Happy Birthday to Kirstie Alley (2013)

I can’t let this day go by without sending lots of Birthday love to Kirstie Alley.  She is the kind of person who makes a big deal over those around her so I am sure she will have plenty of people making a big deal over her today.  Whatever Kirstie does, I know she will be smiling.  Every time I have seen her over the past few years, she has been smiling.  Even through rough and physically demanding dance numbers on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, there was always that smile.  I have a feeling she was born smiling and probably telling the other babies to stop crying because they didn’t wait nine months to come into this world to be unhappy.

2012 was a big year for Kirstie: she wrote a book (The Art Of Men: I Prefer Mine al Dente), she returned to ‘Dancing With The Stars’ for the All Star season, and she tapped a pilot (Giant Baby) for TV Land.  Even with all of this going on, she managed to maintain her amazing figure and not only keep off the weight she lost, she actually dropped even more!  Somehow she found time to tweet and interact with her fans, help the victims of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast by organizing a drive to collect items and send them by truck from LA to New Jersey and Staten Island, and continued to bring us her awesome Organic Liaison products so we can all stay healthy and lean along with her.

2013 truly promises to be a GIANT year for her with her new sitcom and the very talented group of actors she will be working with.  I was blessed to be at the pilot tapping in December during my own birthday trip to LA.  I can tell you firsthand that it is sure to be a great addition to the quality shows at TV Land like Hot In Cleveland and Happily Divorced.  The cast includes Kirsite, Rhea Perlman , Michael Richards, Eric Peterson, and Gilles Marini will be making guest appearances.  Speaking of guest appearances, I am sure we may see a few other familiar faces from time to time as Kirstie’s real life friends will want to stop by and I am sure TV Land will be more than welcoming to them all.  I don’t wan to give away any secrets from the pilot but I do want to tell you that I believe you will find it entertaining, funny, and touching too.

From what I experienced at the tapping, I was able to witness true professionals at work.  Even when they mess up a line, it is still comedy gold.  Another thing I took note of, which I saw at the tapping of ‘Malibu Country‘ as well, is that no matter how big a star they are, a true actor always relishes in the success of their cast mates.  Kirstie is truly the type of actor who shows pride in her fellow actors and enjoys hearing them get the laughs just as much as she enjoys making us laugh herself.

I know that 2013 will be one filled with laughter, love, and lots of helping others as well.  For today, I would like to say, Happy Birthday to Kirstie Alley and thank her for her kindness, inspiration, and friendship.  Kirstie, I love ya! Wishing you many blessings and look forward to all you will do.  Whatever you are doing today, I hope you are smiling and dancing :)






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