  Working with an international clientele of talent and promoters there is always a show somewhere in the world on any given weekend!  And I have done the job I am asking my actors to do, I understand viscerally the challenges they face, so I have a lot of compassion for how they feel at events.
Q: What is your best memory so far from your time working with conventions?
JCB: I would have to say it’s an ongoing connection to humanity.  There have been crazy, outrageous, and sometimes frustrating moments in the 19 years I have been managing appearances, but overall, the love of the fans for the talent and each other, inspires me as a businesswoman and artist.  That’s where Love First, the Beginning was born. Conventions.
Q: How did you become interested in being a life coach?
JCB: See above!!!!  Being able to interact with people across all socio-economic strata, cultures, environments, led me to understand that we all want to FEEL Love, not BE Loved, FEEL it, because in the ability to feel love for someone else, you have to love yourself, first, and then flow that love to the other person.  The fans made it clear to me that no matter where you are in the world, we all come from the same Source and we all want connection!
Q: I normally ask the next two questions to people I’ve interviewed but they seem even more fitting for you. What is the best advice you have ever received and who was it from?
JCB: Ah, well, can I give two answers?  On the business level it was from Adam Malin of Creation Entertainment.  He reminded me when I first started that his company was my customer, too.  Not just my actors or the fans.  By recognizing the  relationship between all three dynamics, Adam helped me to forge a new perspective, one that encouraged ALL parties to thrive, not just my actor clients, and not just providing the fans a great event.  The promoter has to feel that their investment in the convention makes financial sense, or why do it?  By making it my business to understand the promoters’ perspective, I could create better agreements between my talent and the promoters, resulting in long-term beneficial relationships where all of us feel respected and I have seen that philosophy bring abundance to all of us.  Happy actors, happy fans, happy promoter.

The second piece of advice was from my father.  Don Andrich.  My dad is a salesman and he’s a damn good one.  I have watched him charm, connect, and create a relationship with complete strangers and here’s what he told me, “Do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do. Not because anyone will notice, not because you get brownie points for it, because at the end of the day, your integrity is the one thing they can’t take from you, that one you have to sell.”  And he’s right. I have had some pretty hard times in the last 35 years, but I have never given up my integrity, that’s just not for sale.
Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever given? Are you good and taking your own advice? 
JCB: Many times people come to me and feel they are not enough, that they are broken in some way, and I have found that what works for me is really, really, simple, “I’m a nice girl, I try hard, and that’s good enough today.”  Love yourself, FIRST, be gentle with yourself because you can’t be anyone else.

And I do take that advice most of the time…..
Q: For some reason, even though we have SO many ways to be and stay connected today, many people are having trouble finding and keeping love and even friendships. Why do you think that is? Does most of your coaching deal with love and relationships in general?
JCB: All of my coaching, even Love First and Business, begins and ends with connection to ALL THAT IS, whatever you choose to call the Source.  For me, there is no separateness, only Oneness.  And from that place of connection, we can truly choose to Love those who we meet, not because of what they might do for us, but because we are all in this together and last time I checked, none of us are getting out of here alive!  We don’t have to like everyone, we have the right and the ability to discern what pleases us, but the Love of the essence of who we all are is the principle of Love First.  There are only two emotions, love and fear, and most of us are coming from the latter.  Afraid to look up from the cell phone because we might “miss” something, when what we are missing is NOW.  NOW is Life, NOW is fleeting, there it goes again, and again, and again, so take a chance and LOOK UP!!!

Friendships take commitment, making the time, making the effort to give and receive.  I think I am a good friend, but I recently let go of some long-term, (over 20 years) friends because I realized that the relationships had not grown, and that is also part of being human, the friend you had at 25 might not be the right friend at 50, it doesn’t mean the friendship didn’t have value, it was perfect for the time it lasted, but we do grow and change, and it is foolish to think that every relationship we have should survive our entire lives.
This is true romantically as well.  Love is not based on proximity or duration, it is the Love of Source recognizing Itself and the connection to each other is Love. But to be IN LOVE with someone? This is based on assessment, the ability to spend time with the other person and choose them, who they really are.  I think many of us get lonely and move too quickly into relationships, hoping it will be “The One”. For me, I am enjoying my relationship with myself these days and I think it’s a great place to start!
Q: I consider myself pretty busy normally since I have many interests but after researching you, I feel I may need to pick up a few new ones. How do you find time to balance everything you have going on?
JCB: I have wonderful people in my personal and work life who help immensely, but it’s my personality.  I am the oldest of 5 girls and 1 boy, and I had a lot of responsibility even as a young child.  I think I was holding and feeding my newborn sister  at 5 and cooking breakfast for my Dad by 7!  I have derived a lot of my self-esteem from being helpful to first my mother, then my siblings, and now my family and clients.  I am also happier when I am working on multiple projects not just one, as I do tend to get bored easily.  Workouts, my garden, singing, traveling with my sons,  playing with my dogs, these ground me in what is important and give me strength to keep it all going.  Did I mention SLEEP? The elixir of life, well that and coffee….
Q: You are also a very talented musician. Do you have plans to release more CDs and perform anytime soon?
JCB: Thank you! I have a recording session in August to do at least 5 new songs, very excited that they will be available on my new website for download as individual tracks this fall.
Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?
JCB: I can’t live without art.  In all it’s forms.  I wish we could all live without fear, it is the basis of all our struggles.
Q: How can your fans and people who want to know more about you keep up with all you are doing and stay connected to you?
JCB: Please visit the new website or follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Q: What’s up next for Julie Caitlin Brown? Acting roles? Writing?
JCB: The new Love First and the Artist audio book will be available July 8th on the website and I hope to be booking some singing gigs soon.
Q: Since I have friends in the industry, I have to ask, are you currently taking on new clients? How does one go about becoming part of the Illumina Productions family? 
JCB: I am blessed to have so many wonderful clients and am grateful for them all, so for now, it’s basically referral, only, what I do is very specific, not theatrical, just personal appearances for actors who are currently well-known for their work in genre TV and Film.

