Be a Friend to those in need with Friend Movement

Lizza Morales (@xoxoLizza), Ronnie Kroell, and me

On Sunday, June 14th I had the honor of attending a Friend Movement event held at SUR Restaurant in West Hollywood. Living in NYC makes it tough to attend all of the amazing Friend Movement events but I make it my business to try because I truly believe in the movement, all they are doing, and the people who started it.

It was a pleasure to be among so many people who were there for the purpose of supporting something with no ego, no agenda, only love and respect for one another. I was thrilled to be able to bring along a few friends. Lizza Morales, Brian Webb, and Jon Mack all jumped at my invitation. Lizza, as always, went above and beyond but all brought their zest for life, compassion for others, and ability to share with their communities. It’s all about the sharing and the dialogue we create which leads to the education of others and the beginning of a solution to any problem.

I especially love to see when people like Lisa Vanderpump use their own voices to amplify the message of others and help a great cause. It was a magical afternoon at a landmark location that will be used as part of the hit Bravo TV show, ‘Vanderpump Rules’.

Jon Mack (@Auradrone), Ronnie Kroell, and me

I can remember discussing this organization with the founder, Ronnie Kroell when it was an idea so watching it grow into what it is today is astounding. Even more exciting is seeing the plans they have for it in the future. Edward Lobo is Ronnie’s partner in kindness and Jeanie You has joined them as CEO. They are all just so full of love and truly embody what Friend Movement is all about!

What started out as an anti-bullying campaign became an organization that PROMOTES friendship, community, and LOVE. I think so many people miss the mark when it comes to anti-bullying these days. It has become a buzz word that really has lost meaning. More important than being anti-anything is to be PRO something. How do you combat hate or misguided anger? Surely not with more anger or resistance. I think Friend Movement gets it. I KNOW they have their hearts in it. I see that they are moving in the right direction in so many ways. I truly cannot wait to see what’s next!

Lisa Vanderpump, Jeanie You, Ronnie Kroell, and Edward Lobo

“Being a Friend” is not just a catch phrase, they are actively showing us HOW to do that. Once each month, they have been banning together to feed homeless people in Los Angeles. They have been organizing fundraisers to do so that not only raise money but give people a reason to gather, celebrate, and enjoy each other. The amount of money to feed one person is so little, I would love for you to consider a one-time donation or a monthly one. Here is the link if you’d like to check it out further:

One of the biggest issues with charities and even with people in general is that they do not walk the walk. It is so easy to talk the talk and even accumulate followers that will buy the lip service but when an organization of people or an individual actually WALK the WALK that gets my attention. I am proud to be associated with Friend Movement and hope you will consider checking them out.  A very small donation can feed one or more people in need at the next #FriendlyMeals event!

Also look for me to be doing much more with Friend Movement. It is an honor for me to participate in any way I can!



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