Afterglow The Play is a Must See Look at Modern Day Relationships

Friends with benefits, threesomes, and love triangles, OH, MY. Afterglow the Play (a play by Asher Gelman) explores the pros and cons of modern day “open” relationships and is a very real look at some of the complications that can arise. It’s not saying that these relationships can’t work, it’s just shedding some light on what can happen if things don’t go as you are expecting.

One of the things about the play is that the complications aren’t necessarily limited to being caused by another person. In true modern day realness, these issues can arise from career fixation, addiction, or even social media temptations.

Afterglow starts off with a couple having fun and spicing things up by inviting a third to play and the sexiness is supercharged. Three naked men in one bed is certainly an explosive way to start any production. And for the nudity lovers out there, there is plenty more of that throughout the show. The experience is fun, funny, touching, and even soul searching. There were plenty of tears shed as well as checking your own judgements in some instances for some people. The audience was so invested that there was plenty of laughter, gasping, and awws. The emotions are kept alive even during scene changes, which are done by the actors in between acts. The cast is so choreographed as they interact in character, which makes it both important and entertaining to pay attention to all the details. If the previous scene was happy and light, the actors are jovial during the moving of the set. If there was anger, grief, or strife, the actors are angry and tense as they move the set pieces and props.

It’s definitely refreshing to see a story about the lives of gay people with more heft and grit to it which also comes a bit closer to the reality of gay dating life in 2017. If there were more time, it would be nice to see the characters fleshed out even more or be shown more about their entire lives.

Brandon Haagenson and Robbie Simpson play Josh and Alex, the husbands, who will have you loving them and feeling tense for them throughout the story. Patrick Reilly is Darius, who gets caught up in this fantasy and allows himself to catch feelings for Alex against his own better judgement. He does such a wonderful job at expressing his emotions, devastation, disappointment, and confusion while reminding the audience that no one is really to blame here, nor is anyone worthy of our hatred.

The intimate setting of the Davenport Theatre makes you feel like you are in the characters lives, apartments, and relationships like a true voyeur as you explore their issues right beside them. Do polyamorous relationships work or is there a point where they need to be cut off before real feelings develop that can get in the way of everything a couple strives for in their journey together? For some, it certainly does but in this case, maybe not so much. Since it is based on Gelman’s own experience in opening up his marriage, this is surely one way things do play out in real life. Check out Afterglow and judge (or perhaps a better word is see) for yourself.

Regal Con adds a Belle to the Ball

As we get closer to May 8th, Regal Con is shaping up to be one magical experience. Last month, they announced the addition of Pinocchio, Eion Bailey, aka August and now they have announced that Belle will be attending all weekend as well! Emilie de Ravin will be participating in Q&A’s, parties, photo ops, and autograph sessions. Both Eion and Emilie will be adding to the special memories that will be created through interactions at the party, banquet, photos, and more. I hope you are all experiencing the buildup of excitement that normally happens as you get closer to a convention, because I know I am!

Here is the official announcement from Regal Con for Emilie:

“ANNOUNCEMENT: We are pleased to announce Emilie de Ravin, who plays Belle is confirmed to appear at Regal Con Saturday and Sunday. She will be participating in a Q&A, autographs, photo ops, the VIP Dinner Banquet and the Saturday Night Ball. Get your tickets at

And here is their announcement for Eion:

We are happy to announce Eion Bailey, who plays August has confirmed to appear at Regal Con on Saturday and Sunday. He will be participating in a Q&A, Photo Ops, Autographs, The Banquet and Saturday Night Ball. Please visit for more details and to purchase your tickets. ‪#‎RegalCon‬

Be sure to share your excitement on Twitter by using hashtag #RegalCon and keep in touch with them via Twitter and Facebook. As with any convention, it’s the people that make it the most fun so be sure to connect with other fans and make plans to meet up and make some life-long friendships happen!

If any of you are attending this weekends #ReturntoTreeHill reunion convention in Wilmington, NC, be sure to let us know you will be attending in May. Josh, Laurie, and I will all be there! 

