Get Your Geek on, ‘The Secret Lives of Dorks’ Hits Theaters on 9/27

It seems like it truly is the time of the Geek and the Dork.  We have all been embracing those sides of our personality and have made it cool to be what was once considered uncool by most.  Comic Books, Superheroes, Film Buffs, Nerds, Book Lovers, etc have become the new “it” thing and we’re all loving it!  ”The Secret Lives of Dorks” captures this concept with a cast of talented and familiar faces.

Check out the amazing cast on IMDb and get ready to get your GEEK on!

Here is the official synopsis of the film and in true Geed fashion, and Instagram trailer!

Samantha (a dorkette) is in love with Payton (a dork) who is in love with Carrie (a cheerleader),who dates Clark (the football captain). When Clark seeks out Payton for secret comic book lessons, Payton sees his chance to be with Carrie. But Carrie’s more interested in setting Payton up with Samantha. High School’s complicated, huh? And what’s Clark’s secret?




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