Have You Met Julie Caitlin Brown, True Renaissance Woman

I hear people use the term “Renaissance” to describe people all the time and I have used it myself to describe people I know who are multi-talented and involved actively in so much. Now that I have researched Julie Caitlin Brown, I think I need a new term because she totally sets a new standard! Julie is an actress (Babylon 5, All About Evil, Thoughts of Suicide on an Otherwise Lovely Day), a musician (Sheddin My Skin, Struck By Lightening), A Talent Agent, and a Life Coach. Julie has also starred on Broadway in Tommy Tune’s “Grand Hotel: The Musical”.

I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t sung me her praises and that speaks volumes. I would love for you all to head over and give her Facebook Page a like, Follow her on Twitter, and check out her website.

Be sure to listen to her music, I believe many of you will find it inspirational and relevant to your own journeys. Julie basically taught herself how to play guitar at ten years old and performed her first original song at thirteen at a school assembly.

I think one of the reasons so many people relate to Julie Caitlin Brown is that she has been through her own trials and tribulations yet has managed to come out the other side to shine as she was intended to . She wasn’t the most popular kid in school but quickly learned that she could reach people with her talent and her music. She had the courage to pick up and move to New York Ci†y for the role on Broadway, she produced her own CDs, and had her own cabaret show in San Francisco.

If you head over to the website, you can also pick up some of her motivational audio books and experience some of her wisdom for yourself. I would be absolutely honored to bring you my own interview with Julie one day as well!

Here is a video of Julie performing so you can see how talented she is:

And her is an interview with Julie so you can get to know her a bit better:

Aris Has his Voice on the Pulse of Some Hot Tunes

I’m always honored to be asked to review the work of my artist friends. ESPECIALLY when I’m already a fan of their work. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been listening to Aris Ziagos’ new album Pulse on repeat since it came out last month. To be honest, it has been on repeat in a mix that includes Donna summer, Lady Gaga, and Tina Turner.

The moment I heard clips of the songs and a few full songs in a car ride with Aris, I immediately thought of Donna Summer. This actually began my renewed desire to throw on a few of my favorite Donna hits. The first single from Pulse has been out for a while now and it has been making me want to move since first hearing it. I have said that I’m almost embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve probably listened to it but I am someone who has at least one ear bud in my ear even while I’m working. A good beat keeps me going and in a good mood no matter how much work I have to do or how intense it is.

I listen to very few albums all the way through without pushing past a few songs, even from my favorite mainstream artists so when I can thrown on one album and listen all the way through that is saying a lot. Pulse is definitely a collection of songs that is good for a long car ride, a hike, a workout, or just while you are cleaning and cooking.

The first song, Love (Thank you) features artist Paula Cole. It remind me immediately of Donna Summer’s hit I Feel Love with it’s sexy, breathy repetition and underlying sexy rhythm. Rain is a storm of emotion, desire, passion, and pain. I’ve said I felt like he was in my diary at some point, especially when I hear this one. It just feels that personal and I think it will to many people.

Speaking of Donna Summer, the title track has a sample of I Feel Love and I can actually hear Donna performing this one with approval. Handle It is definitely for anyone who has been wronged by a lover or just not appreciated for who they are. To me, it sounds like a dare to handle me in all my fabulousness if you think you can. But if you can’t, well the hell with you. It is reminiscent of a Beyonce empowerment piece. Basically, take me for what I am or everything you own will be in a box to the left.

Next, I want to talk about the Reborn remix. I do enjoy a good remix, especially when it is different version of the song that brings a new way to enjoy it. This remix does that for me by giving it a new beat. Make sure you check it all out for yourself at Aris’ website and follow him on social media because you are also going to want to check out his covers.

