Kirstie’s New Show!

In Hollywood so much time is spent waiting….. waiting to hear if you’ll get a part, if your show will be picked up, if the actors you approached will say yes to your latest project, and so on…. and so on. Back in December, I was so very lucky to be able to see a tapping of Kirstie Alley‘s new sitcom for TV Land.  I happened to be in LA for my birthday and she happened to be tapping during my two week stay.  To say I enjoyed myself would be an understatement.

If you’ve ever been to a show tapping, you know it isn’t all fun and games but you also get to see so much behind the scenes interesting stuff, it makes it worth it (for me at least).  Then, if you are at a show that has a fun cast who all get along famously, it can be extra fun.  This is definitely the case with Kirstie’s Ne w Show!  I haven’t written many details about it because I felt it was better to wait until the series had the green light, I’m not sure if there are superstitions surrounding such things but I do know that there are many superstitions in the entertainment business and I wouldn’t dare want to cause a ripple.   Being from an Italian family, I know it is customary to wait a certain amount of time before announcing a pregnancy, so better to be safe.

Fast forward to February and we find out that “Giant Baby,” now known as “Kirstie’s New Show,” has officially been picked up by TV Land.  TV Land is the PERFECT place for Kirstie Alley & her new show.  The show boasts a cast of seasoned sitcom veterans  Rhea Perlman (Cheers)  and Michael Richards (Seinfeld)  as well as Eric Peterson, who plays Kirstie’s son in the show. Eric has a boyish charm that makes him endearing as well as quite the funny man.  This is going to be a cast that will play very well together.  I am also sure we will see a host of familiar faces as time goes on.  I have noticed that almost everyone LOVES to play with Ms Alley.

On the night of the tapping, the cast had so much fun, even through the different takes, costume changes, and set adjustments.  At one point, Kirstie heard “Gangnam Style” playing so she and Giles Marini (who will be making guest appearances as far as I know) immediately resorted to their “Dancing With The Stars” moves.  I must mention that at this point, they were filming a scene at a cocktail party so Kirstie was in fancy hair and cocktail dress while Giles was in a tux!   Of course even the few times anyone in the cast had a blooper moment, it was cause for uproarious laughter.   

I really have been enjoying watching Hot in Cleveland and Happily Divorced while interacting with many of you online so having Kirstie’s show to add to our schedule will be another great reason to come together.  I can’t wait for all of you to see  Kirstie’s New Show, to be able to quote our favorite lines, and to have yet another opportunity for great web hangouts!

I must also point out that TV Land is becoming quite the home for powerful and funny females.  Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves, Fran Drescher, Rita Moreno, and now Kirstie Alley.  Lucille Ball would be proud!

I would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to Kirstie and the cast of Kirstie’s New Show! Break a leg!

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s a special video Kirstie put together while she was here in NYC and for those of you who have seen it, you know you want to see it again! :)



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