Allow Rosie Brate to Charm and Inspire you with her Promise Series

The first time I interviewed Rosie Brate, she was just releasing her first book, My Promise to You. I love her sincerity and enthusiasm for wanting to entertain her audience. Her love for her characters is inspiring and spans over three books in the Promise Series. I would encourage you to follow Rosie on all social media and to treat yourself to the experience of all three parts to the story: My Promise to You, A Promise Kept, and Broken Promises.

Enjoy the interview, learn a little more about Rosie, here characters, and the books, and then pick them up and add them to your summer reading list!

Q: The last interview we did, you had one book in the series completed, My Promise to You. How was that received and what was that experience like for you?

Rosie Brate: Overall, the book went over great!  I have sold and am still selling copies every day.  I love the reception I get at signings.  I do love the excitement and I won’t lie I like the attention!  The best feeling in the world is walking into someplace, (ex. hospital, store etc.) and seeing someone reading my books.  I’m like a kid asking the person reading it if I can snap their picture while they’re holding my book.
(I get the craziest looks from people when I do that until I explain that it is my book.)  Every person I’ve done it to flips the book over studies the picture on the back and looks at me in shock.  They always say, “That’s you!”  Makes my day.  And of course they want pictures and my signature and of course, I eagerly oblige.
Q: What does the Promise series mean to you?
RB: Hmmm.  What the series means to me is… personal success.  Whether I ever make the best sellers list or not, this series has taught not only me but others that they need to believe in themselves.  I can’t tell you how many times people snickered when I told them I was going to write a book. Or how many people rolled their eyes and said hurtful things to discourage me.  The greatest reward from this series is the feeling of accomplishment.  Not proving I could do it to others, but proving I could do it to myself.  My proudest moment was the day my son came home from college with a copy of my book in his hands and smiled at me.  He said, “You are my inspiration and I’d be honored if you’d you sign this copy of your book for me”.  That!  Is… SUCCESS!
Q: The second book is called A Promise Kept. Can you tell us a little about what that is about?
RB: “A Promise Kept” is the second book in the series that takes right off and picks up where “My Promise to You” left off.

In “My Promise to You”, Marie and Tim faced their fears, a horrific accident, and some devastating news only to come out stronger and more determined. This book in the series is pretty tame and good for all ages to read, however, book 2, “A Promise Kept” gets a bit racier and is steered more toward the adult reader.
Our characters in this book are elated to learn they are having a baby.  During the pregnancy, Marie is plagued by horrible nightmares and dreams that have her interacting with her child that has yet to be born.  Tim’s business partner, Greg, hires a new secretary that spells trouble for the couple.  She is on a mission to snag Tim at any cost.  She is evil.  Tragedy strikes leaving Marie and her dreams to try and help her piece everything back together.  This book has twists and turns and a touch of the paranormal.
Book 3, “Broken Promises”, it is my favorite in the series, (if I’m allowed to have a favorite). It is hot! It is laced with a few adult situations, a visit from a very unexpected character and the nightmares continue.
This book holds such a special part of my heart because when I was seventeen, I lost my brother, he was twenty, to a car accident and the character in this book, Shawn, is written in his likeness.
Marie Taylor has been through hell.  She’s watched her husband get shot, struggled with nightmares that threatened her daughter, fought to hold on to her sanity and her husband, and then Shannon moves to town.  Tim’s ex-girlfriend from college.
Could Marie and Tim’s marriage possibly survive another scandal?
Months had gone by without a single nightmare.  Marie finally feels like her life was taking off, that the craziness in her head was gone.   Until a knock at the door and a mysterious note shows up triggering Marie’s nightmares, and the return of Gina Reynolds.
This book will take you on a roller coaster ride of love, hate, sadness, and death.  Buckle your seat belts, grab a cup of tea, some tissues, and enjoy the journey as Marie, Tim and MacKenzie literally take you from your home to the gates of heaven.
Q: The third in the series is Broken Promises. These characters must be such a special part of your life now. Do you feel for them as they go through their journeys?
RB: I do!  I cry for them and with them.  Each character, although fictional, are loosely based on people in my life and actions that have taken place in my life.  I have had so much fun writing each of the characters personalities.   I am a romantic at heart, even if there isn’t much romance in my non-fictional life. ;)  I am a believer!

I will miss writing about these characters very much!
Q: Has there been anything that surprised you about the experience of writing the books or anything you learned about yourself along the way?
RB: I learned about the art of self-publication.  I also learned to not wear my heart on my sleeve.  For the most part, people are wonderful and kind.  But there are those that do not agree with the fact that my first book has my character, Maire, pregnant and not married.  I have learned to take cruelty with a grain of salt, to turn it into constructive criticism.

I’ve learned that I can do anything I put my mind to and I’m humbled by all the support and letters I have received from inspired fans.  (Ha! There’s a surprise for you, FANS!)  I like the sound of that, it’s kind of cool!  Fans = Cool… lol  Anyway, I am surprised when someone recognizes me in public.
I’ve learned my husband is my biggest fan and his support has meant the world to me.
Q: Will there be a fourth in the series?
RB: Honestly, I thought “Broken Promises” would end the series but I’ve had so much feedback and love for the characters (especially Mac) that who knows.  I left it open enough that it could continue but gave closure in the case that it doesn’t.  I’m exploring a series on MacKenzie. “Shshsh, Our secret!”
Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?
RB: I could not live without the love and support of my family.  I love and appreciate each and every one of them, so much! I would NOT be where I am without a single one of them!

I, we, could all live without all the hate and negativity that so many people in the world spew and spread today.  If everyone just took a step back and reached out a hand to those they are so cruel to and just took the time to get to know a person and not get wrapped up in their “partner preference” or their “color” or their “religion” or what “political party” they belong to, this world would be such a better place.
Love is a seed we need to plant.  Hate is a weed that needs to be plucked from the world’s garden.
Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever received and from who?
RB: That’s a tough one.  I’ve been given advice from so many.  To pick one, I’d have to go with, “Be true to yourself and always be humble and kind”, my mom always preached this to us as kids and throws it out there now for my son.  Pretty good advice.  It’s gotten me this far and taken me to heights, I couldn’t have imagined without humility and kindness.
Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever given? Are you normally good at taking your own advice?
RB: Ha!  Great question.  I give advice constantly.  Now, does anyone follow my advice?  That is the question.  If I get to pick the best advice “I’ve” ever given, I’ll go with… “Love yourself first.  You can’t love another if you don’t love yourself”.  Oh… I just saw my son roll his eyes and he’s hours away from me. ;)  Now, the question, do I follow my own advice?  I try to.  I love myself, but to be honest I put myself last.  I take care of everyone else and if there’s time left, I take care of me.  But I love myself, so that’s taking my advice, right? Hahaha
Q: What’s up next for Rosie?
RS: I’ve been traveling in my motorhome to various cities and setting up book signings, while working on a new stand-alone novel.  It is a murder-mystery about a woman accused of killing her husband.  If you were to jack my computer and look through my search history you’d think I was researching ways to off my hubby.  I assure you, I did not harm my husband in any way.  He’s alive and kicking and my biggest supporter.  And for anyone interested, you can go to my website at - for a sneak peek.

I’d also love it if you’d check me out on FB as well.



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