Social Media is not a Genie

I have noticed as of late that more and more people have been treating Social Media as a wish granting mechanism. It really isn’t a magic fix-all, nor is it something you can just turn to when you need something like publicity or to raise money.

If you suddenly join social sites or become highly active when you weren’t previously, you aren’t getting the point of the platform at all. It takes years to build a community (not an audience) and to create trust. If you are authentic, genuine, and contribute as much as you take, you will have a chance to introduce your idea or product down the line.

Unless you are a true celebrity, and not one because you say so, you cannot blankly tweet or post things without interaction. Very few people want to be posted at. They want to be spoken too, engaged, and know you are more than just a fat head who thinks they are THE expert on anything.

Just as in dating or creating friendships, you don’t start off by asking for favors upon your first meeting. If your product or service is worthwhile, people will see that and your community will respond in kind. If you jump on, ask for money or support without ever having created the relationship, you will most likely be met with much opposition and understandable suspicion.

Having a phenomenal idea, being able to make it look fancy and flashy, and saying all the right buzzwords is a complete waste of time if you haven’t established yourself first. There may be those few ideas that are so incredibly desirable that you knock it out of the park without following the formula but those are such long shots, I wouldn’t take the chance.

The average person on social media is much more savvy than most people who are preying on us think.

I see individuals doing this fundraising thing right and I see them doing it wrong every day. You don’t have to be a Veronica Mars to be successful but you do have to play by the rules and follow the formula if you even want to have a shot at a successful campaign. Approach it from the wrong angle and you will most definitely create a reputation for yourself that you don’t want and one you may never recover from.

Also, be aware that if you aren’t 100% genuine about your pitch or the reasons behind your plea, most people will smell it in an instant and others will catch on in time.

It may sound cliche but there really are no shortcuts in life. You must do the work in order to succeed, there is no way around that. I’m no expert but you try doing it another way and please let me know how that works out for you.



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