Trevor Page: Someone You Should Know

I am super excited to introduce you to Trevor Page. He is such a multidimensional human being, an amazing artist, and quite the smart guy. His sound encompasses so many genres and yet has a uniqueness that is refreshing in a time where music seems to have taken on a formulated feel to it.

Trevor has worked with Gabe Lopez, who I interviewed a few months ago so I decided to ask Gabe for a quote about working with Trevor (but Trevor doesn’t know I asked…..yet :) )  Being another extremely generous soul, he had this to say about Trevor:

“Trevor has become such a great pop singer/songwriter and producer.  He has great production instincts – he’s very savvy about his use of synths and sound effects.  And his lyrics – such a great combo of personal, heartfelt words and catchy  hooks.  He’s great live, too.  A very solid singer – complete with range and runs. I have a blast working with him.  He’s the real deal.”

When I first became aware of Trevor, through my interview with Gabe, I immediately looked him up and began to experience his music.  I say experienced because in special cases, you don’t just listen to music, you experience the art of it.  I was extra pleased to discover he is such an approachable and generous person.

Please enjoy this interview as much as I have enjoyed working on it:

Q: Have you always known you had such an amazing talent?  Your voice is very unique and so mature for someone your age.

A: First off thank YOU. Finding myself as an artist wasn’t a completely smooth ride. I was very shy. I always new I loved to sing and loved music but growing up in a small town in Florida wasn’t the most encouraging atmosphere. My parents are very supportive but having this big dream was a bit scary for my mom when I was younger. She never really encouraged me to sing. She is very business minded and always wanted me to have a plan for success doing something a little more solid… and to an extent understandably so. There are NO guarantees in the entertainment business. It wasn’t until I was around 17 or 18 that I started seriously writing music and I didn’t perform any of it until I was 20 or so. It was when I started doing music with Ricky Diamond that I really started to come into my own. The duo was fun and it taught me a lot. So no, it has been a tough, bumpy path but I am far from done.

Q:  I read that you are a child of a multi-racial marriage. Was that challenging for you growing up?  Do you have any advice for people who may be teased and/or bullied for being different than others?

A: I honestly never knew that I was different until I’d be told or reminded by other people but I have been blessed with absolutely the best family anyone could ask for.  Like i said, it was a small town and sometimes tolerance for being different is a little skewed out of fear. I really just try to take that as a learning experience too. Things have gotten better and better but we still have work to do to spread education and love. As far as advice for anyone being bullied… Hmm.. Its so much easier said than done especially if its your family who may be the negative influence. But in the case of racial issues, our race is something we have no control over. So being oppressed over something like that can be detrimental in learning or having negative experiences . Try to surround yourself with positive people. There are wonderful things about ALL of us. Look for positive role models that you can relate to because you are not the only one. Don’t stay silent. Tell a counselor, your parents or a friends parents.

Q: Your album, ‘These Days’ is available now.  Tell me a little about your process in creating it.  Can you tell us a little about the guest vocalists and musicians?

A: Well I am always writing, or taking note of what’s happening around me to create songs that are real for me. I wrote and produced every song on the album and co-produced with Gabe Lopez and Lucas Bakker. Everything you hear are stories directly from my life. As far as the music part I just create what I like. I usually start with a kick drum and go from there although thats not how it always happens. I have so many influences but this album has a lot of uptempo, electronic material with some spices of Rock, Hip-hop and R&B. Ricky Diamond also lent his talents to the song “One of those Nights”. He’s a great writer and vocalist. We have worked together for years.

Q:  I know you worked with Gabe Lopez on this project.  I have interviewed him before.  How was he as a producer? What was the best advice he gave you?

A: Working with Gabe was great. He’s so professional and musically talented. We both have a knack for pop music so the collaboration was simple. He produced “Dancing on the Edge”, co-wrote on the track “Overload” and also played guitar on “All alone”.  He has been in the music game for a while. As far as advice, probably just staying true to myself. We have spent plenty of time together in the studio talking and he is always very positive and encouraging.

Q: Who are some of your major musical influences?

A: There are a lot. When i was very young I was mostly around Gospel and R&B. My mom listened to Whitney Houston and Donny Hathaway and I sang in the choir at church. There were plenty of overweight women singing amazing, strong praises to Jesus. Haha its no wonder I still love that vocal style. When I started to pick my own music it was TLC, Immature and Kriss Kross. Donny Hathaway, Michael Jackson and Nina Simone are some of the old school vocalists that inspire me and we have some great artists performing today that are very talented. I love Cee-lo, Maroon 5, Black Eyed Peas… Been listening to Awol Nation lately too. All of these acts have incredible vocalists as well as musicians.

