Calling All Film Makers: 30 Under 30

I wanted to share this with all of my Film Making friends.  An amazing opportunity to have your work seen with enough time to get ready.  September is right around the corner though, so you need to get crackin’ :) .

“Finally a Film Festival that Helps Young Filmmakers LOS ANGELES, CA, April 23, 2012 – Bear Claw Films and Shift Four Pictures is proud to announce a new festival being launched in Los Angeles, Ca. The 30 Under 30 Film Festival is committed to showcasing and promoting the works of emerging filmmakers from around the world. The 30 Under 30 Film Festival is proud to select unique filmmakers who think outside the box and find fresh and innovative ways to approach the art of film making. It’s mission is to provide a platform from which young filmmakers are encouraged to create, critique, and compete with each other in a nurturing atmosphere that stimulates growth and teaches the essential principals of film making through workshops, screenings, mentor panels, and networking events. Founded by festival veterans Michael Coulombe and Jason Lee Klinger, The 30 Under 30 Film Festival is unique in that it is trying to achieve its mission year round, not just for the few days of the festival’s run. “It’s more than a festival,” Coulombe said. “It’s a brand. We want the 30 Under 30 to become a tool readily used by young filmmakers in their process. We provide peer mentoring and help them find partnership opportunities. Our events let young filmmakers come together and meet and mingle, learn from each other. We want the festival to evolve into an idea that enables them to continue making great films. It’s about inspiring both young and old alike and forming the bonds that make our business of film making truly magical.” Michael is the, Co-Founder of the Big Bear Horror Film Festival and Bear Claw FIlms, and Jason Lee Klinger, (or just “Klinger” as is customary) was Festival Director of the Infringement Festival in Buffalo, NY for several years before moving out west with his Shift Four Pictures. The festival is slated for September in a venue TBD. They are currently accepting applications. Check out for more info. Or call 323.207.8432 or email the Festival Directors, or Deadline for submissions is July 31, 2012.”



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