ClipMine is a Video Goldmine for Your Audience

I was recently introduced to a company by the name of ClipMine. What they are doing is going to radically change the way we view video content and it really excites me. Anything that makes the end-user’s life easier is awesome in my book and anything that saves time is a necessity. With our ever growing schedules and ever shrinking time to actually pay attention, ClipMine is a must.

With ClipMine, you can watch, tag, and share videos but the tagging isn’t the traditional tagging we see everyday. In my head, I compare it to the way Soundcloud allows comments to be added to an audio file or I think of it as a table of contents for your video. This “tagging” allows you to drop in a description of what is going on in a given video at a specific time point. For me, I see it be very useful for Interview clips, public speaking, and any variety of instructional video.

In the past we had to tell people our speech started at the seven minute, the second mark. Now, all they have to do is read the descriptions in the menu, click their desired section, and be taken there. So smart, so user friendly, so clean!

If you need further convincing, this new technology is being brought to us by people who have worked for Google, Square, and Facebook; which is the first thing that impressed me about it. This isn’t your typical startup and these individuals know what they are talking about. They have walked the walk.

They were kind enough to take a few videos of mine and tag them so I could see what it’s all about. I will share those with you here so you can see exactly what I am talking about as well. After all, we are talking about video so we should be visual!

Here are two from a “Charmed” panel with Holly Marie Coombs and Brian Krause at a Wizard World Convention. Look to the LEFT to see a description topics being discussed at specific times and click them to jump to the topic(s) of your choice!


Here is one I filmed for Margaret MsSweeney of “Kitchen Chat“. It was such an interesting interview with the somaliar ¬†at Spago in Beverly Hills.



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