Q: How about people who influence you that aren’t in the business?

A: Anyone who follows their dreams inspires me. Even more so the underdogs who  come up and beat all the odds. An example is a good friend of mine who I’ll just call Doonk (a nickname, don’t ask). She had a very challenging home situation in her childhood and really had plenty of reasons to not succeed. But she did the exact opposite. She excelled in school and now is the office administrator at a great company. My mom and dad inspire me a lot too. My father has always been a self employed sculptor and artist and my mother is a female, African-American marketing executive. Pretty inspiring.

Q: ‘Dancing on the Edge’ is so full of energy and soul.  It sounds like a modern day Elvis song. What was making that video like for you? 

A: Making videos is so much fun. I always try to be involved with the direction even just a little bit. This one was really just a fun performance video. I wanted to have a feeling of reality for the party scenes that people could relate to. Obviously the scenes when I’m in the mountain refer to the lyrics. I am actually “Dancing on the Edge” of that mountain.

Q: You write, produce, and perform.  Which is your favorite part? The most rewarding? The most challenging?

A: Hmmm. That’s a hard one. They are all so important to me and really are all connected so tightly. Not sure I can choose. Writing and producing is a chance to express what I have been going through and experiencing in my life, regardless of good or bad, in a positive way. When I create a song that I love and others tell me that they love it or it spoke to them, the feeling is so great. But even further when I am performing a song that I created and someone is inspired by all of it, its an even better feeling.

Q: Where do you find the inspiration for your songs?  Do you prefer to write & perform fun, upbeat material or are you equally comfortable with deep & meaningful?

A: My inspiration comes from life. We are all so busy these days multi tasking and racing about to make something of ourselves. Sometimes I have to slow myself down to just think about what I am feeling and make note of it. This is where the best and most meaningful songs come from. From your experiences and acknowledging how they made you feel. I love both the up-beat and the meaningful. On “These Days” you’ll find some that are both. Life is both and therefore as an artist I present both honestly.

Q: What artists would you like to work with?  If you could go back in time and perform with someone, what time period would you travel to and who would it be?

A: I really would have LOVED to work with Michael Jackson. He was all around incredible. I was actually pretty close in time but unfortunately not close enough.

Q: If you weren’t in the music business, what other occupation could you see yourself in?

A: ummm, I’m a big science nerd. I love studying evolution and the origins of the Earth and universe… Not sure if it would be physics or paleontology. I know, pretty different haha

Q: Social Media plays a large roll in the careers of artists today.  Do you find it to be helpful in getting you message out?

A: Social Media has changed the music game entirely. It has become a tool that can absolutely help spread the word about new music among other things. It has definitely helped me as an artist who has basically created my own record company. But it also requires you to adopt new skills as an artist. Its not just about playing shows anymore. I think the bottom line is you still have to have something to offer. You still have to make records that are well produced for anyone to enjoy listening to them… Or I suppose you can do something really ridiculous to get attention (i.e. the little guy who lip syncs or the “Friday Friday” girl.) Sheeze they get those hits! 

Q: Speaking of Social Media, where can we find you online?

A: Please, Please check me out at or  &

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: Music takes up a lot of my time but I love being outdoors. A big chunk of growing up was spent in the country in Florida. I love riding horses but haven’t done it for years now being in LA. I love the Beach. I’ve been dabbling in acting a little bit. Being creative (or at least attempting) always makes me feel better. I just finished reading a non-fiction book called “Devil in the White City”, dually about the Worlds Fair of 1893 and the serial murderer H.H. Holmes and I’m actually VERY slowly writing a fiction book.

Q: What’s up next for Trevor Page?

A: Performing. I’m pushing the new album so I’ll be doing shows all over the place. Also the next music video. I’m excited. Been throwing around ideas with a couple director buddies.

Q: What would you like to leave your fans with?

A: Well I made the album as a way to share a little bit about myself. But for my fans I really just want them to follow their dreams and their hearts. Use your head honestly and don’t let anyone stop you. Be better morally and strive for innovation.

What did I tell you? Pretty cool, right? This is another artists who really GETS IT. He is interactive with fans, talented, focused, and has so much to offer. I want to thank Trevor for doing this and I want you all to check out some of his videos (as you can see, I can’t pick just one):

(I Cant Get No) Satisfaction/ Something You Should Know medley

“Count On It”

“Dancing on the Edge”

Count On it unplugged

Adele- Rolling in the Deep COVER by Trevor Page and Dinger



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