Derek Bishop is Blending up Some truly Diverse Melodies

I have interviewed Derek Bishop a few times now and I always enjoy checking in with him. I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform live and am very happy to call him a friend. His music has always reminded me of a mixture of Donna Summer mixed with a little Liza Minnelli. He is a true showman so his live performances are always a treat. His new album was done the old fashioned way and I think he may be on to something! I hope you enjoy the interview and encourage you to check out his all of his music- new and old. If you live in the New York area, be sure to check him out live if you can too!

Q: Your sound is such a combination of styles that it is actually quite unique. It’s been described as bubbly, fun, electro, pop, blues, and more. How would YOU describe it?

Derek Bishop: I haven’t really found the perfect description. For me, the goal was to take everything I loved about the music I grew up with and toss it all into a blender and then pour that into some highly-caffeinated, über-catchy beverage and share it with the world. I think it’s fun for someone to listen to the tunes and hear things that are a subtle flashback to the past. Yet the influences are extremely diverse: 70s Disco, The Muppet show, Broadway musicals, the Partridge Family, and of course, the best of 80s synthpop.  I want the songs to be a feast for the ears, and I want the listener to walk away really feeling like they just been treated something fun and unique.

Q: With the new album, I know you took it back a bit & used some retro techniques. How was that for you?

DB: That was really thrilling and quite the exercise.  We recorded the album LIVE and to tape, which was so old-school. This meant we all had to be on our game musically because each song was done in one take.  I used a ton of very vintage keyboards as the base of the album’s sound.  I think it gave it a wonderfully fresh sound combining the retro with the added bonus of today’s technology.

Q: We have a few mutual friends in the business and one of them, Brett Gleason, has played with you in the past and at your album release show. In an industry that can be quite competitive, it must be refreshing to be able to work with friends live and on albums and know them for so long. What’s your take on that?

DB: All the people that worked on the album were either old dear friends, or people that I felt an immediate trust with.  That’s REALLY important in collaboration.  Otherwise, you end up trying micromanage everything and that’s exhausting.  True collaboration in my mind is trusting someone to take your songs and bring the best of their talents and skills into the mix.  In doing so, they take your music to a whole new place — and that’s extremely rewarding to be a part of!

Q: If you could have lived in any other time, which would you have liked to experience as an artist?

DB: Between the music, all the great instruments and the fashions, I would have been in my perfect element in the 70s. Loving that era is probably why I continually try to recreate it with my music.  I find it such a creative time and so musically diverse too. That was before technology really took over.  Back then you still needed talent and skill, nowadays, you can get by with just a laptop and some photoshop.

Q: I like to ask this to everyone lately, What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?

DB: The one thing I can’t live without is a piano!  (or some sort of keyboard.) Playing and rehearing is the best de-stressor I’ve ever found. I’m in my own little heaving when I’m at the piano.  The thing I’d like to do away with is texts. I really despise text messages.  I do not enjoy all those bings, and chimes letting you know you are continually tethered to everyone.  There’s a sense of “answer me now” that comes along with text messaging – and I’m not a fan of that.  I’d rather talk to you on the phone – or even better: in person!

Q: What’s up next for Derek Bishop?

DB: I’ve got several shows throughout the summer.  I’ll be playing in DC, July 18th at Tree House Lounge; NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall, Friday, August 7th at 8pm; my first ever “hometown” show, August 18th at the Rives Theatre in Martinsville, VA; and then in Wilmington, NC at the Calico Room on Aug 20th.  Along with those shows, I also have a brand new music video coming out for “Shutting Down” in a couple weeks.

Q: Where can we go to find you online and get your music?

DB: It’s everywhere!  Amazon, itunes, Google… Here are some shortcuts:

or at my website:

Q: Do you have a favorite song on this album and a favorite to perform live from all of your work?

DB: My favorite song on the album is called “AUTOMATIC.”  It’s the song that really captures the sonic wackiness, the fun we had making the album, as well as the serious & sweet message.  That song has it all.  Plus, we mushed up so much of the 70s and 80s into that song.  It really reflects some lovely vintage sounds.  When we are playing the songs live, I really do enjoy “BAGGAGE” – as it just gets everyone up and dancing.  Plus, it’s fun (and technically difficult) to play well, so I love that challenge!

Q: What would you say to other artists who are out there struggling to juggle their craft and doing what they have to do to sustain themselves? How do you balance and juggle? Any helpful tips or advice.

DB: Stay focused and don’t give up.  If you believe in your talent, then just keep making product — and do what you do best.  Practice and get better.  Work on your skill sets and do your best to network with everyone.  It can take a long time and it’s easy to loose your drive — but don’t stop the determination.  If it’s something you really want to do, give up your leisure time, work those daytime jobs to help supplement the income, and become your best cheerleader.  You have to believe in yourself…and get used to not sleeping much!

Be sure to follow Derek EVERYWHERE to keep up with all he is doing: