The Zaharoff Collection: Future of Men’s Fashion

Shopping for men’s dress clothes isn’t all that exciting really.  There are only so many colors you can choose from, only so many styles available.  Today I had the pleasure of seeing the new Zaharoff men’s clothing collection and meeting George Zaharoff, the man behind the clothes,  in person.  The first thought that came to mind was that men finally have the same opportunity to be unique as women do with their dress clothes. 

The textures are so unique, the styles innovative.  Making a lasting impression just got a whole lot easier.  From the outerwear to the ties and everything in between you can be sure your own personality will have a chance to shine through.  Finally, men can say “I’m not going to wear that same old navy suit.”  Now we can wear clothing people will love to see and textures they may even want to touch. 

The pieces even look amazing dressed down with jeans and the fabrics are completely comfortable.  There is something for every season, every climate, and every personal taste.  The beauty of this clothing is that you can stand out without going over the top or looking ridiculous.  Tonight as I watch some of the Golden Globes, I can’t help but notice that the men tend to look similar unless they go all out to be memorable.  Being memorable usually means wearing torn jeans or and outrageous color that may not even look good on you.  It tends to be memorable in an unfavorable way. 

With the Zaharoff Collection, a man can be memorable in a favorable way with class and dignity.  George has thought of everything even down to a fragrance that screams elegance.  Then there are the accessories such as scarves and cuff links.  Just as with the clothing, the scarves are made from unique textures with designs that will become the signature of the man. 

The best part about seeing the collection today was the opportunity to be shown everything by George himself.  The way he talks about the pieces and the look in his eyes shows you how much he cares about what he is producing.  The quality of the clothes is no mistake and the chances he takes give him the ability to introduce the most innovative clothing out there.  I urge you to check out to find out more about the collection and where you can purchase the line.  For anyone who wants to make a lasting impression, these clothes are for you.  I can assure you that whether at a party or a job interview, people will remember you and may even inquire about where you got your suit.

by Tommy Geraci (Teeco71)



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