You’re invited to the Twitter Party for Nobodies’ Premiere and Lopez’s Return on TVLand!


You’re invited to join me in a Twitter party Tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 29th) I’ll be at one of my favorite places, TV Land HQ for the series premiere of Nobodies and the return of Lopez! We all know Lopez stars THE George Lopez and he certainly brings the funny every week. Now, it is paired with a brand new comedy from Melissa McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone. From the teasers and the first episode (you can actually cheat and catch it on the TV Land app and online) I can tell you, there are going to be PLENTY of laughs.

Be sure to follow @TVLand @NobodiesTV @LopezOnTVLand and me @teeco71 plus use the hashtags #NobodiesTV and #LopezOnTVLand and tweet along with us starting at 10pm ET and then you can join us all season long as the laughs continue!

Jay Moore won’t let this business leave him feeling Numb

I have known Jay Moore for a few years and have seen him transform a few times as he navigates this business we call show. I know he has learned a few tough lessons but as with any of us, these lessons allowed him to grow and find new directions. He is always willing to try new things, to reinvent himself when necessary, and to show others that it is all ok as long as you don’t give up. Recently, we had a little chat about it and we decided it would be good to share it with you all.

Q: You’ve had experience with some reality TV with Myrtle Me Jay. What was that experience like for you?

Jay Moore: My overall experience with Myrtle Me Jay was like a rollercoaster ride. There were happy moments, sad moments and moments that were really hard to watch. Overall, it was like therapy to me and it’s made me a stronger person.

You can subscribe to  BawnTv to catch Myrtle Me Jay here:

You can find out more about the show on their Facebook page too. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about doing reality TV?

JM: I would tell them to be as authentic and real as possible. Don’t be afraid to express yourself just because a camera is following you around. People want to see the real you and they want to be able to connect. Also, if there’s any skeletons in your closet, more than likely they will be brace yourself.

Q: What was the most valuable thing you learned from that experience?

JM: True friendship. During the process of the show I learned who was planning on being in my life, as a friend, for life and who was only there for a temporary time. When it comes to my friends I value them, Respect them, want the best for them and love them. Overall, the experience taught me the true meaning of friendship and how to overcome hurdles you may have with certain friends. If the friendship is meant to be it will survive the storm.

Q: If you were to write an autobiography, what would the title be?

JM: This sounds cheesy but I would call it, “The MOORE I Know.” Lord that is so cheesy.

Q: You also have interest in the music business. What draws you to music?

JM: I absolutely love all kinds of music. It honestly started with me as a kid singing in chorus and also when entering junior high learning to play the trumpet.. I love the sounds, rhythms and the fact that with music you can truly express yourself in anyway that you feel comfortable. Music has always been my escape during the good and rough times of my life.

Q: What artists would you like to collaborate with?

JM: Even though this will probably never happen, I’d love to collaborate with Calvin Harris or even David Guetta. I love their beats and they have worked with everyone in the industry basically.

Q: How do you describe your music style?

JM: It is different, unique and risky (which I love). These days it’s so hard to be original because there are so many influences out there that we idolize and look up to. I always try to make my style different and something that catches the listeners ear.

You can check out Jay’s song, Numb here:

Q: Do you write your own songs?

JM: I write and produce about 95% of all my songs.

Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?

JM: I can not live with out my faith and I could definitely live without hatred from other people.

Be sure to follow Jay on Twitter to keep up with all he is up to: @thejayxo  

More of your Favorites added to EyeCon’s Return to One Tree Hill

As I mentioned in my previous EyeCon Return to One Tree Hill post, this is shaping up to be a HUGE event. As promised, I have an update on the celebrity guests that have been added!

In addition to Chad Michael Murray, they have added Antwon Tanner (Skills) and Michael Copon (Felix). The event will be held in Wilmington, NC and tickets go on sale in just a few days! You can purchase tickets here:

This will be the first time the cast of One Tree Hill will be appearing together to meet fans in the United States and I am sure they can’t wait to meet you as much as you can’t wait to meet them!

You can be SURE that the EyeCon staff is working hard to secure the very best location, plan some truly fun events, and sign on as many of our favorite cast members as they can!


If you have attended previous EyeCon events, feel free to leave comments here so those who are new to the experience will know what to expect and to get share some of your excitement with them.

Let me share with you the official statements from EyeCon:

For Antwon:

#OTH update: Antwon Tanner will be joining us all weekend for EyeCon#ReturntoTreeHill visit for ticket info! Tickets go on sale in days! #EyeConOTH

For Michael:

“Who remembers bad boy Felix? He caused alot of drama in #TreeHill! @Michaelcopon will be joining us all week for #EyeConOTH #OneTreeHill visit for more information. Tickets go on sale in days!”

If you were a fan of the show, you are really going to want to be a part of this. For the past 5-6 years, I have been singing the praises of EyeCon, their events, and the EyeCon staff. I have never come away from a weekend without being totally satisfied and have made the most amazing friends through the various weekends I have participated in. Be sure to check their Facebook, Twitter, and site to find out more news and purchase tickets. You can also check here or with me and I will be more than happy to pass on any information I can! I can’t wait to see who else will be joining these gentlemen!

Let’s make this a fan-tastic event for the celebrities in attendance and for our fellow One Tree Hill fans!


You’re Invited to a Twitter Party for The Sorrentinos on TVGN

That’s right, YOU are invited to a Twitter Chat Party for the TVGN show The Sorrentinos WITH the cast of the show! Tonight from 9:45PM- 11 pm EST tune in to the show and have your tweet fingers ready because not only will you get a chance to talk to the cast, you can also win the following prizes:
  • Grand Prize: Private Skype conversation with Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino and his family (five minutes/length)
  • 4 $25 VISA gift cards
  • 5 T-shirts autographed by Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino
Here’s a little about the show:

The Sorrentinos will take viewers into the world of life after reality. What happens after overnight superstardom based on bad behavior? For Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, the stakes are high as he has one shot to extend his fame and turn it into a lucrative and real career based on substance—all while staying sober and overcoming the demons of his past. With the support of his family—brothers Marc and Frank, sister Melissa, and mom Linda—who walk the line between abounding love and sibling rivalry, viewers will have access into this family’s everyday life—the good, the bad, the funny and the crazy. 

The cast members Twitter handles are:

@ItsTheSituation (Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino)
@frankiestylze (Maximo Sorrentino)
@marcsorrentino (Marc Sorrentino)
@miss_sorrentino (Melissa Sorrentino)
@lindaleepeaches (Linda Lee Sorrentino)
Also be sure to follow @TVGN and join @JessicaNorthey and me @teeco71 along with @MissMandyHale @JenSwirsky @Blogomomma @HeyKim  @JarrettCreative @MtoMConsulting  at 9:45/845c for all the fun!
If you’ve ever participated in a Twitter chat, you know it gives you access to the celebrities themselves for a great chance to interact, ask questions, and just let them know how much you enjoy their work. If you haven’t been part of one, this is a perfect opportunity to start. The people involved here are pros and will help make your experience a most entertaining one!

More than 11.4 mln catch Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ debut

More than 11.4 mln catch Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ debut (via AFP)

More than 11.4 million Americans tuned in Monday to watch Jimmy Fallon take over as host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” in the wake of Jay Leno’s retirement, the network said Tuesday. Twenty percent of households in 56 local markets watching television…

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