Adam Barta Gives Cat Lovers Their Anthem

Here’s something new and fun from Adam Barta. If you love cats and kittens, THIS is the anthem for you!
Here’s the official press release:
NYC, NY, August 13, 2014 – Throw your paws up! If you are a cat fanatic, the ultimate kitty anthem has arrived! As with any anthem of this caliber, the song contains lyrics like “Throw your paws up in the air!” and “Do you want to play in the kitty litter?” followed by actual singing – aka meowing – autotuned from a feline friend.
Adam Barta has made a name for himself as the king of viral outrageous music video duets, and his latest venture does not disappoint. Making history, he has released the first actual digital music single and music video with a partner unlike any of his others. His newest duet partner is furry, feline, and meows up a storm in their new infectious dance single, “Kitty Anthem”. His name is Preston the cat. How is it possible? With the help of auto tune, and some magical producing by Jake Benson, the song promises to be a summer anthem for the masses – and the kitties.
But why? Barta says, “People love cats (as do I) and are fascinated with all the adorable things they do. They deserved an anthem. And who better to sing it with than an actual cat? Nobody has done this before as far as I know. The cat’s meowing is singing. I wanted to raise awareness for all those animals who need a home and love. I’d love everyone to show their own cats rocking out to the ‘Kitty Anthem’!”
Preston himself was a rescue cat from the Bidawee Organization, and shows the success and happiness that can come from a loving home. He is owned by Broadway star Elli (known as The King of Broadway).
Following a string of comedic, but danceable, music video duets with the likes of comediennes such as Margaret Cho and Lisa Lampanelli, and more outrageous pairings like those with Jonah Falcon and Angelina Pivarnick (“The Jersey Shore”), Barta has become widely known as the IT boy for novelty songs, calling himself “Adam Lambert meets Weird Al”.
Of course, Kitty Anthem has a music video as well, and it does not disappoint – likely to be Barta’s newest viral hit. It features tons of cute kittens, cats, and of course, Preston himself.
A recent feature in the NY Post solidified Adam’s place in music history and said “..he is responsible for some of the biggest names in music.. Octomom. Sydney Leathers. And he doesn’t even have a Grammy.
He may just nab one for the unique concept of “Kitty Anthem”.
To show their extra love for the kitties, Barta and Benson have agreed to donate a portion of all the proceeds from the song to the North Shore Animal League. And yes, Preston will collect his share of royalties – or at least his owners will, which should hopefully buy him more than enough catnip and tuna to indulge in.
Adam has had success in both music and comedy; in 2011 he had a Billboard Top 20 club hit “Give Yourself Up” which was featured in the movie “Don Jon”, and two Top 100 iTunes charting hits with Margaret Cho and Pandora Boxx of RuPaul’s Drag Race. His music has been featured on shows such as “Real World”, “Bad Girls Club”. He previously had the #1 sexiest music video of all time on the Logo network and was featured regularly on the HBO show, “Feedback”. He recently became part of the World of Wonder! Network, who produce RuPaul’s Drag Race.
Adam is managed by celebrity manager Gina Rodriguez of GR Media Firm who helped put him on the map with the viral duets. Follow him on Twitter at @adam_barta.

‘Breaking Bad’ finale tops ratings and illegal downloads

‘Breaking Bad’ finale tops ratings and illegal downloads (via AFP)

The much-anticipated final episode of “Breaking Bad” drew the cult TV show’s largest ever audience — 10.3 million viewers — but there were also more than 500,000 illegal downloads, figures show. The series, centered around once humble chemistry teacher…

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Myla Sinanaj Releases New Music Single Featuring Adam Barta & Video in Hopes of Topping Kim Kardashian’s

Press Release: NYC, NY, August 27, 2013 – Myla Sinanaj has released a new single called “I’m No Angel” featuring pop singer Adam Barta, in which Myla sings about her experiences as the “Kim K. clone” and scrutiny in the media. The two put the record out on Reality Star Records, and Myla hopes that it will way outperform Kim Kardashian’s single in a big way. Myla has been on a crusade to show that anything Kim can do, she can do better, including a sex tape, modeling, and now, singing.

The song also features a music video in which Myla struts around a club, runs from the paparazzi, and even emulates poses right from Kim’s. Looking sexy and stylish, she struts her stuff next to Adam, who even dances on top of a bar with her. In one shot she lies on the couch just like Kim. Singing “I’m No Angel”, Myla is out to show she’s not a victim but rather moving forward with her life in a positive way. The video was directed by Syuji Honda for Pure Soul Productions. 
In 2013 she released a sex tape called “Myla Sinanaj-The Anti Kim XXX” on Vivid, where she set out to prove that she could do a sex tape better than Kim. The music is the next step to do something Kim was not that successful at, and where Myla hopes she can gain the upper hand.
The song is produced by German producers Benny Bugati and Thomas Lipp. 
Myla added, “I’m not a singer by trade but I have been told I have a great voice, and this is something I feel will do well for me”.
I’m No Angel” is being released on Reality Star Records and will be available on iTunes. For interviews or bookings, contact GR Media firm,
Watch the Music Video: 
Twitter: @RealityStarRec
Follow Myla: @NYAngel24
Follow Adam: @Adam_Barta