Why Social TV?

For me, TV has always been social. I have always shared my favorite shows with my friends and family, discussed the latest episodes, and speculated about future story lines. I have been the same way with books, film, and any form of entertainment I truly cherish. When reading a particular book, I have always been the type to run out and buy a copy for someone I think will enjoy it or who may need to read it.

As a young boy, I really did pretend I was a co-host on Entertainment Tonight. I would imagine I was interviewing my favorite celebrities, sharing some witty banter with Mary Hart, and even being interviewed myself. I would fall asleep thinking of attending parties, red carpets, premieres, and charity events. Yes, some thought I was strange but I have always been fascinated with all of it. There was a time, when I was pretty young, that I had envisioned being a talk show host, a writer, an actor, and a singer. I was just a tad obsessed with it all.

When I first got involved with social media I felt it was a great outlet for someone like me and I could be part of certain things I had dreamt of on a small scale. Back then, we weren’t calling it “Social TV” but I sure was participating in it. As far as I can remember, The Insider (and my good friend Bryan Moore) was the first show I heard using the term but I could be mistaken. I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.

The thing I love about Social TV is that it allows me to express my deep appreciation for the world of television, the actors, the writers, and everyone involved. As I mentioned, I have had this odd kinship with it since I was pretty much able to understand what I liked. Even to this day, there are certain television shows that I can turn to for comfort and that make me feel good or safe.

How many of us have memories of watching a specific show with our parents, grandparents, or even friends? When we watch these shows now, they bring back all the good memories associated with them. When it comes to sitcoms, there are even shows that literally have me laughing out load even if I have seen the episodes multiple times and I am expecting the punch lines.  Shows like Will and Grace, Golden Girls, Friends, Designing Women are just a few I could name, plus probably quote a few lines from off the top of my head.

Social TV is a no-brainer to me. Award shows, dramas, reality TV, even a talk show are just so much better when you are interacting with like minded people expressing your views and sharing your favorite moments. I particularly love attending events where we have live tweet-ups or covering red carpet events. Of course, being at the actual events are a bit more exciting but even live tweeting an award show with a group of people in person is so much fun! Our banter and interaction makes it so interesting and I have learned so much from my fellow “power tweeters”.

Speaking of my fellow “power tweeters” they have become some of my best friends and people I always look forward to seeing or speaking to. This world of Social TV has opened up so much for me personally, and I am so very grateful for it.

I hope that those of you on Twitter check me out nightly. I pretty much tweet at least one or two shows each night. Sometimes even more! I truly adore the sitcoms on TV Land and the people who work there. I have enjoyed many visits to the sets of Hot In Cleveland, The Soul Man, Kirstie, and The Exes plus I have enjoyed many moments on the sets of the Insider and Entertainment Tonight for events. I was honored to be able to be on red carpets or the One Direction Movie, The Transformers Movie, The Golden Globes, and The Tony Awards. I have been to the offices of TV Land to live tweet shows and have live tweeted recently with the cast of Scorpion on CBS.

It does feel like I am living my childhood fantasies while all of this has come full circle for me. One of the best parts is being able to click with people over what we are watching. I have made so many friends, even many who I haven’t met yet by just conversing during our favorite shows. These conversations have gone way beyond the fandom and have become true friendships. Being able to attend events with other fans is particularly interesting to me. The true fandoms are made up of the kindest, most genuine people who gather to celebrate their favorite entertainers and shows.

If we haven’t met yet, I look forward to running into you someday. If you haven’t tweeted with me during shows, check me out on Twitter @teeco71 and on Instagram I usually post a video of what I am watching each night. Sometimes, I wish I had a few more hours each night to dedicate to television and tweeting. There are so many amazing shows that my poor DVR works overtime so I can keep up.

I even think of some of my favorite shows from before social media and wonder what it would have been like to live tweet during those. Charmed, in particular, is one of those shows that always had this huge active fanbase who were all very active on message boards and websites but Twitter would have given us instant access to each other as well as our favorite cast! I think that would have been an experience to cherish. I really hope they do have a reunion movie so we all get a chance to test my theory soon!

Look for me on social media, say HI and let me know what your favorite shows are, which you love to live tweet, and who you like tweeting with most (show accounts, actors, personalities, friends, etc).

If you follow me on Twitter or we are friends on Facebook, you know my favorites already. Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Witches of East End, Once Upon A Time, Scorpion, Hot In Cleveland, The Exes, Scandal, Super Soul Sunday, and many other shows on OWN are just some of them. For reality TV, you really can’t beat BRAVO and that is actually where I first started interacting with people on twitter. Sometimes I feel like I was born to do this because it just comes so naturally to me.

If you ask me why I’m such a fan of Social TV, I’d say for all of the reasons above!





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    • Thank you, Margaret. sometimes, I think I get too carried away but I truly love it all SO much. I feel like it’s in my blood!

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