Jay Venom: Next Generation of R & B

I was recently introduced to a new musical artist by the name of Jay Venom on, of all places, Twitter.  I know, its a big shock to most of you. :)  As usual, I immediately checked out his music before I proceeded to Tweet with or about him.  What I found was music and a voice that reminded me of R. Kelly, Jodeci, Robin Thicke, with a bit of a Jazz influence thrown in.

Not being one to let an opportunity to meet someone new pass me by, I asked if he would like to do a little interview with me.  I figured I would like to share this new artist and his music with all of you.  I know, another big shock to most of you. :)

I was so glad that he agreed to do this and I am thrilled to share it with you:

Q: Have you always been interested in music & singing?  What do you love the most about it?

A: You know, growing up I knew I had a talent for singing, but I never really looked into doing something with it until I got to high school and joined choir. I found it to be a great way to express my inner feelings and portray it in singing.  Most people back in the day would keep a diary but not me, instead I wrote songs and sang. Also, joining my church’s choir helped improved my vocal skills too.

Q:  How did you get started in the business?  Who are some of your musical inspirations?

A: I got started in the business when I was a Junior in  high school. Back in 2008 I auditioned for season 8 of American Idol and made it to Hollywood, but unfortunately, I didn’t make it. I auditioned at Jobbing.com Arena here in Glendale AZ. That’s when I became serious about getting my music out there. My Musical inspirations at the moment are Demi Lovato, shes helped me so much with her music to overcome personal issues and Rihanna, I LOVE  her and her IDGAF what haters say attitude. We have the same personality haha. Lastly, Missy Elliott, we stay in contact through twitter a lot. Shes given me some great advice and I was and still am a supporter of hers as she is one of mine.

Q: The music industry has changed so much.  What do you think are some of the greatest challenges artists are faced with today?

A: I think one of the greatest challenges many artist are faced with is probably trying to  please everyone, you know they all want people to love their music but, as artists, we know that’s not possible, you know? People have different taste in music. I even face that problem on a daily basis. I get people telling me my music sucks and this and that, but its okay you cant please everyone.  haha

Q: Who are some of your non musical influences? Anyone in particular you admire & why?

A: I really admire my boyfriend, he’s been there for me through my dark times as well as my great times in life. Just recently we celebrated our 1 year anniversary! also my twitter supporters and fans, my “TweetHearts” cuz they know my struggles and everything and without them I wouldn’t be were I am today. Oh! you can’t forget the haters! At one time I would let them bring me down but not any more. They are some of my motivators too!

Q: What artist(s) would you like to work with?

A: I have always dreamed of working with the musical inspirations I just told you about but also Nicki Minaj and Robin Thicke. God, there are so many, I don’t know where to start! Although, right now, those dreams seem far, far away. Every dream is possible! We just gotta learn to believe!

Q: Where did the name Jay Venom come from?

A: My real name is Jesus but Jay Venom was “born” when I would go out with friends to parties, etc.  A “scene” nick name but also because I Love VENOM from spider man! He’s cool!

Q: Do you write your own lyrics and music?

A: Yes I write my own lyrics and as for the music, my producer helps me with that. Of course, I have some imput to it, haha, its a tough process but the results are worth it!

Q: If you weren’t in the music business, what other field would you like to work in?

A: Well, right now, I’m also a college student, so I juggle working in the studio with going to school. I’m currently pursuing psychology! In the summer I’m ready to transfer out to a University. I find it very fascinating! So definitely the field of psychology. I would love to work with troubled teens somehow so we’ll see what the future has in store.

Q: Since the internet has become so important to artists, how can we find you online? Facebook, Twitter, website, etc?

A: Right now, I just have twitter, my music page, and Facebook. People can follow me on twitter @JayVenom and there I have the link to my music page with the free downloads to my songs. As for my  Facebook, its personal, haha. I use it for family, friends etc. But every now and then I let some of my supporters add me on there. I’m currently in the process of starting a blog! So soon I will have that up as well. :)

Q: Speaking of the internet, in your opinion how has Social Media helped artists?  Do you see any down side to it?

A: Yeah, social media always has its pros and cons! I think it helps to promote artists and have a diversity of people discover new artists! So far it has helped me get people from all over the world to listen and like my music, which is pretty awesome! I have also been followed by many of my favorite artists and celebrities and I’ve been lucky to have been  tweeted and DM’d by a few so that’s always exciting, haha.But there’s also a downfall. Many up and coming artist think Twitter is a competition and then that’s were the hate starts. Trust me, I’ve personally lived it with someone many, if not all, of my followers know and its not in the past. Now its 2012, time for new, positive things. Over all, it surely can help many artists and new upcoming ones!

Q: Are there any causes or charities you are passionate about? Can you tell us a little about them & why they are important to you?

A: I have quite a few! I love animals, so definitely any charity that helps shelters have my support 100%, as well as any organization that helps fight against bullying! I was a victim of bullying in my early middle school and high school years so I relate to so many teens out there! Umm, and of course the “NOH8″ campaign. Being an openly gay male myself, I support them to the fullest in their fight for equality! I still need to get my “NOH8″ photo done soon if they ever come down to phoenix!

Q:  What’s coming up for you? Album, performances? etc?

A: Well, right now I’m working on a song to release on Valentine’s day. I have recently performed at the local Mall here in Phoenix for a Fashion event, so, definitely I want to continue scheduling performances. As for an Album I also want to hopefully get it out later this year. Right now I want to focus on getting my name out there so people get to know me.

So, who is Jay Venom? He’s a dreamer, a believer, someone who understands being bullied, someone with an amazing voice, and someone with a bright future.  I hope you do listen to his music and if you are on Twitter, follow him there.  I think we will be hearing lots of great things from this artist in this coming year and for years to come. 



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