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Social Media is ever-changing and new platforms seem to pop up at least monthly. I do believe we each have a niche we fill and if we present ourselves authentically, there is an audience to connect to. That is definitely the case with Evan BlakeD. I came across his Vines and I found him to be refreshing, relevant, funny, and smart. That’s not easy to do in six seconds!

If you aren’t familiar with Vine, it is a video platform where users have six seconds to get their message across. It may sound like a short amount of time but you can actually learn LOTS from these short clips and many users have taken them to levels that will amaze you! As you know, I frequently attend conventions and at the last one, Vine stars were on the list of guests. Fans were able to meet them, have professional photos taken with them, and get autographs from them. There were panels where fans were given a chance to do a Q & A session with them too. It really has become a huge place, especially among young people.

Back to Evan – of course, I immediately checked him out on Twitter (My own go-to Social Media platform) where I learned even more about him. Evan is a big promoter of #TeamNoSelfHarm, something I can relate to as well as stand behind. Too many young people fall into places of despair, whether it be from outside forces or inner demons. Many just need to know someone is out there who understands and who does care about them.

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed putting together these questions for him and I am thrilled with his responses. If you don’t know him yet, take some time to visit with him on social media, definitely check out his Vines, and be sure to follow him on Twitter!

Q: You have quite the following on Vine, almost 500k and almost 200 million loops (views). How do you attract such a following & the views in only 6 seconds?

Evan Blaked: What many Viners do to help each other out is we share our friends videos to help gain quicker so that we stick together & see each other succeed, but the main reason why people choose to follow me is because I dont use youtube clips, I barely use edited music in my vines, & the ideas are all me unless I specifically remake a vine I really liked the idea of. I’m also very consistent, a lot of viners post every few days. I like to post everyday, 1-3 times a day depending on how busy I am during the day.

Q: Why do you think platforms like Vine are becoming so popular now? Do you think it’s a good thing we are more attracted to shorter clips?

EB: The reason vine is so popular is because teens and just about anybody’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Everyone expects something to be funny right away or its boring. So in a way its bad for people’s attention spans that are being shortened because people need longer attention spans to pay attention in school and at work.

Q:  I know you are on SnapChat and even brands are starting to jump into that arena. Can you explain it’s usefulness in networking and promoting?

EB: Snapchat is useful in promoting because EVERYONE uses snapchat and you have a good amount of people who see your stories in just 24 hours! Without having anyone share it or anything. People who follow you on snapchat want to know what you’re doing everyday. The real die hard fans.

Q: You are very passionate about connecting with your fans and being a positive influence. What do you think of the celebrities who don’t seem to realize that their influence matters and tend to be in the news for negative reasons?

EB: I honestly respect people who don’t give a rat’s ass about what anyone thinks of them and do whatever they want because it’s their life not anyone elses, but at the same time they shouldn’t be advertising it because that is a part of being famous. You are supposed to be a role model for people who look up to you and that should be respected, but some people have no respect or they just don’t care which is a sign of them being not the greatest people in the world personality wise.

 Q: Tell me a bit about Team No Self Harm. How did you get involved with that and what does it mean to you?

EB: Back in Grade 7, when I was 11 turning 12, I was opened up to people who self harm and people who are severely depressed and my initial instinct was to help all my new friends that I had made who I knew were going through rough times to stop kicking themselves when they are down. That right there is basically what #TeamNoSelfHarm means to me, you need to believe in yourself and constantly look at the bright side of life because there is ALWAYS a positive and a negative side to everything, and people who tend to stick with the negative side tend to self harm, so what I do is try to make everyone’s day a little better with laughter , and awareness that I care about these people who are self harming. I created the hashtag #TeamNoSelfHarm because one day I want to see people walking around with a shirt saying #TeamNoSelfHarm, I want to make a difference in the world and end self harm for good, as if it was an era.

It makes me so happy getting people to quit there bad habits of cutting or burning themselves.

Q: Where do you see yourself in, let’s say, 5 years? Any plans to expand into other platforms?

EB: In 5 years I see myself in at least one movie with a majorly known actor for example Jonah hill, but my goal is to be in way more than one, I want to be a professional actor and living in or near LA. I have been moving my fanbase across Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat and I’ve really noticed that its great to have fans on all platforms.

Q: Who are some of your role models on social media and in life?

EB: My biggest role model is Kingbach,(Andrew Bachelor) from Vine, he’s the one who inspired me to put myself out there on Vine in a comedic sense. His hard work and dedication has really paid off and I see that as a huge inspiration to do what he’s done. Other role models are Evan Breen, Zachary Piona, Alex Ramos, Yung Poppy, just because what they do on Vine is amazing, they post like crazy and don’t care about their amount of likes and now they have skyrocketed and doing so well. My real life role model would have to be Kevin hart, even though some of his social media is what inspires me, his real life achievements and extreme hard work makes me want to become a hardworker like him one day.

Q: Where can we find you online?

EB: You can find me on vine @Evan BlakeD , on Twitter & Instagram @evanblakeD , but to find me on the web, to maybe watch compilations of my videos? Just need to type Evan BlakeD vine compilations & I know some fans have made them for me, I’ve been in the making of my own Youtube account and to start posting compilations by the date of uploading (each month a set of vines that were uploaded in that month)

Q: I started asking this in interviews and I’ve gotten some great answers: first, for fun, What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all love without? 

Then, same question but on a serious note.

EB: I absolutely can’t live without my phone its like I’m addicted to it more than a heroine or meth addict, constantly on it to see what’s going on and reply to fans messages. One thing we all could live without is haters, but without them we wouldnt know we are doing well because haters only hate on people who are succeeding.

EB: On a serious note I can’t live without my family because my mother, brother and father all support me in making my vines and becoming an actor and only have a plan A because plan B’s distract you from what you really want. Something we all could live without is social media, but we seem to be needing it more then we need air, destroying little kids’ brains with drama and stupidity and cyber bullying, but I’m striving off of it.. So I cant say I’m against social media, but I can say its ruining the world we live in and children’s childhoods.

Thanks for having me, always glad to put out my opinion & help people get a better understanding of who I am and why I do what I do.

I included a Youtube video of Evan’s Vine videos so you can check him out! I’d like to thank him for taking time to talk to me and hope you will give him a follow on Vine, Instagram, and Twitter. 



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