The Language of Laughter is one we all NEED to speak!

Imagine if you felt you could never laugh again? Laughter truly is medicine and I could never envision a life without it. Whenever I am down, I know laughter is the only way to bring me back and seeking those who make me laugh is important even when I’m in the best of moods. Being able to make others laugh is a gift and there is no feeling like it.

The Language of Laughter is a documentary about the power of laughter. This film follows a clown troupe from Red Noses International on their first mission to Jordan and highlights an unlikely friendship which is formed between two young women- Timea, a European clown on a mission to spread joy, and Hanadi, a Syrian refugee convinced that war has robbed her of laughter.

Here’s part of the director’s pitch from Reilly Dowd:

Two years ago, I was given the unique opportunity to follow a clown troupe from Red Noses International on their first mission to Jordan. I went with them into Zaatari Refugee Camp with only a vague idea that I wanted to tell a positive story about the transformative power of laughter. I had no idea where this quest would take me, but my central question was this: Can there be happiness—or hope—for those who much of the world has forgotten? And are clowns just a momentary distraction, or can they open doors to something more meaningful—maybe even lasting?

Please check it out and consider supporting, they have some pretty great rewards to offer!



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